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WARNING: -Expect drama while reading this, please be patient with me. It'll make sense even if it seems it doesn't. - a lot of swearing/cursing - MATURE CONTENT(kids you were warned) - Gore -GXG/WLW/BXB/LGBT+(just the gays, so homophobes, respectfully... begone please) -Forms of abuse from mental, physical, SA, etc. (It may be mentioned as someone's past or present) - THIS IS AN AU, AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. Certain events might change or would not happen or have happened. Some pairings will have changes. Some facts about the story or the characters might change (Honestly, it's because I'm too lazy to research and watch it all over again) -English isn't my first language, so you will see misspellings and grammatical errors, I might or might not go back to edit them later on. -the frequency of chapter uploads depends on the mood really, so you might get more than one chapter a week or just one. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT, STORY AND THE CHARACTERS OF IT BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OR OWNER OF IT, THE ONLY THING I OWN ARE MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS THAT WILL BE INCLUDED IN THIS STORY, THEY BELONG TO THEIR ORIGINAL CREATORS (did I do that right?) AN: This is a wish-fulfillment thing. I ran out of stories to read about Twilight, so I made one of my own. I'm not earning anything from this, I still have this boring job and responsibilities in real life, so please don't... please don't pressure me and be mean. For those who are wondering why I even published it here, it's because I wanted to motivate myself to continue the story. Thinking that there may be people wanting me to continue this as well. Basically, means I just don't want to end up forgetting about this. ~~~ This is a story of a woman who was forcefully reincarnated to another world. She was just working, kept thinking of just disappearing, and not existing. The usual shit that sadly a lot of people also think like this. Waking up every day, feeling shit because, well... I woke up. Seeing all this, a ROB plucked my soul out of my body, and just killed my healthy(not healthy, bitch be living like no tomorrow with the junk food and smoking) body and forced me to reincarnate, refusing my original wish to just disappear into oblivion! Told me I should be grateful to be alive and some shit that sounded like a 'live, laugh, love' type of culty thing. Woke up in a hellish situation, don't know which universe he shoved me in, just a clue that it was from one of the things I liked, but that didn't help to narrow it down aa, I liked a lot of stuff... Some weird too... Continued to suffer my hell for a while, cursing and begging the ass face for the sweet release of death and hopefully meet the guy again so I can punch him in the nuts, and suddenly the door opened and when I saw who it was, I now knew where I was. 'F***ing twilight?!'

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Chapter 10

AN: by this time, I would assume that you already know these, but I'll just put it up as a reminder.

' -means thoughts that are communicated.

" - said out loud, speaking.

* - sign language


Time skip 3 years

Robin POV

I'm 10 years old now! Not much change really, I'm still the most adorable in the world. Hey, that's not coming from me, my family keeps saying it, and the people we on rare occasions say it too. What? They're just being polite? Please, I'm not blind, and you're not blind. (gives a raised eyebrow and looks up at the sky)

[AN: at this point, I wouldn't even bother, you keep poking at the 4th wall. Hah...]

So, I had 3 birthdays... Oh, yeah, my birth date was documented in one of the files saved from the lab. June 14, 1915... I'm a June baby, funny, I was a June baby in my past life too.

Who knew birthdays could be fun too, not me. Having people to care and fuss about your special day, celebrating your existence, genuinely happy that you're alive. Fun! I love it, I think birthdays are one of my favorite days now. We even celebrate Leonardo's birthday, he's the tortoise they got for me, when they asked me what his name would be, I swear I heard someone whisper 'Leonardo~<3' in my head, so I did. The fam didn't question it.< p>

My family was so happy that I was able to physically grow up, they were worried that I would stay looking like a 5-year-old forever. But seeing that I did grow, their worries lessened, we were laying extra low, away from other vampires, because they were worried about my presence being reported back to the Volturi as a suspected immortal child. They'd come and be able to confirm that I'm not, but it would mean that my hybrid existence would be exposed to them, and that's going to be troublesome.

My current age and appearance are still borderline acceptable as a vampire, if we ever do encounter others, we can get away with it.

Anyway, currently I'm playing out loud a medieval theme playlist from Lofi while braiding my brother's hair. Where located in the living room, he's sitting on the floor reading and enjoying the music, while I'm sitting behind him. He seems to like Lofi's playlist, I'm glad, I love it too. One more thing to bond with.

'Brother' I called to get his attention away from the book.

which by the way is a book about romance, which I forced upon him. I even highlighted the problematic parts of the story, like how the guy never asked or waited for permission, stalked the girl, etc. This is me educating my potential stalker/creepy/obsessive/possessive/emo of a brother. It became like a book club with just us, plus our mother, she got wind of the book club and joined, she's unknowingly helping me now in teaching Edweirdo the do's and don'ts with courting a lady.

I suddenly got an idea, a silly idea of teasing my dear oll virgin of a brother. I thought just to myself while grinning mischievously.


Edward's POV

I'm currently sitting on the floor living room floor, while my sister braids my hair. Why is she braiding my hair? Well, she just barged into the room, telling me that she was done with her homework(given by Esme) and now she's bored, so she decided she'll try to make me at least a bit prettier, so I can match how good looking she is, that she can't have people saying she has a less attractive brother.

She says all that while doing what she calls a POWER POSE... feet apart, chest and head lifted, and hands on her waist.

I should be offended, but all those words coming from my sister, doing that pose, and her adorable self... Haaaah... I guess I really am siscon, it's a term she taught me, she says it means a sibling who loves his/her sibling too much that they spoil them.

"living room," I said, sighed, and walked toward the living room.

She pulled a book from God knows where and forced me to read it why she does my hair, she's been making me read a lot of romance books lately, even got Esme roped in the BOOK CLUB, at first I was a reluctant participant, I wasn't really one for romance, especially now that I am what I am... I'm not one for casual relations, when I decide to be with someone, it will be with my mate. But the things they were discussing in the CLUB are interesting, some things I think I can use for future reference, but my sister for some reason keeps focusing on some topics like things that make guys CREEPY, and told me to avoid being like that.

Of course, I wouldn't be like that. What kind of man enters a woman's room without her knowing to watch her sleep? Or continue to stare at the girl without saying a word, or... There's a lot. Bottom line, I don't get why she's desperately trying to instill them in me. They're a fairly obvious thing to avoid doing. Maybe she's just worried about my future love life? She's so cute, worrying for her brother. She can be a bit of a handful, but she's still so innocent and pure.

'Brother' I hear her call out. I hummed to acknowledge her while I just kept reading.

'why do you not go out and socialize with the opposite gender? I get that we must be careful when dealing with humans, because of the thirst and law, but how do you expect to meet your mate if you just mope around here.' I say while trying to decide what type of ribbon to use on one of the braids.

That got me to stop reading a bit to focus on her question.

"I'm not really looking, I believe that when it's time to meet the person I'm fated with, we'll meet. And your dear older brother is not of those who can be casual with relationships." I explained, then went back to reading.

'but how can you relieve yourself?' she asked innocently. Whilst she started another set of braids.

I subconsciously shut the book which he didn't mean to be so loud, then quickly moved to face her. Still not believing what I just heard come out of her thoughts.

"what do you mean? I think I misheard you. Can you ask again? Clearly this time, with more details, just so there's no misunderstanding..." I ask of her while still wide-eyed, disbelief still not leaving my face.


Robin's POV

'how do you relieve yourself? Do you? I read in one of Dad's books that it is unhealthy for males to not be able to relieve themselves, it can cause health issues. Also, it may be one of the reasons why you're so broody at times, you get this look like you're constipated. It also said that after sex, the body releases oxytocin and dopamine that would make the person feel good afterward and happy. So what I'm saying is, you need to get laid?' she said while giving it my all in making myself look innocent. Head tilting, bright eyes with a look of concern and confusion. But internally, I was laughing seeing his reaction.

I'm trying so hard not to burst out laughing to his face. This is kind of just me teasing him, but I really am also worried about him in this aspect. Maybe if he can get experience early on, it can help him with dealing with his mate right? Yes, yes, I'm doing this for him... Totally not just making fun of him.

He just kept staring at me, shocked at what he just heard, his mouth just left hanging open.

'brother? Eddie? Edweirdo? Yoohoo?!' I call out to him while waving my hand in front of his face. Still looking concerned, but now more worried because of his state.

That seemed to wake him up, he didn't respond to me and then he just...

"Esme!" he called out loud, not in a whisper or normal human volume of voice, but a shout. Panic laced within the voice.

Mom his call, and the tone of his voice, left the costume for Leonardo that her daughter requested, and immediately sped off towards her children.

Seeing her arrive, Edward stood up pointed a finger at me, and said.

"You have to hear this" he then looked at me and said "Tell her everything you just said to me"

Their poor mother lost as to what it was that made her son react like this. Her undead heart is about to have a phantom heart attack.

I gave him a confused look, but still RELUCTANTLY(😏) told my mother everything, from start to finish with sign language.

While I was doing so, her face kept morphing into different reactions and then settled to the same face her brother had. I can guess what's running around her head and feelings...Shock and disbelief at how such a thing could come out of her little angel, her pure innocent angel. It did seem like she was genuinely concerned for her brother and was just stating facts that she learned, which are technically not wrong, but she's still too young for all these kinds of topics.

Edward, seeing his adoptive mother in the same state he was in just moments ago, gave his mother a look of understanding, and a tap on the arm to wake her up from her stupor.

This seemed to work, but her mother still seemed like she didn't know what to say or do, this was her first time dealing with this kind of situation. But one thing is for sure, she's going to have a talk with her mate about the books he lets me read.

*ok, you guys are kinda creeping me out. So I'm gonna go back to my room, it's time to feed Leonardo anyway.* I said and went off. Leaving the two vampires, still confused and clueless as to what to do.

While I went to the kitchen first to get some food for my little friend, I left Spotify on play out loud for Eddie, but I turned on my mind defense skill.

I went back to my room and let out a soundless laugh, I could now laugh with sounds, but right now? No, they'll figure out that I was playing with them. ROB my tummy hurts from laughing.

After I calmed down, a smile still lingered on my lips, I proceeded to feed Leo. He got a little bit bigger, for now, he can still stay in my room, but soon we'll have to make a special place for him because he'll get bigger.

You wanna know something weird? No? I'm still gonna share it anyway. In my past life, I dreamed of having a tortoise as a pet, and now... Here, voila! I have a tortoise, it's like ROB orchestrated this, because it's weird to me, because in the movie, they didn't have any, there wasn't even a slight indication that they ever had any pets at all. So adding me to the cullens, plus a pet... I can say that I've already started to influence the storyline...

I'm still not sure if I was thrown in the canon version or if this is an AU, but I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that at least make it canon or a version where there's no bitchy Bella or dark Alice... Tho... I'm all for this being a BXB between my bro and a certain shifter. (hue hue hue hue)

When Daddy came home, he was told of what happened over dinner, and right after I finished eating. My father held a family meeting where they all sat in front of me, with only Carlisle mainly talking and the other two just shared a bit of input here and there. Dad was unfortunately voluntold by them.

Seeing them uncomfortable and trying their hardest to explain things without sounding explicit or inappropriate. It was cute, my family is cute. It was hard stopping myself from smiling. But I held on till the end and just gave them a look that was a mix of comprehension and confusion as to why I was being told all this now.

So that's how I was educated about the birds and bees.


AN: this was a fun one for me. There was a short time skip on this one. There might also be in the next chapter, but not by much.

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