40 Days CVII - CXV: Unexpected leadership

Nex few days were terrible for me. I couldn't really go out. There were short periods when I was allowed to take an even shorter walk, and take care of my physiological needs. It was terrible. Over the last hundred days, I have been doing something every day. Hunting, exploring, working, et cetera. I got used to it so much, that I needed it in my life. I just couldn't be left alone in the room with nothing to do. I kept making useless plans out of boredom.

But finally, the day came. It only took eight days. Eight fucking days of boredom.

- We are departing in around an hour - said Zhang Yong, who just nonchalantly entered my room. - We prepared some equipment. Somebody is gonna bring your food, and the rest.

He also gave me a look. Very special look. Look that was saying "You better succeed today, or else I'm gonna fuck you up as nobody before managed to". I ignored that part of our conversation. I was not afraid of him, and also pretty confident in success. If all members of Wuxia were as good as those few guys I hunted rats with before, then there was no need to be worried.

I ate the simple stew, drunk some water, and then the equipment was brought to me. Nicely done leather armor. Better than mine, because it was brand new. I got also a knife, pair of leather shoes, a wooden shield, and a sturdy club with nails in it.

Shoes were something I was definitely lacking, but because I was unable to wear them for so long, my feet got actually used to being exposed. By the way, they looked gross. I'm not gonna even describe them. I needed to wash myself up cleanly when the first opportunity arose. But now there was no time for such things. I had to get ready.

After equipping it all, they led me outside. Many hunters were departing. Heading to the third gate. I had the pleasure to walk alongside Zhang Yong.

- You are gonna explain the plan. You are gonna select people to fulfill each stage of it. You will make this work - he said to me. - I explained everything to my men already, but the second speech will refresh their memory.

I just gave him a nod. He clearly didn't like that. After this whole imprisonment, I wanted to kick his ass. It was so hard to swallow my pride, and just do whatever he wanted.

We traveled to the third gate, and then I started to explain the whole plan and observation which were supposed to make it work. After, with help of a few Zhang Yong's lieutenants, I assigned roles to his men. The whole process took over an hour. I had to choose from selected groups basing on short conversations. It was a terrible idea. I just couldn't comprehend why Zhang Yong would make me do such a thing. He clearly knew his men better. Maybe he wanted some casualties? I had no clue.

Then the hunt began. I was the one to lure out rats from their nest, right to welcoming hands of Wuxia and partners. It was a slaughter. Rat scouts were ambushed and just murdered in few seconds. We worked like a machine. Everything went smoothly. They clearly had some experience, even though it was only around a week of practice.

I started to think Zhang Yong was so confident in his people, that he actually wanted to show off in my eyes by making me lead them. Did he want me as part of Wuxia?

With their help, I could get Aisha out of Mark's hands. I just needed to swallow my pride. I owed her that much. But then I started thinking of what kind of man Zhang Yong really was. He would never allow me to use his men for my personal benefit. There was no place for me in Wuxia. I just had to focus on the job, and then fix my problems with my own hands.

Then the next part of the plan happened. I, alongside few selected people in many different places, jumped out before mine force of rats. A horde was walking around their nest, waiting for assets to find the enemy. When they saw us jumping out more or less at the same time, they separated. There were at least a few hundred of them. And a big group charged after me. I sprinted to the place I was supposed to, and the real battle began. My group was not the first one to clash with hunters. I already could hear the noises of a big fight, when I arrived.

Instead of hiding behind our people, I was actually the first to attack. I never fought like this. It was terrifying, and exciting at the same time. It's hard to give you any good description because my mind just went blank. I remember blocking and smashing. They fell apart quickly and started to run. I remember bolting after them. Cracking head after head. I remember blood spraying around me, and then vanishing in mid-air, alongside dead bodies.

The amok ended when I found myself next to the mound. There were many around me, also waking up from the battle trance. After a bit of looking around, and remembering what is actually going on, I returned. People were already collecting crystals or transporting the wounded. At some point, somebody started to lead me to Zhang Yong.

He was covered in sweat. Talking with a few of his lieutenants.

- Succes - he said when he was done with them. - We have a few wounded. Two dead... But overall it's a success. Few things went wrong. We really made a good plan.

I followed his lead.

- Yes, we did. Now, am I free?

He smiled.

- For now... But I believe we need to have another conversation later.

- Can I go?

- Yes.

And I went without any more words. This motherfucker clearly wanted more from me. I had no idea what plans he made up in his head, but there clearly was something on his mind. After arriving at my home, I just went to bed. I was hungry, but also too tired to walk to the city center and buy things. Food that was still in my backpack got bad, so I had to throw it away.

Day ended with 13 026 points on my account and 2642 hidden next to the third gate.

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