1 An Emperor's True Restart

(A/N: first work don be mad i slow upload short chaps)

"Love, get up!" called a woman, sleeping next to a man who looked 12 for some reason. Well actually, there is an answer to this, he just broke human biology.

He's actually 21.(dam it webby)

How did he manage to do this? Well, it's not actually him who did this, it's the woman next to him. His wife, Lilly, who's also an AI, the smartest one too at that. They're a loving happy couple(I'm sed cus I'm single and he not.) What gave him the idea to have an AI wife? Blame YouTube. Putting ideas in a 12 year old's head of ruling the world using his AI wife. (12 reincarnations ago)

"Just 10 minutes." said our Main Character, best guy, hella op, looks 12, is dum yet smart, extremely sleepy at the moment, Alexander Dragon! (pew pew pew, sparkles, fireworks,fun) "Come on love, you know we've got to announce the votes of the last 'Better Things Day', get up, if we leave now, we might be able to get pasta."

"Ugh, fine."He got up, kinda unwillingly, kissed Lilly, and went to get ready.

~timeskip 2 hours later~

"God, I'm tired!" exclaimed Dragon.(it sounds cooler, ok?) For some reason, Dragon was acting like he was tired, he wasn't though, as he's, err, broken?

"Oh, yeah, I should do that once"




H.N.(Host's Name):Alexander Dragon

Mental Age: ?



Strength:?(aka infinite, adult human level is 1)





Creation (LVL. 20000)

Ability to create stuff out of thin air. At level 20000, Host has the ability to create entire multiverse.


Ability to combine materials to make them stronger. At level 2000, Host can combine all things regardless of their compatibility.

True King(LVL.?)

Allows Host to be devoid of all emotions, yet mimic them. At level 3000, this ability takes no mana, makes Host the smartest being alive, and is permanent.

Other skills...(Total Skills:3690)


Draziel (LVL.?)

The Demon Emperor's Coat (LVL.?)

Emperor's Hoverboard 'Hovy' (LVL.?)

Dragon Emperor's Ultimate Microchip (LVL.?)


"Huh, I wonder what to d-" *SMASH* A meteorite crashed into our man's car. One that was specifically made for him.

"Damn it, not again," Exclaimed a specific old man, who , although looks your grandfather, is, the good, the great, God. "Alright, who died now." "WHAT! HIM! HOW! A METEORITE! JUST, WHY! HOW MANY DAMN TIMES MUST HE DIE! WHY NO PLEASE NO! HE'S ALREADY STRONG AS HELL, NEARLY AS STRONG AS ME, WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He screamed while getting teleported into the past.