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WARNING: -Expect drama while reading this, please be patient with me. It'll make sense even if it seems it doesn't. - a lot of swearing/cursing - MATURE CONTENT(kids you were warned) - Gore -GXG/WLW/BXB/LGBT+(just the gays, so homophobes, respectfully... begone please) -Forms of abuse from mental, physical, SA, etc. (It may be mentioned as someone's past or present) - THIS IS AN AU, AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. Certain events might change or would not happen or have happened. Some pairings will have changes. Some facts about the story or the characters might change (Honestly, it's because I'm too lazy to research and watch it all over again) -English isn't my first language, so you will see misspellings and grammatical errors, I might or might not go back to edit them later on. -the frequency of chapter uploads depends on the mood really, so you might get more than one chapter a week or just one. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT, STORY AND THE CHARACTERS OF IT BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OR OWNER OF IT, THE ONLY THING I OWN ARE MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS THAT WILL BE INCLUDED IN THIS STORY, THEY BELONG TO THEIR ORIGINAL CREATORS (did I do that right?) AN: This is a wish-fulfillment thing. I ran out of stories to read about Twilight, so I made one of my own. I'm not earning anything from this, I still have this boring job and responsibilities in real life, so please don't... please don't pressure me and be mean. For those who are wondering why I even published it here, it's because I wanted to motivate myself to continue the story. Thinking that there may be people wanting me to continue this as well. Basically, means I just don't want to end up forgetting about this. ~~~ This is a story of a woman who was forcefully reincarnated to another world. She was just working, kept thinking of just disappearing, and not existing. The usual shit that sadly a lot of people also think like this. Waking up every day, feeling shit because, well... I woke up. Seeing all this, a ROB plucked my soul out of my body, and just killed my healthy(not healthy, bitch be living like no tomorrow with the junk food and smoking) body and forced me to reincarnate, refusing my original wish to just disappear into oblivion! Told me I should be grateful to be alive and some shit that sounded like a 'live, laugh, love' type of culty thing. Woke up in a hellish situation, don't know which universe he shoved me in, just a clue that it was from one of the things I liked, but that didn't help to narrow it down aa, I liked a lot of stuff... Some weird too... Continued to suffer my hell for a while, cursing and begging the ass face for the sweet release of death and hopefully meet the guy again so I can punch him in the nuts, and suddenly the door opened and when I saw who it was, I now knew where I was. 'F***ing twilight?!'

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Chapter 40

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Volturi Meeting room


We were led to a different room for the discussion about the research-worthy materials for the betterment of the vamps.

I've done just a little bit of research about them and given the limited resources, tools, and source material I had, they're still far off from being able to produce prototype products... But just by seeing the content, one could see that it has a huge potential to succeed if one puts time, effort, and money into it... And we vamps don't lack any of those.

The kings were impressed and started to make plans for how we'll all proceed with them, and the meeting so far was surprisingly harmonious, even the creepy Aro was less nauseating when he was concentrated on the discussion, Marcus and Caius were mostly quiet, but did put in their thoughts now and then.

Then Aro opened his mouth and asked the thing I was avoiding broaching for a while... I was hoping to ask them about it after getting to know them more, winning their favor... Or when I had produced even a minor breakthrough with the research...

"We can continue about this in the next meeting, we'd have to arrange a lot of things first for those. We now should discuss what you wanted in exchange for handing us a part of this research, and I don't believe that a vampire or in your case, a hybrid... would just do it out of the goodness of their heart... as I've read Carlisle's mind... Do you have a request? Please do share it, since the rest of the kings have not learned about it yet. " Aro directed at me.

I exchanged looks with the family, and since it's highly unlikely that the Kings know how to sign, I can't risk Edward hearing my stray thoughts and having the memories I locked come undone. I asked Dad to translate for me.

*I apologize, kings. As you may have seen in my Father's memories, the only time I can talk for now is when I sing... The rest of the time, my voice won't come out. So I would have to talk like this and have my Dad translate for me.* I said while looking at them apologetically, and bowing my head slightly.

[AN: Carlisle is translating for her while she signs, I won't write it tho, because it'll be redundant and a waste of word count 😶]

"I guess having a powerful gift like yours has its own restrictions... God might have done it to keep the balance..." Marcus commented while casting a slightly curious gaze at me for a moment.

"what he meant was, you're beautiful beyond compare, even amongst vampire standards... And you have an enchanting voice that strokes the hearts of whomever gets lucky enough to hear it." Caius added to Marcus's.

He's being weird... He already acted weird before I sang... He was supposed to be the always angry one... after I sang, he got a bit softer, well a lot softer towards me... Ugh, please... Dear Rob. Don't fuck with me... I don't need an angsty emo king lusting after me.

[AN: 💋 tehe😜]

I heard Edward growl from where he sat, and saw our mother lay her hand on his arm to calm him down... Or hold him back? She had a smile on her face, but if you look closely, it wasn't her usual warm motherly smile... if this was an anime, the part where her eyes were at would have a shadow that would make her smile look scary and murdery. I guess Edward didn't like what he heard from Caius's mind, and Mom, being the perceptive person that she is... Ugh... Ew... I don't need this right now, I need to get away from here ASAP.

I just gave a wry smile in reply towards Caius and decided to ignore him and act as cold and aloof towards him as much as possible, I don't want him to misunderstand. He seems like the type to do so, twisting whatever response he gets to fit his narrative. And adding his age, he came from a very male-dominated time, more than now... I'm guessing he'll be quite pushy and troublesome to deal with, so I have to be direct in rejecting his advances.

*I would like to ask for permission to disclose my origin to my mate, which means it includes the vampire part. And to ask for permission to delay turning her up until she's 25.* I looked at them alternately at first then focused on Aro.

I could see Caius's facial expression drop when I mentioned me having a mate already.

Then his face morphed into confusion.

"Her? Your mate is also female?" He said with disgust and then gave me a douchey smirk.

Oh Goodness ROB be damned, he's really an asshole, he's a homophobe too huh. Fuck this. I can already imagine what's going on in his mind, like me needing a man to straighten me out, etc. All the cliche homophobic men lines that they say to gay women that reject them.

He was about to follow up with what I could 100% assume would be a very insulting comment that could potentially make not only me but my whole family snap. I could feel them rearing to go and end his long pathetic life... But Marcus intervened.

"And what's wrong with that? This is not the first time that we've encountered the same gendered mates, and it will not be the last. You know as well that the mate bond is final. I can see that along with her connections with her family, the strongest connection she has is her mate's, it is the strongest I've seen in my entire life's existence." Marcus says with a frown on his face, looking at his fellow king disapprovingly.

"Indeed, also... I've seen that little Robin here has never been attracted to the opposite sex... She's lived a rather illicit life °bonding° with different partners... All females... Including her blood singer whom she let go, also female... I must say, you have a very strong will to not end up killing your very first blood singer at such a young age. " Aro added with amusement and interest in his eyes.

I could hear the imaginary gears turning in his head, starting to scheme something to figure out how to keep me here and make use of me.

Aaaah... Shit... I can do this. Rosalie my love, I'll come back to you... Even if I have to raise hell on this place.

Caius's expression turned ugly, but he just shut himself up and looked away from us. Which was a welcome thing for our situation now.

"As for your request... Given how open you have been to us, even resorting to letting go of a very big profit for your coven... We can approve it. But can you explain why wait? Just for my fellow king's benefit... I believe you have a very convincing reason for it" Aro urged.

I wouldn't let go of this opportunity, so explain what I did. It's not really much, I just told them that due to my half-siren side I was still aging and will stop at the age of 25, it will be troublesome to seen being intimate with a lot younger female by humans, let alone being the same gender, but I do not want to be seen as a cradle snatcher. I then added the benefits of having us be at an appropriate age for having a profession, we could assimilate ourselves easily in any field and hasten the research. We can also easily travel together to find more materials and resources with less suspicion from others because of our age.

I added a lot more reasons and benefits for having appropriately aged vampires instead of children. Not only for me, but I was thinking of the Twins... And how young they were turned, I knew that the circumstances were against them when they turned, Aro wanted to wait just a bit more, but the twins were dying from being burned at the stake. Not out of concern for them, but because he was worried they wouldn't be mature enough for them to be able to control and use for their cause.

I haven't seen them around, which made me sad. They are probably on a mission right now.

The kings seemed to have been convinced, aside from Caius who was still salty from being rejected and not supported by his fellow leaders.

Fortunately, the meeting proceeded and then ended with everybody's limbs and life still attached. Permission for Rosalie GET!

[AN: I get that it's highly unlikely that the kings wouldn't have reacted this docile and agreeable with just her reasonings. But meh. It's an AU. 🥴]


Almost 2 months passed by quickly.

the Volturi moved fast and immediately implemented the plan, and built a facility near the castle, they didn't choose to build it inside, because of the noise and the number of humans that would be involved in these projects, so to avoid any accidental draining of blood, it was built just a kilometer away from the castle, they took over a 5 story building... As to how they managed to do that, and what happened to the previous owners and occupants... Don't care much. I just want to get this over with fast.

Me, Dad, and Mom continued the research while the construction was ongoing, we scoured the castle's library for every bit of info we could use. Edward didn't have any interest in science, so he was just there watching and guarding us... Well... Me. Some small incidents happened when I wandered alone, some vamps attacked me and tried to force themselves on me, one of those instances was... Surprise surprise... Caius...

The inconsequential members of the Volturi were ripped apart by my brother, and get this guys... My mother. She was so cool. Going all mama bear on them. Oh, yeah, Dad burned them. They didn't care about the consequences, they just saw red.

Caius was a different matter... Before my fam reached him, Marcus mobilized the guards to stop him and drag him away. We haven't seen him since then. Aro apologized and told us to not mind it anymore and continued with our matters.

I was now walking around the castle to come back to my designated room from having a nice chat with the female mates in the castle, they have this get-together now and then to just bond, give advice, and gossip about their partners.

I was being guarded by afar by 5 female guards for my protection. Sent by the female higher-ups.

They were very enthusiastic and curious about me and mom, they said it was very rare to get new female members since most newcomers were male. And not everybody has met their mates yet. And it was very rare for there to be same-gendered mates so they were very very curious in THAT subject.

Let me just say that the older female vamps were very vocal and direct even me, who came from the modern world where women read spicy books in the open... And feminism was a real thing... I... Was defeated... They gushed at how innocent and cute I was being, I was red from head to toe... Many of them even volunteered to teach me personally more ways to satisfy my mate in bed... Which of course, I refused...

Fine, I was tongue-tied from being too flustered... Mom had to save me from them and refuse for me.

I swear I would've refused them too ok! I was just too shook by all the words and actions they were using! I swear!

[AN: owkie buddy... We believe you... 🤥]

I took a lot of pictures and wrote a 10-page letter to Rosalie about what I was doing, censoring some bits of info... Told her how much I missed her and can't wait to come back home to finally be with her again and live freely... I told her that I succeeded in the thing I came for here for our future, so we can be together without worries from now on.

[AN: Bruh, why do you keep doing this to yourself... 🚩😶]

While I was walking mindlessly towards my room, I caught a whiff of unfamiliar scents, strangely enough, it was a pleasant scent for for and called for me. It came from behind me, getting closer... it couldn't be my guards... So I looked back to check who they were.

I saw two people walking towards my direction with furrowed eyebrows while looking at me... I saw confusion in their expression... They must've felt it too.

Ahh... I was right... If it weren't for the shit she puts me through... I would think that I was favored by Rob. To think she'd give me this connection. I knew I would have to pay for this sudden happiness somehow in the future but for now...

I beamed the most beautiful and gentle smile I could to them which put them in a daze, and just stared at me, so I took the opening and sped up to them with open arms and took them both in warm and tight hug...I grabbed both of the back of their heads and buried their face into my neck. Letting them take in my scent to calm them down and hasten the forming of the bond.

Which seemed to work. They visibly relaxed and to everyone's bewilderment who was present and knew how the twins normally acted... The twins softened and further buried their faces into my neck, wrapping their arms around me in a tight hug while their eyes closed in contentment.

'my children... Mommy's gonna save you now'


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