1 Chapter 1

- [Location: Patch Island, Vale] -

In a small room, a blonde teenage boy could be seeing lying on his bed, reading a book in his hands. On the bed around him were small piles of books that were stack up neatly.

His blue eyes quickly traced the words on the page he was currently looking at, a screen appearing in his eyes.

[Physics has leveled up!]

[INT has increased by 1]

He briefly glanced at the notification before dismissing it, returning to the book in his hands. Just as he flipped to the next page a loud female voice sounded from outside his room.

"Rowan!" The voice called out, eliciting a sigh from him but he didn't answer. Not more than ten seconds later, a blonde female a bit younger than the boy barged into the room, slamming the door wide open.

"Rowan!" the girl screamed, her eyes staring straight at the unresponsive boy on the bed. Their shared physical features indicated their blood relation. "Why are you ignoring me!?"

"Why bother? You're just going to barge in either way." he retorted dryly, not looking up from the book, causing the girl to pout in annoyance.

"Mom needs you downstairs." She said, pouting even harder as he failed to look up from the book.

"I'll be down in a minute." He replied as the girl stomped out, slammed the door as she left. He sighed as he placed a bookmark in the book, slowly getting off the bed.

'Status.' He thought, a screen appearing in front of him.


Name: Rowan Arc

Title: None


HP: 650/650 [26 per minute]

AP: [Locked]

STR: 15

DEX: 12

VIT: 13

INT: 25

WIS: 20


Ap Regen = WIS X 2

AP = INT X 50

Health = VIT X 50

HP Regen = VIT X 2


[Meditation(Active)][Level 22]

A practice in which an individual uses a technique to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Increases the regeneration of the body.

Increases HP regeneration by 22% per minute.

Increases AP regeneration by 22% per minute.

[Physics(Passive)][Level 32]

The natural science that studies matter, its fundamental constituents and behavior through space and time, and the related entities of energy and force.

[Mathematics(Passive)][Level 37]

The science that is concerned with numbers and their properties, relations, and operations and with shapes in space and their structure and measurement.


[Gamers Mind]

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through.

Allows peaceful state of mind.

Grants Immunity to psychological status effects.

[Gamers Body]

Grants a body that allows for the user to live real life like a game.


It had been a full week since Rowan woke up on Remnant and he wasn't any less confused about the entire situation. One moment he was sleeping in his room, the next moment, he was in someone else's room, in someone else's body with someone else's memories.

Ironically, that wasn't the most disturbing part. The most disturbing fact was that he recognized where he was, a place that he wouldn't wish upon anyone. To make it worse, he was in the body of someone who wasn't supposed to exist.

Rowan Arc, immediate younger brother of Jaune Arc with six sisters coming before them. It was as frightening as it weird and terrifying as it sounded.

He suspected that the only thing that helped him maintain his sanity was the screen that appeared in front of him upon his awakening along with the [Gamers Mind] perk.

All those books about people getting transported into another world and then immediately going off to slay monsters…

'Give me a break.' He thought, irritably as he exited his room.

All of those were simply unrealistic. [Gamers Mind] or not, one would have to ask themselves one simple question at one point.

Is it really worth it?

Some would call it a second chance at life…a chance to live life to the fullest but isn't a second chance at life supposed to be fulfilling.

There was nothing fulfilling about getting caught up in the fight between two immortal lovers. Then again, he didn't have a choice. With what he knew of remnant and what was to come, it was very simple.

You get strong enough to be able to live life without regret or you stay weak and wait for your death to come.

'I don't want to die.' Rowan thought as he got downstairs.

- [Isabella Arc] -

She was worried…very worried.

It had been a week since her son's strange behavior started. They all knew Rowan loved reading books but this was a bit much.

His room could be classified as a library with how many books he had in there but this was the first time that Rowan had shut himself in. He'd barely stepped out of his room at all this week asides from when he got hungry.

Her older children, Rowan's older siblings, Jaune and Saphron had moved out a bit recently. She guessed that their absence was the reason for his strange behavior seeing as how he was closer to them than his other siblings.

Seated at the dinning table with some paperwork, she watched as Rowan came down the stairs.

"You called?" he questioned as he walked towards her.

"Can you help do the dishes? Its Violet's turn and she's sick." She asked, eliciting a nod from him as he made his way to the kitchen.

"Also those things you ordered came in this morning. You can take them up when you're done." She informed as he entered the kitchen.

'What's gotten into him?' She wondered sadly as she rested her head on the table. Truthfully, she could have gotten anyone else to do the dishes. With five girls in the house, herself excluded, there were more than enough hands to call on for dish duty.

She simply wanted him to take a break from the book, even if for just a few minutes.

- [Rowan] -

Twenty minutes later, he returned to his room with a large brown box in his hands and a dish washing skill added to his repertoire. Setting the box down on the bed, he began tearing it open.

'I thought it would take weeks to get here. At least that's one good thing about remnant,fast online service.' He though as he took out the contents of the box.

The first thing he took out was a slightly thick book with a hard brown cover. The moment he picked it up, a notification came up.

[Do you want to learn 'Aura' skill ?]

[Yes] [No]

Without hesitation, he agreed as the book burst into golden light, disappearing from his grip as another notification popped up.

[You have learnt 'Aura' skill]

[Aura(Passive/Active)][Level 1]

The Manifestation of one's soul. Long ago, Man, who was born from dust, learned to wield the light of their being against the soulless Grimm.

[Due to unlocking your Aura, VIT has permanently increased by 1]

[Due to unlocking your Aura, VIT has permanently increased by 1]

[Due to unlocking your Aura, VIT has permanently increased by 1]

[Due to unlocking your Aura, VIT has permanently increased by 1]

[Due to unlocking your Aura, VIT has permanently increased by 1]


Name: Rowan Arc

Title: None


HP: 900/900 [36 per minute]

AP: 1250/1250 [40 per 30 seconds]

STR: 15

DEX: 12

VIT: 18

INT: 25

WIS: 20



'Five points. Not bad.' he thought as he offloaded the other items. Despite the fact that there was a library where he could have gotten the skill earlier, he would still have to go through this process.

The closest library, while not being too far away, was riddled with cameras at every turn. There would be no way of stealing a book in the library with the cameras there. He also couldn't borrow the book seeing as how it dissipated into particles when used which meant that he would be unable to return it.

He had to get his own copy which he could devour freely. He had also figured out that while devouring skill books would help you gain the skill, actually reading it was more rewarding.

Devouring the book simply gave you the skill at level one while reading it gave you the skill while also leveling it up as you read further along with some INT and WIS points.

Aura was more delicate seeing as how it was more of a practical skill than theoretical skill so devouring it was necessary.

He disposed of the box after emptying its content on his bed. There were two other books along with two wooden swords delicately wrapped in black cloth.

Despite his dislike of actively involving in violence, it wasn't avoidable if he wanted to survive. He couldn't afford a real sword just yet and Jaune took the family's inherited sword and shield when he left.

The fact still remained that he needed to train, ergo, the wooden swords. As for why swords and not guns, the reason speaks for himself. Guns require regular maintenance and a abundance of bullets which he wouldn't be financially able to keep up with.

Bullets could finish, making the sword useless but a sword was all dependent on the user, making it the better choice.

[Do you want to learn 'Sword Mastery' skill ?]

[Yes] [No]

[Do you want to learn 'Unarmed Combat Mastery' skill ?]

[Yes] [No]

He didn't hesitate to accept as new information flooded his mind.

[Unarmed Combat Mastery(Passive/Active)][Level 1]

A skill that allows the user to be more proficient in hand to hand combat.

[Sword Mastery(Passive/Active)][Level 1]

A skill that allows the user to be more proficient in the usage of weaponry, specifically, the sword.

While reading the description, there was a knock at his door, drawing his attention. He knew it couldn't be one of his sisters seeing as how they would simply barge in rather than knocking.

"Who is it?" He asked, taking a seat at the foot of the bed.

"It's your father." A male elderly voice called out from behind it. With measured steps, he got off the bed, quickly opening the door and letting the man in.

Julius Arc was a well built man, standing above six foot with the Arc signature blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Dad? What are you doing here?" Rowan asked in confusion seeing as how the man was busy most of the time.

"I just got back a few minutes ago." He answered as Rowan went back to sitting on the bed. "Are you doing okay?"

"Why would you think that there's something wrong?" Rowan asked, genuinely confused.

Julius closed the door behind, stepping towards his son. "Your mother's worried sick about you. I know you miss Jaune. We all do, but he made his choice, he wants to go to beacon academy and become a huntsman."

'Oh right…Beacon entrance exam is in two months.' Rowan remembered, shaking his head as he spoke. "It's not that."

"Then what's the matter? You can talk to me." Juilius said, now sitting beside Rowan on the bed.

There was a few moments of silence before Rowan broke said silence.

"Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life?" He asked vaguely, eliciting a look of confusion from the man.

"I don't quite understand." Julius said in all honesty.

"Has it ever felt like there was so much more you could do with your life? Then when you finally get the chance to do something, you ask yourself, is it worth it?" Rowan couldn't help but rant a bit.

[Gamers Mind] was keeping him calm and collected but that didn't mean that he didn't still feel emotions. This had been the thoughts that had been circulating in his head since he woke up.

Before waking up here, he lived a boring life. It was a normal routine of waking up everyday and going to a boring highschool. Now he was here, in a world of fiction. At first, he was excited but then the thought occurred to him…what was the point?

Salem couldn't be killed so was this 'exciting' new life really worth it? Knowing that your life is on a countdown, just waiting for your own death…was he meant to be happy?

"I don't know what brought this on but I can tell you this, I understand what you mean." Julius said after a pause, causing Rowan's head to snap to him.

"Growing up, my dad told me stories about how we're descended from strong warriors. He trained me to be the best I could be but it still wasn't enough. It just felt lacking." Rowan's full attention was on him at the moment and he knew that, relieving him that he was actually listening.

"I couldn't figure out what was missing until much later, when I met your mother." He continued as Rowan raised a brow, causing him to chuckle. "Hear me out. I enjoyed fighting but I lacked purpose. I didn't have a reason to fight. Meeting your mother gave me that reason. After a while, I put down the sword and chose to settle down."

"In some odd way, I felt happier, more content with just living a simple life. Your grandfather wasn't too happy about that though, he still isn't." He pointed out, drawing a laugh from the boy.

"My point is that there are many things you can do in life. You're still young. A time will come when you'll find something that fills up that empty feeling inside of you. You just have to be patient." Juilius finished, looking to Rowan who had a thoughtful look on his face.

'Though he went way…way off point, I kind of understand what he means. I could either fight a never ending battle or I could just watch and be helpless for the rest of my life here.' He knew himself well enough to know how much regret he would feel if he did nothing.

So what if Salem was immortal? He refused to live in fear!

'I'm not a coward…' he thought as his attention focused back to Julius who was still waiting for his thoughts.

"I understand." Rowan said, finally letting a smile surface on his lips. His first genuine smile in the past week.

"That's my boy!" Julius hyped, patting Rowan on the back. "Give it a few years and you'll have girls falling for you with that smile!"

'How is that relevant here?' Rowan couldn't help but wonder I'm exasperation.

"Hey dad, I was wondering. You said granddad taught you how to fight?" It was more of a statement than a question but the man still nodded either way. "I want to learn how to fight. How to be a warrior."

Julius' eyes narrowed for a moment before speaking. "Why the sudden interest? Why do you want to learn how to fight?" He questioned.

The serious look in his eyes threw Rowan off a bit but he wasn't deterred. "You said I needed to find something that makes life feel worth it. I want to go to beacon academy."


"I won't find anything if I don't go looking for it myself. At beacon I can meet new people, experience new things. If I become a huntsman, I can see the world with a different perspective than I can at the moment." He tried to explain but Julius' stare didn't lessen in the slightest.

"You realize that beacon formally opens in two months. Even if I wanted to train you, that wouldn't be nearly enough time for you to be good enough to get into beacon." He said harshly but it was the truth.

Two months wasn't even remotely enough to learn what people years to learn…unless you're a gamer of course.

"I'm willing to do whatever it takes." Rowan replied, meeting his father with a challenging look.

They stayed like that for a full minutes before the man cracked a smile, turning to leave the room. Rowan could only look confused as the man opened the door to leave.

"Training starts tomorrow. Brace yourself, it's not going to be pleasant." He threw behind him before leaving, closing the door behind him.

The look of confusion turned to determination as he realized what Julius had said. At that moment, a question came to mind.

"If Julius was strong then why didn't he train Jaune when he knew he wanted to go to beacon?' Just as the thought appeared, the answer came along with it.

'Jaune never asked him to train him, or rather his pride didn't allow him to ask for help.' He thought, remembering when Jaune had rejected Pyrrha's offer to train him.

From the memories of the body he was inhabiting, he realized that Jaune simply believed that he could just go to beacon and be a huntsman without knowing anything about fighting or aura for that matter.

He just wants to be a hero.

'Basically Remnant's version of Deku.' He thought before discarding such thoughts, moving on to his agenda for the day.

With the mental confusion mostly sorted out, he wanted to try experimenting with Aura. With nothing but a thought, a golden energy was being emitted from his body as he pulled on his aura reserves.

'Gold huh…nice.' He thought, letting the aura flow around his body without actually doing anything with it, simply dousing himself in the feeling.

'Aura is most commonly used as a shield around the body. That shouldn't be too difficult, even Jaune got that quickly.' He thought as he pulled on the aura, forming a thin layer of it around his body.

It felt sort of like a second skin over his actual skin. It didn't take long for a notification to pop up in front of him.

[You have created 'Aura Shroud' skill]

[Aura Shroud(Active)][Level 1]

A skill that creates a thin layer of aura around your body for defense.

[Aura has leveled up]

'That was easy.' He thought, looking at the almost transparent layer of aura around his body. With the skill still active, he tried something else.

As much as he wanted to see if he could shoot out beams of aura, he'd rather not do that in his room.

A look of concentration appeared on his face as he attempted to push out his aura from his palm. After what felt like eternity, he could see tendrils of aura pushing off his off his palm.

He didn't stop there, trying to force it to take shape. It seemed to be working for a moment until it fizzled out.

[Aura has leveled up]

[Aura has leveled up]

[Aura has leveled up]

'This is going to be a long day.' He thought as he started the process all over again.

- [The Next Day, 5:00 A.M.] -

[Aura Reinforcement(Active)][Level 6]

A skill that allows the user to channel their aura through an object, strengthening or sharpening it beyond its usual capabilities.

[Aura Augmentation(Active)][Level 5]

A skill that allows the user to actively strengthen their physical capabilities.

Increases STR by 5%

Increases DEX by 5%

[Aura Construct(Active)][Level 11]

A skill that allows the user to create weapons and other materials made of aura, capable of reforming them with complete control and creating anything they need.

[Aura Shroud(Active)][Level 15]

A skill that creates a thin layer of aura around your body for defense.

[Aura(Passive/Active)][Level 25]

The Manifestation of one's soul. Long ago, Man, who was born from dust, learned to wield the light of their being against the soulless Grimm.

[Meditation(Active)][Level 30]

A practice in which an individual uses a technique to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Increases the regeneration of the body.

Increases HP regeneration by 30% per minute.

Increases AP regeneration by 30% per minute.

'Sleep is for the weak.' With a goal he was now working towards, it was normal to find himself motivated to increase his repertoire and level his skills up.

He had found out that he didn't exactly need sleep when he found himself awake at 3AM with no feeling of fatigue or drowsiness in his body.

He would have level his skills much higher had it not been for his low aura reserves which reminded him of the need to get some points in INT and WIS.

Of course he was also aware of the fact that skills and stats leveled up fast at the beginning before they started slowing down.

He had fallen into a pattern of using leveling skills, meditating to regenerate aura before going back to leveling skills. He had also managed to sneak in one or two hours of reading just to increase his mental stats a bit, netting him a few points there.

While meditating, he wasn't prepared for his door to slam open violently.

"Rise and shine, Rowan! We have a long day ahead of us!" Julius said with a grin on his face as he barged into the room.

Rowan couldn't help but feel a chill down his spine as he saw that grin. "Huh?"

"Good, you're already awake." The man said, walking towards him with…something in his hands.

"Give me your arms." He said simply, Rowan putting his hands forward as Julius wrapped what looked like black wrist straps on his wrist.

"What are yo-" his words left his mouth as Julius let go of his hand, almost falling as a heavy force now pulled his arms down.

"Weights?" He murmured as he managed to pull his arms up, albeit with a lot of effort, Julius nodding as he went on to wrap similar weights on Rowan's ankles.

"There's no point in teaching you how to fight or wield a weapon if your body can't handle it. A weapon is but a tool. For it to be strong, it's user must also be strong." He explained as he gestured for Rowan to follow him.

[STR has increased by 1]

[STR has increased by 1]

[DEX has increased by 1]

As they exited the house, Rowan's feet struggling to leave the ground as he moved, Julius missed the smirk that appeared on Rowan's face as he read the notifications.

'I'm going to enjoy this!'

- [Julius Arc] -

Isabella was right. There was something strange going on with Rowan. Out of all the kids, he was usually the quiet bookworm so hearing him ask those questions was off putting but still within reason.

What shocked him was his request for training. Rowan wasn't the best at physical activities, preferring books to any form of exercise. That didn't mean he was fat or anything, if anything, he lack enough meat on his body.

Seeing that same somewhat lanky boy, struggling as he slowly ran laps was somewhat inspiring. Though it was weird, he had found something to work towards.

Something important enough to make such a request. He only wished Jaune had allowed him to train him or at least trained on his own before leaving.

Though a parent could only hope for their child to succeed, Julius couldn't help but hope that he failed if only for him to wake up and realize that he needed to train to be a huntsman.

Looking at Rowan who made another lap as he passed by him, he yelled. "Move faster!"

He didn't know what drove him to accept Rowan's offer despite how little time there was but it had sparked his curiosity. Was it the determination in his eyes? Was it the fact that Rowan was finally coming out of his shell?

At the end of the day, he just wanted to see his son happy. Though he doubted that Rowan would be ready in time for the exams, he wanted to see how much work he was willing to put in before he gave up.

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