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5/5 - easily one of the best works on this platform Believable characters with good development. Main character has an interesting story and the world is well developed without needless exposition. Enemies and rivals are well balanced and the main character struggles to maintain an edge without being overpowered. Chapters are released consistently and auther attempts to meet readers expectations through feedback. Would be nice to see more reader support which would lead to release of even more chapters, but then again it always would.


Man, I can't stop loving this story! I must say, It's not for everyone. This novel does have a slow start and it would be beneficial if there was editing, especially for correcting grammar mistakes. However, I love how characters behave, they almost always feel quite alive, like real people. For me, MC is the real MVP, he starts as a weak and cowardly person but with a lot of willpower who wishes to grow stronger. Now? He's quite strong, but fears himself and what he has become. I can't wait to see more of this.


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This story was slightly bettter than the standard op isekai novel on this site. The big reason were the glaws of the main character, which many people hate on, make it far more belivable and interesting. The problem comes the confrontation with Blue, a villianious human who killed an inspirational leader with poison, then was captured by the MC after much risk, and became a looming threat forcing the MC to alter his plans. All of that was fine and i could accept Blue not being killed. Even when he was recaptured by surrendering and it was obviously a scheme and not killed, but put on trial that was fine also. The reasons behind it were sound enough to make it work. The problem comes from the MC being the target of a riot by Blue to proove himself innocent, and then the MC just taking it. The reason he gives in chapter 101 about not wanting to draw negative attention for killing Blue killed the story. Blue poisoned his friend, attacked and poisoned other friends, started a riot to kill him, and stirs up trouble aganist him. I can accept characters with glaring flaws, but I can’t accept them over and over with no growth. That is why this story became unbearsble to read. All the hope and expectation as a reader that the MC would not be pushed around, was tossed in the garbage. I wrote this review since this was a decent story ruined by incredibly poor or non existent character development while otherwise being decent for this site.


for what its worth its a good idea executed poorly mainly the characters honestly its not worth the read i got to the pay wall and after 50 i was done with the novel idk bout yall but this is just me personally


I just want to start off by saying, wowza, the details in this book are ON POINT. They do an awesome job of setting up the setting and the character details. There are a few grammatical errors mostly through things like sentence structure and setnece clauses, but other than just wow. Really great details and an interesting story!


Reveal spoiler


Amazing story! The writing is absolutely on spot and so compelling. I had a hard time stopping reading this. You managed to write a isekai story in a absolutely not cliché way and it's really interesting. Peter himself is interesting. Not perfect, not bad, not the most powerful or clever around. Just a normal guy in shitty circumstances. I usually don't read story like this on webnovel but your story charmed me and I'm totally hooked. Thanks for writing this :)


This novel is written like a teenagers diary. Day 1- I saw my crush. Day 2- we made eye contact. Day 3- I waved to her. The MC is also pathetic. I’ve read comments where people are enjoying his flaws. I guess if you like that type of story where MC struggles through the journey being oblivious this is for you. I get a LOST tv series vibe from it. I’m imagining being stuck on an island with other random people transmigrated over. A magic rock in the center that resembles a system giving out food/buffs/shelter for points earned on the island.


Story is alright and keeps you engaged. Weak to strong mc. Writing quality is not that good. Manageable if you are use to correcting in your head. I read up to chapter 100. gonna drop as I just don’t like the way it’s going. Like we see mc grinding so much. Only for the bad guys to be on his level. Mc grinds nonstop and some how every bad guy is near his level. That is personally what I didn’t like. So will be dropping.


um I don't know how to write a review but this story is amazing so here is a bunch of dots..................................................


This novel is lit! This is the kind that I need to learn from. Kudos to the author as the story paved well. A smooth sailing ship in the sea without a bumpy ride. No grammar mistakes and round characters. Definitely a good read for me!


I’ve read up to chapter 718 so this will be an honest review of an avid reader of this novel So I’ll give a review that can reflect my thoughts on the novel. I guess i’ll hop into the different stared catagories and then i’ll add a little bit of a personal opinion on the bottom Writing Quality: This part is actually pretty good, the only thing that really hurts this category is a misspelling here and there the thought is clearly conveyed so it’s not hard to figure out. Zero issues in understanding what’s going on in the story though so it’s not to impactful. Updating Stability: I’ve been reading this novel for a while and the author MasterHexer went on a break a couple months ago but came back with a 2 chapters a day. Story Development: I probably have the most to say about this because the story development is so well done. In the beginning you may be a little bit confused because MasterHexer just jumps right into it, but it’s been such a smooth read for me and has always left me craving for more. Perfect in my opinion. Character Design: I don’t really know how to start this but to keep it simple the characters are solidly made and the story shows growth in them as characters of the story. Perfect in my opinion World Background: The background of the novel is solid as well. The way the the author writes the novel gives easy imagery into what kind of place the story is taking place in. Not sure what else i should add to this but again, perfect in my opinion. So a little personal shpeal here, I really enjoy this novel and decided to try and give this story justice with a well created review from a readers POV. The author, MasterHexer, wrote this story in a very unique way and I think it’s fair to say that he nailed it and with his take on isekai this is not a novel in which you can find similar stories out there (trust me I’ve tried). I urge you to check this novel out if your looking for a good story. I appreciate those who read this and if your still on the fence, trust me on this when I say you’ll like this story.


someone please tell if this masterpiece is just on hiatus and isn't dropped. seriously this is one of the best novels i've read up to date. I'm too invested in it now. author-san pls give us ou fix.


5/5 To be honest i have already made a reveiw but this is one of the best stories i have ever read. i think your decison to make it kind of diary ish is perfect and complemented your decison to not use ‘I’ perfect. all in all i love your book and i hope you keep writing


Simply amazing. Everything from individual characters to the plot as a whole seems so natural that it feels like you are part of it all. I also personally love they way the story is like a diary going through pretty much a day to day view from the mc's perspective, because it never seems like you get any useless information soved down your throat. A great read, recommended for sure.


5/5 i love this story and how it was written. One of the things i love the most about the story is the unique take you make by making it first person instead of third. Because of your decison it move it to first person instead of third it really changes everything about the novel and mkes you close to the chachter becaue he is the only person you know the thoughts of. Another idea in your story i loved was how you make it like the charchter is writing the book itself saying things like ‘judgement day we would later celbreate’. things like this really make you connect to the charchters and this is what i love about your story


This one just clicks for me so i might just be a little biased but its definitely one of the BEST novels i have ever read . Characters and story development are amazing . Author hasnt expanded the world that much as of now (only read free chapters)but there is definitely something interesting in there and i cant wait to fibd out more about it. Spelling at some times can be a tad iffy and not make sense but it doesnt really ruin anything. idk about updates tho . still put a 5 star. Just read it .


I am simply going to say this statement and give better reasons later on.Simply, this is an excellent book and I implore you to read this. It adds something new to this genre