1 The Demon King Of Tyranny: Anos Voldigoad!

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Somewhere at the edge of the Multiverse that connects both Marvel & DC lays a castle of the most powerful being in existence. The name of the castle where the strongest being in existence lives is the Demon Castle Delsgade and its owner has many legends surrounding him that are both good and bad. However no matter who you ask about him they all have one thing to say.

"Beware Of The Misfit Known As Anos Voldigoad. Power that surpasses all, wisdom second only to the Presence and the One Above All. Technique unsurpassable, Authority equalling the creators of both Multiverse, And ruthlessness the likes unseen to those who bring harm to his people."

And right now said being was sitting on his throne in his castle with his eyes closed and his head resting upon his fist as he felt the presence of some of the most powerful beings across both Multiverse before him.

The Living Tribunal, The Beyonders, Lucifer, Michael, Endless, Death, Eternity, Infinity, and so many others all knealing before his throne as he kept still not saying a single word. After a few more minutes of silence, Anos slowly opens his eye's as an intense pressure appeared all around them. The pressure was so intense all who stood there trembled and some gritted their teeth in anger at being forced to kneel before another. However as if it were all an illusion, the pressure disappeared as fast as it appeared as Anos finally spoke up.

Anos: "You may all rise."

After being granted permission to rise did they dare to raise their head's. Yet none dare spoke for before this being unless granted permission no would dare speak up. Anos continued.

Anos: "I Anos Voldigoad have called upon every being in existence across both Multiverses to announce a deal made with the Creator's of both your respective Multiverses."

Anos eye's then locked upon two old men who spoke up.

The Presence: "True to his words I and The One Above All have come to make a deal that Anos Voldigoad is to use his essence of destruction that will create a barrier that will seperate both our Multiverse from the rest of the Omniverse."

Everyone became confused and the two who already knew that everyone would be confused spoke up.

TOAA: "Just call me Stan Lee. And the reason for this deal is because Anos Voldigoad is far to strong and completely destroys all logic and reason that stands before him. However, it's because of his immense power that just his presence alone is starting to slowly destroy and corrode all of existence. And considering how we both have no way of stopping him, we atleast wish for him to use his essence of destruction to create a barrier that is to surround the entirety of the Omniverse to prevent any dangerous beings from entering and causing chaos. It will also allow us to fix and stabilise much of the destruction and corrosion affecting the Omniverse.

Anos hummed in understanding as he spoke.

Anos: "Then if any of you have an objection to the creation of this barrier speak up. Otherwise, we will begin the process of creating the barrier."

In the end, none dare object to the creation of the barrier. However, before they could formalise the deal Lucifer spoke up.

Lucifer: "Anos, for what reason do you plan on using your own essence?"

Anos sighed as he spoke.

Anos: "I have gotten tired of all these pointless deaths. Even if passively, my entire being is slowly killing off all life that could possibly flourish. So at the very least, creating a barrier with my essence that is Primordial Chaotic Destruction, I can atleast allow life to flourish across the omniverse. And who knows, maybe there will come a day when the species of the future will even be able to impress me with their growth."

Lucifer: "Oh? Are you not going to say its possible for someone in the near future to survive a battle against you and possibly give you defeat?"

Anos snorted in amusement as he spoke.

Anos: "Maybe if it was the me before I killed the cosmic God's, but as of right now I doubt anyone across the Omniverse could so much as scratch me."

Lucifer just had an understanding smile as he simply bowed to Anos allowing him to begin the process of making the barrier.

The two gods nodded their heads before the presence spoke.

Presence: "Anos Voldigoad. Though you may be a Misfit whose very existence brings danger and troubles to our respective Multiverse, I still wish you will be able to find a partner with whom you can spend loving with all your being in the future."

Anos paused as he heard the Presence's words. And before he could even reply, Stan Lee continued after his fellow creation God.

Stan Lee: "Exactly as the Presence says. May you find love to fill the emptiness in your heart, and maybe the next time we visit, there will be children running around your castle."

Anos apparently didn't like what he was hearing as Anos's Magic Eyes of Chaotic Destruction appeared and the omniverse started distorting with some parts completely vanishing from existence as they were completely annihilated by the Demon King's wrath without him even trying. Anos realised what was happening as he saw even the Multiverse of the two gods was being corroded away into nothingness only being slowed down by their authorities over their respective Multiverse. Deactivating his eye's, Anos spoke anger lacing his tone.

Anos: "Why would you like to see possible children of mine roaming this castle? Just so your guardians can try and kill them as they did my parents?"

Stan Lee: "(Sigh), it seems even after all this time you still are haunted by the memories of your families death and how you've come to be born."

Anos narrowed his eyes as he spoke.

Anos: "It does not matter what I may feel One Above All. My family has been returned to their original world, and are living their lives as they should. But for now let's just forget about them and begin the creation of the barrier."

Both The Presence and The One Above All nodded their heads as all three mighty being's stood before each other and a massive magic circle surrounded the entire omniverse causing some of the more powerful entities to look on in horror at the magic circle realising that they would never be able to traverse the Omniverse as they pleased. They tried to destroy the magic circle, but with not only Anos, but also the One Above All and The Presence being involved, there was absolutely nothing they could do.

Both the Presence, and Stan Lee stabbed Anos in his chest before each pulling out half of his source. Everyone saw how chaotic, dangerous, and powerful even half of Anos's source was and trembled in awe. Anos then also reached inside his chest and pulled out the last piece of his source as the three began the barriers creation. All beings across the omniverse heard the chant that begins the process of the barries creation.

Stan Lee: "To You Whose Authority Is Etched In Absolute Destruction. I The One Above All Invoke My Authority As It's True Creator Over My Multiverse And It's Inhabitants, May This Half Of Your Source Of Chaotic Destruction Protect All Of Creation Till Its Inevitable Destruction."

The Presence: "To You Whose Very Life And Existence As Destruction Incarnate That Brings Nothing But Pain And Suffering To Creation. I The Presence Invoke My Authority As It's True Creator Over My Multiverse And It's Inhabitants, May this Source Used By One Whose Known Nothing But Destruction Bring About The Safety Of Creation Till It's Inevitable Destruction."

And lastly, Anos with the final piece of his source spoke for all across the Omniverse to hear the finalisation of the barrier.

Anos: "Hear Me All Of Creation! I Am Anos Voldigoad! And With My Source, I Bring Safety To The Entirety Of The Omniverse! Heed My Words And Beware, All Who Dares To Traverse The Barrier Will Suffer Eternal Destruction, And Their Very Powers Will Strengthen The Barrier Endlessly Till Creation Faces Its Inevitable End! I Am The One Who Stands Above All! I Have No Equal Be It Now Or Till Creations End! May This Barrier Be A Wall Of Protection With The Strength Of My Source Be Proof Of My Power!"

Anos: "By My Authority Over All Of Destruction, And The Authority Of Creation, The Source Wall Has Officially Been Created!"

Anos: "Beno Ievun"

At the end of Anos's words, all of Creation be it in the past, Present, and Future trembled endlessly across the vast Omniverse causing their residents endless panic.

???: "Hiki-San, what's going on?! Is there an earthquake?"

???: "Shiraishi-Kun! Be careful!"

???: "Kubo-San, I'm fine. Your trembling as well!"

???: "I am the strongest level 5 Esper in Academy City, yet why am I trembling?!"

???: "This is Batman, all league members as well as the teen titans are to gather at the watchtower now!"

???: "It's Alright Komachi, it'll pass!"

???: "Hrrm, Even with the Kaleidoscope, I can't tell what's happening?"

???: "Zoro, What do you think is happening?"

???: "Alaya! What's Going On?! Everything is trembling!"

???: "Komi-San, calm down!"

???: "Hapachai Don't Like this feeling."

???: "Yor, Bond! Protect Anya!"

???: "Kakashi-Sensei, what's going on?!"

???: "Eren, are you alright?"

???: "I am Rihito Bach, whoever you are, I swear upon my title as the Ace Of Flashing Strikes that no harm will come to those I care for!"

???: "Princess Bubblegum, you feel it to right?!"

???: "Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl! What's happening?!"

???: "Celestine-Sama, our people are panicking!"

???: "Mashu! Have everyone prepared for a possible attack!"

???: "Lady Ningguang, the citizens of Liyue are panicking."

???: "Gojo-Sense what's happening?"%

???: "Mom, Dad, Sasha, Misha... Never mind, it's over."

Soon enough, a barrier surrounded the entire omniverse, and everyone across every point in time and every time line saw an aurora surrounded by a Kaleidoscope of colours before it vanished!

This incredible event would never be remembered by the weak, as all their memories of the event was erased. Only truly strong entity's such as the cosmic horrors, and those of possibly equal standing to them would remember the event. But that never meant that the stories of Anos will not be known to all beings across the omniverse.

(Back At Delsgade)

Anos breathing was just slightly haggard, yet his expression never changed as he sat back down on his throne.

Anos: "Hoh? Not a single one of you are interested in attacking me? I'd thought you'd all jump at the opportunity to try killing me after I was 'weakened' so severely?"

Lucifer spoke up. His tone full of sarcasm.

Lucifer: "What's the point if your still stronger than everyone here even though your "Severely Weakened"?"

Anos shook his head as he let out a slight chuckle at Lucifers words. And though the omniverse was now protected by the barrier, he didn't bother trying to fix the omniverse that was being corroded before the barrier was placed as that's the job of the two gods standing before him.

Anos: "Just in case, I will also create a guardian for the barrier that will atleast allow some form of travel between multiverses should the need arise."

Lucifer: "I guess that's fair. It would suck if we weren't allowed to go to other worlds for vacation."

Anos: "Aren't you always on vacation?"

Lucifer looked away as he whistled completely ignoring Anos's question. Anos rolled his eyes before he clenched his hand drawing blood before he created a single celestial being. Anos looked at the single celestial being he created with his own blood as he spoke.

Anos: "From now on, you will be known as the Source. You whose only purpose is to be the gatekeeper of the Beno Levun Wall. You are granted complete control over who is allowed to go through this wall understood."

The being now named Source kneeled before Anos as it spoke.

Source: "I understand my lord."

Anos: "Since you will be the being who holds such authority over this wall, I will make you an avatar who holds half the authority of both creator God's of each side of their respective Multiverse. Do you have any objections?"

Source: "Not a single one."

Anos: "Presence, Stan Lee. Any objections?"

Both the God's shook their heads as they spoke.

Presence: "Atleast this way, I can rest assured that the safety of my Multiverse is guaranteed. Especially when it's future looks so bleak."

Stan Lee: "Indeed. You've just allowed us to not be as invested into the care if our Multiverse as we will already have someone doing our jobs for us."

Anos nodded his head in understanding as he spoke.

Anos: "Fumu. Good. Let's make this quick."

As Anos was about to cast a magic to connect the Source with the two Gods, he heard Lucifer complaining.

Lucifer: "Oi! Why does this abomination get half your authority, while I your own son don't?! Also, I'm also curious if you will still allow others to visit your castle?"

Anos and the Presence looked at Lucifer blankly as The Presence spoke first.

The Presence: "If I gave you my authority over the Multiverse, I can guarantee you that you would ignore everything until it became too big of an issue to resolve."

Lucifer: "Pssh. What? Me? Never. I would be the most responsible God ever."

Anos: "Right. And we totally believe you. And as for your question. As before all is allowed in my castle good or bad as long as you do not touch my treasures. You wish to look upon them then be my guest but try stealing from me and you shall simply cease existing."

Lucifer nodded his head and smiled as he spoke.

Lucifer: "Wonderful. Then I can't wait to see how many will die this time?"

Anos: "Now with no more distractions."

Anos: "Dino Jixes"

("Separation and Fusion Reincarnation")

A spell invented by Anos on the spot to create a vessel for the Source to receive the authority of the two God's without dying. Once he was done, Anos dismissed everyone.

Once everyone had left his castle, Anos sighed as he looked at his hand and clenched it as he felt himself continuing to grow stronger even if he did nothing but sit on his throne.

Anos started remembering how he got here, how he had to fight for his very life to get the power he holds.


Anos very clearly remembers how he was born. He was born from the corpse of his dead mother Luna Voldigoad even when he was still in her womb. He survived and promised vengeance against the beings who killed her because of her husband Celis Voldigoad. A Demon with the power of destruction who was equal in strength and power to the gods like Eternity, and The Endless. But he never hungered for more power because he knew the stronger he became the more danger he would put his allies in. He was a general of hell and even friends with Lucifer.

But everyone feared him not only for his military prowess but also for his ability of destruction. His presence alone was slowly corrupting and destroying the universe. And then one day he saved a young woman from death while wandering the DC Multiverse. After saving her and returning to the marvel Multiverse, they became close friends and allies eventually falling in love with each other. Then when the cosmic gods learned that the powerful demon Celis Voldigoad was having a child With Luna Arzenon who came from the Disaster Abyss World Evezeino as a member of the prominent Arzenon clan from the dc Multiverse, who took on the surname of Voldigoad.

The cosmic God's All didn't like that because a child born from them would very quickly break the balance of power the Multiverse had, so they started their hunt for them. Celis Voldigoad fought against all the cosmic gods trying to protect his wife and unborn child. Their battle was long and arduous, with many parts of the Multiverse being destroyed during their fight. Celis Voldigoad had managed to fatally wound almost all the gods who came after them but eventually he died after succumbing to his injuries. And his wife Luna Voldigoad had also died trying her best to protect her unborn child.

Before dying she had managed to kill quite a few of the cosmic gods such as Eternity, Dormamu, and Even Oblivion. But sadly they were all just their avatars and not their original body. They had all fled back to their dimensions after the fight with Celis as he had already badly injured them and sent an avatar with half their powers thinking it would be enough to kill the woman. And although it was, it costed them their avatars.

The cosmic God's all left her corpse thinking she had died, never noticing the movement in her womb. A few seconds later, a child burst through the corpse of the dead woman and looked down upon her body with sadness in his eye's. The child who had just been born looked upon the corpse of his mother with fury. Wishing to kill the cosmic gods responsible for his families death, he abandoned her corpse to start growing stronger to kill those cosmic beings. Knowing how weak he was, the child walked aimlessly across the planet where his mother died hoping to find a place to start his training.

The Demon Child knew he was born with incredible power and potential, so he took his chances by training himself. He trained himself and mastered his power of destruction and various weapons he made with his magic for over two thousand years. And finally when he felt he was strong enough to start his revenge, he began his hunt. Sadly, as powerful as he was, he knew he was still too weak when compared to the ones who killed his family. So he took a different approach. The Demon went and fought against any being across the various planets that exists in the universe. There were some who shared their wisdom and knowledge with the Demon in exchange for his protection. And some who gave him the chance to improve his strength and skills alongside his magic.

Those who fought against him would come to realise that it didn't matter if you attacked him with magic, weapons, or hand to hand combat. He would show the ability to adapt to the change instantaneously. He had even become a general for some of the aliens that existed on certain planets. He demonstrated leadership skills and a terrifying adaptability for combat like his father, and his kindness and ability in magic like his mother. Those whose seen his more kinder side are those whose fought alongside him.

But it wasn't enough. The demon needed to get stronger even faster. So he decided to start his hunt against the cosmic God's knowing that he has already hit a bottleneck with his strength and magic. The Voldigoad Demon had already gotten so strong that even if he was attacked by abilities that had the concepts of fate, providence, or even miracles, before him those concepts simply prostate themselves before being destroyed.

The Child of Celis and Luna Voldigoad knew that the cosmic God's he'd face would be stronger than him, but it never stopped him. The Voldigoad child arrived before the cosmic God Eternity.

Demon Child: "Eternity, I have come to kill you."

Eternity's Avatar looked at the young demon in curiosity as he seemed eerily familiar.

Eternity: "Who are you child? And why do you wish to kill me?"

The Demon took a deep breath as he decided to choose his name. Opening his eyes and activating his eyes of destruction, the young demon had chosen his name and spoke as the universe trembled under the pressure from the activation of his eyes of destruction.

Demon Child: "Remember this name well Eternity. I am Anos Voldigoad, son of the late Celis and Luna Voldigoad! I have come to kill you and the other cosmic God's for what you've all done to my parents!"

The name told to shocked him deeply! To think the child of those 2 monsters survived. Eternity decided to try and offer him a position as a guardian first to see if he can get someone as powerful powerful as Anos to side with him.

Eternity: "Your parents were anomalies that weren't meant to exist in this Multiverse. And they threatened the very existence of the universe. As the guardian of the Multiverse its my job to kill those who threaten the safety of the universe. How about you join me in becoming a guardian? Atleast if you became one we will have no reason to fight and your safety is all but guaranteed? If you refuse the offer then I'm afraid you will be killed. Even if not by my hands, but by the hands of the Living Tribunal."

Anos: "I have no need to fear you cosmic God's. Even if it takes several billion years, I will still surpass all that stands before me."

Eternity: "A pity, someone like you could have made a great cosmic guardian. I may not know how you managed to hide from my senses, but it's all pointless now. Perish child of the Voldigoad family!"

With a wave of his hand, Anos was vaporised as Eternity's avatar shook its head in disappointment before turning away for several seconds before it heard Anos's voice again.

Anos: "Where do you think your going?"

Eternity's avatar looked back at Anos in surprise. He spoke up.

Eternity: "Your still alive? Colour me impressed. It seems like I had underestimated you. I forgot just how dangerous your family was. I should have known you being their child would be just as dangerous."

Anos's fight against Eternity's Avatar would last for several thousand years. Every time Anos died, he would come back stronger than before with his source and power of Destruction becoming more and more dangerous frustrating Eternity to no end. Their fight caused the destruction of many planets and galaxies. And finally, Anos killed Eternity's Avatar. Before he was destroyed, Eternity's Avatar spoke.

Eternity: "To think it would only take you Several thousand years to get to my level of power. I had severely underestimated the danger you pose. Be prepared young Anos Voldigoad, for your life will soon come to end. I offer you 1 last time. Join me as a protector of the Multiverse and you will be forgiven for even existing."

Anos shook his head in disappointment as he spoke.

Anos: "Come all who dares stand before me. Like you, they to shall be destroyed. That I swear."

Eternity's Avatar spoke its last words.

Eternity: "So be it."

Anos would then continue his search for the other cosmic gods. Only for them to come to him. Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion, and Dormamu all stood before him.

Anos looked amused by this as he spoke.

Anos: "Hrrm? You all brought yourselves to me? Do you wish to die that badly?"

Oblivion: "Silence, you have no rights to speak. As the cursed child of those demons, you should have stayed dead."

Anos: "It doesn't matter what you think. This battle will still end with all of you destroyed for what you've done."

And so the battle began. All life in the universe had already been destroyed, and the universe was being destroyed at a terrifying speed. Soon after just ten thousand years of fighting, Anos now stood in an empty void of nothingness as all the cosmic God's had been destroyed by Anos. He closed his eyes as he sighed and spoke.

Anos: "I have avenged you both. Now, I still have more enemies to fight, may you both rest easy."

Anos then turned his head as he saw who now stood before him. The Living Tribunal. Anos saw it the gap in power between them was astronomical. The Living Tribunal spoke up.

The Living Tribunal: "Anos Voldigoad, son of Celis and Luna Voldigoad. I have watched you cause havoc for too long without intervention. You even went as far as to kill this universe Cosmic God's. Do you not know that they are the ones keeping the stability of this universe and its inhabitants?"

Anos: "A small issue. I am more than confident in my ability to restore the universe to how it once was. But will you allow such a thing Tribunal?"

L.Tribiunal: "Indeed. You are a threat not just to this universe, but the entire Multiverse. For that, I will give you the same option as what eternity did. Become a guardian for this universe lest you wish to die."

Anos: "Becoming a pupet to another is not my nature. Even if there was a billion of you I would still never accept to serve you and become a guardian of this Multiverse as my entire being is destruction."

Living Tribunal: "A shame. Then if that is your answer I will destroy you. You are a Misfit. You don't exist be it in the past, the present, and the future and yet all your actions still remain even if you don't exist in those moments in time. You are unbound by what should have been your limit. Your magical prowess continue to grow everyday. Your existence is a threat to all creation. As The Living Tribunal my job is to safeguard the Multiverse from beings like you. Once more Anos Voldigoad join me as a guardian of the Multiverse and I shall not kill you."

Anos narrowed his eyes as his eyes of destruction activated as the now empty void they stood in started cracking as he spoke.

Anos: "You can try 1,100, 1000, even an infinite amount of times and I will never die. Eventually you shall succumb to my destruction as all those before you."

That was all that was shared between the two as the battle began. Anos knew the gap between the two of them was wide, but he never imagined it to be so far. It was the hardest fight of his life, he couldn't even make a move before he was killed. Over and over he was killed like an ant being crushed.

And yet again everytime he died he would come back stronger. The Living Tribunal tried stabbing his heart and Anos simply came back to life and mocked the Tribunal with his words.

Anos: "Did you think that stabbing me in the heart would be enough to kill me?"

Seeing how crushing his heart had no effect, he destroyed Anos's body and yet he came back once more and spoke.

Anos: "Did you think I would die because you killed me?

The Tribunal then tried destroying his source but to its surprise Anos was able to resurrect even after having himself source and all erased.

Anos: "You really thought I wouldn't resurrect just because my source got destroyed? I know how important the source is, so I've made it possible to ressurect myself even if my source is destroyed. All your doing is simply making me stronger with every death."

The Living Tribunal said nothing as he even froze time to stop Anos and yet it did nothing as his eyes of Destruction glowed brightly as he spoke.

Anos: "Did you really think you could stop me just by stopping time?"

The Living Tribunal actually started getting confused on what was going on. He remembers how even both his mother and father weren't this strong so how?

Their fight continued with Anos eventually reaching a point where his power and strength became so strong he finally killed the Living Tribunal. Before he was destroyed, he questioned Anos.

L Tribunal: "Why do you seek destruction child of Celis and Luna Voldigoad? Without the existence of the guardians and myself as the judge of Multiverse, chaos is bound to be ensued!"

Anos: "Destruction is my being Tribunal. I was forced to become this strong as fast as I could in order to avenge my parents. Blame your 'Guardians' for killing my parents."

Saying those words, Anos finally destroyed the Living Tribunal. Just as he was about to return to the planet where the corpse of his mother lay, he felt danger. A being just slightly stronger than the Living Tribunal had appeared before him.

Anos: "Who are you?"

The person in question merely chuckled in amusement as his angel wings flapped behind him as he spoke.

???: "Pleasure to meet you, I am Lucifer Morningstar. I must say, love what you did with this universe."

Anos: "Have you also come seeking to kill me?"

The being known as Lucifer shook his head and spoke.

Lucifer: "I do not wish to start a fight with you. I am merely here because I want to help you."

Anos raised an eyebrow sceptically. Lucifer noticing this just smiled as he replied.

Lucifer: "You might not know this, but I was once great friends with your father. That's why I want to help you."

Anos: "And what does that have to do with me?"

Lucifer: "I've been watching you for quite sometime now and I must admit you are terrifying. Just a few hundred thousand years and you're already almost as powerful as me."

Anos folded his arms together as he spoke.

Anos: "Say I believe your words, what reason do you appear now and not when my parents were attacked? If you were his friend you should have been there to help them."

Lucifer merely smiled as he spoke.

Lucifer: "I am here simply to have a good fight~"

Anos narrowed his eyes as lucifer looked at him.

Lucifer: "You see young man it gets very boring when your the strongest that no one can even touch you you know? It's Been forever since I last had a nice fight. So you could say I'm going to be your mentor and see how long it takes you to surpass me! And who knows, you might just be able to surpass dear old dad one day. As for why I didn't help, it was because I was forbidden to."

Anos: "Who was it that forbid you from saving my father and mother?"

Lucifer shrugged his shoulders as he spoke.

Lucifer: "I was forbidden from taking action by my father as it was the inhabitants of this Multiverse that killed them and I have no reason to interfere with what ever happens in this Multiverse unless permission is granted to me."

Anos: "I see. Then let's begin our fight. If you truly are planning to mentor me, it shouldn't take less than a year to reach your level of power. You are afterall just slightly stronger than the Tribunal."

Lucifer wagged a finger as he spoke.

Lucifer: "Ah, ah, ah! Not here, you will be my training buddy in my Multiverse. Unless of course you have an issue with it?"

Anos shook his head as he agreed with Lucifer who smiled brightly and dragged him to the dc Multiverse. However, before leaving Anos used a basic fire spell. "Grega" a small candle like flame appeared on his fingers before it shot into the universe and burned it. Nothing survived the attack as the entire universe Anos was born in was erased by a basic magic he had created.

Lucifer whistled in interest as he saw what Anos did but ignored it for now and took Anos to the dc Multiverse completely ignorant of the chaos happening in the Marvel Multiverse after the death of so many cosmic entity's and the massive power gap left in the wake of their death.

Once they had arrived in dc, Lucifer started teaching him everything he knew. From cooking, to brewing, to even forging. And once Anos was skilled enough to surpass any who stood before him did he start teaching him combat. They fought for several tens of thousands of years as Anos was improving his combat skills and magic against Lucifer.

Anos: "Egil Grone Angdroa.

(Anos' world-destroying magic. Origin magic that unleashes apocalyptic flames that burn, destroy and reduce everything to ashes. It burns what should not be burned, destroys what should not be destroyed, and reduces the entire universe to ashes.)

Lucifer smirked feeling the raw power of destruction coming from the spell. He was actually feeling damage! So he did the most logical thing and dived straight into the attack destroying it. Although he didn't come out unscathed. He was hurt with burn marks around him.

His wings were also damaged and yet through it all, he still held a smile on his face. The two then started a melee combat with various weapons. Lucifer had trained Anos to become immune to even the most powerful of Holy magic. Though it did take a bit longer than Lucifer expected he was still satisfied with the results.

Finally they stopped once Anos had brought about one of the more dangerous weapons Anos has forged during his teachings.

Venuzdnor, the Magic Sword of Destruction. Lucifer sweated a bit seeing the sword before instinctively covering his dick. He knew that the boy was terrifying, but to forge a weapon like that is just unbelievable. A sword that uses and controls Anos's overly destructive source. He forged the sword once his source started becoming to strong for the dimension they were training in to sustain, so he built the sword to use his own power of destruction to keep his source from destroying everything.

If that wasn't broken enough, his sword could destroy all things in creation! No matter how tough, eternal, or infinite it is before the might of that sword it all turns to nothing. You could try to escape by going to an entirely different Multiverse and you would still get sliced!

And Lucifer just complained about how Anos once sliced his genitals enraging Lucifer and causing Anos to fight for his life even though he knew Lucifer could heal it easily, he never understood why he was so angry over something so small like having your genitals sliced?

Anos eventually surpassed Lucifer to the point that not even Lucifer could stand being in Anos's presence for to long. Then he went to fight the creator of Marvel. The One Above All. As he appeared before the entity, the God could not help but question the young man who stood before him.

TOAA: "Tell me young man, are you not satisfied with your current level of power? You have already reached a point where even if all your enemies from the past attacked you, you could destroy them just with your heart beat."

Anos shook his head as his grip on his sword Venuzdnor tightened and he replied.

Anos: "That isn't enough. I need even more power. I am no fool to believe that you are truly the strongest being in existence. I know there are others out there that could swat you away like an insect. And so I will strive to grow stronger as much as I can. And you are a stepping stone I will surpass."

The One Above All shook his head as he looked at Anos in pity and spoke.

TOAA: "The memories of being birthed from your mother's corpse still lingers deep within you doesn't it child?"

Anos eyes of destruction glowed in extreme intensity causing the dimension they were in to tremble and cracks to appear. The One Above All frowned as he saw this and used his powers to stabilise the dimension.

Anos: "You have no right to lecture me when all those who killed my parents were of your creation or am I incorrect?"

TOAA: "Indeed you are correct. I have no excuse for the actions taken by my creations. However, you are surprisingly calm. I expected you to burst into anger and recklessly attack me."

Anos snorted as he replied.

Anos: "Maybe if I hadn't already been fighting for almost my entire life. Allowing anger to consume me wouldn't have allowed me to reach this far. Now then let's begin our battle."

Saying those words, Anos vanished from his spot and swung his sword to the God but stopped an inch from his neck as he frowned and spoke to the god before him.

Anos: "My blade was an inch away from killing you and you do not react why is that?"

The One Above All smiled as he spoke.

TOAA: "I have watched your journey for a very long time now. You kill those who show hostility towards you but you do not hurt or kill those who don't wish any harm to come to you or your soldiers. Or those who are not involved in the conflict."

Anos sighed as he lowered his weapon but he didn't drop his guard even for a second as he just stared at the god who just watched him with a smile. The One Above All then created a table with some tea and biscuits as he invited Anos to take a seat.

Anos looked at the god hesitantly. He knew this one showed no hostility to his existence and Anos wasn't sure what to do. All the other gods he's fought and killed were all after his life as he killed them all individually or in a group that attacked him.

Anos took a deep breath to calm himself as he walked to the table and started questioning the so called strongest god.

Anos: "I have questions to ask you."

TOAA: "And I have the answers your looking for."

Anos: "Why did you not stop your creation from killing my family?"

OAA: "Your father and mother shouldn't have existed in this Multiverse you know? They are dangerous anomalies that risk the safety of this Multiverse."

Anos: "I see. And you couldn't have just have them become the protectors of this Multiverse?"

TOAA: "Anos Voldigoad, becoming a guardian of the Multiverse means using your powers to defend the Multiverse from dangerous threats. Your father would not have agreed because he sought companionship, he didn't want to become a robot that would do all it can to defend a world he isn't even from. Now that that's all out of the way, tell me young man, do you hate me?"

Anos simply closed his eyes as he thought deeply. After what felt like an eternity, Anos opened his eyes as he spoke.

Anos: "Before I answer my question, what actually happened to my parents after they died?"

The God sighed as he spoke.

TOAA: "They were returned to their original world. With no memories of what they experienced in this world."

Anos: "Are they atleast living a happy life there?"

The One Above All smiled and nodded his head.

Anos sighed as he felt slightly less burdened before he got up and started walking away. The God spoke up seeing the boy walking away.

TOAA: "Why not stay? It may not be much but I can certainly teach you things you may not know. And I can even help you grow stronger than you are right now."

Anos paused in his steps as he turned to look at the god and asked.

Anos: "What's the catch? I definitely don't believe that this training will come for free?"

The God simply noded his head as he spoke.

TOAA: "At the very least you prevent powerful outsiders from destroying this world."

Raising his eyebrow, Anos thought about it for a bit and eventually nodded his head.

Anos: "Those conditions are acceptable."

Raising his hand, Anos muttered "Zecht" and a magic circle appeared right next to them. The God nodded his head before reaching out to accept the contract. The magic circle then disappeared in an orange light.

Anos: "Now we shall begin."

TOAA: "Indeed we shall."

Anos ended up learning how to use creation magic to try and stabilise his destruction magic. And Anos mastered creation magic to the point he could be said to be the next God. Creation magic is actually the only other magic he's learnt that has nothing to do with destruction.

And after that he was taught about runes, enchantments, hieroglyphics, talismans, and other things. Anos took it all in like a sponge to water. He countinuesly improves everything he possibly could.

Be it his combat ability, weapon creation, creation magic, destruction magic, artifact creation, and different enchantments for weapons and Armour. Anos even trained his resistance for holy magic by literally walking to the deepest parts of heaven where the Holy energy is constantly getting stronger and denser.

He suffered alot training but it was worth it when he could finally walk around heaven without a single problem. Anos also trained his magic resistance to the point he was quite literally immune to all magic that existed in the Marvel and DC Multiverse. Anos also trained himself in Hexes and Curses.

Finally several thousand years of training later and Anos had long surpassed the One Above All in strength. But even with all the wisdom he's gained he still is only 2nd in terms of wisdom compared to the God who trained him.

TOAA: "Anos Voldigoad, I have done all I can for you. From this moment on you are your own person. I will not help you anymore."

Anos nodded his head and replied.

Anos: "I may not like you alot for what your creations have done to my family, but I am greatful for your help in my training."

TOAA: "I take it you will still continue on you're quest for strength?"

Anos: "Indeed, but not now. Right now I just want to rest peacefully for some time seeing as how I'm already at a satisfying level of strength for now, and once my rest is over, I will Continue on with my journey for even greater strength."

TOAA: "Since you're finally going to be relaxing, why not try find someone to love?"

Anos just shook his head.

Anos: "I'm not even sure if I'll be able to find love considering my powers. Almost all who I'll meet will only want me for my wealth and power."

The Old God Sighed in sadness at Anos's answer. His thirst for strength and knowledge will cause him to be respected and feared for sure, but by the time he feels he's strong enough, would there even be a single being left in existence?

With how many layers upon layers of immortality the young man has, and all his annoying resurrection magic, he's basically gonna suffer and might come to regret having all that power one day. The God shook his head and could only hope his protégé will be able to find one who he can love.

And with all that completed he decided to build his castle in the centre between both Multiverses. He was very much surprised to see all the previous God's he's killed are alive, but he just ignored them as he thought it must have been the doing of their creator.

After building his castle at the very edge of the Multiverse, powerful foes of all kind came to try and claim his title as the strongest. And everytime, all who stood in his way died. Not even the immortal phoenix force survived battling against Anos. And everytime after killing them he would resurrect them just for fun to see if they could one day pose a challenge against him.

Disappointment upon disappointment as he saw that he might have gotten a little to strong. No one who had stepped foot in his castle was ever able to so much as even cause a prick of a wound on him even when all he did was sit in his throne.

Just his beating heart or him blinking is more than enough to kill them. The only ones who would live when he wasn't even trying was The One Above All and The Presence. So Anos decided to try torturing those who challenged him for no reason other than curiosity. So what he did to the first victim was simply made them suffer an infinite loop of death and resurrection with all their pain senses increased to their maximum.

He knew they would eventually break mentally so he also added an enchantment that never allowed them to go mad no matter how much pain and suffering they were going through.

It was because of this that Anos came to be known as The Demon King Of Tyranny. For his cruel acts to others simply because he was bored and curious or because they killed some of the family of the soldiers he once fought alongside.

Eventually he got bored of all the screams coming from the many tortured victims so he simply let them go and the first thing they all did was run away from Anos and hid in the darkest corner of the Multiverse all broken beyond repair and constantly reliving the nightmare of Anos's torture.

They couldn't even end their lives as Anos cursed them with immortality so they have no choice but to live with the trauma caused by the bored Demon. Even Lucifer was impressed with how broken they all were but criticised Anos because of the lack of creativity to which Anos just ignored him.

{Flashback End}

All those moments leading him to this time, stuck in his castle doing experiments with magic and practicing his combat skills. Finally, 10 billion years seemingly passed by him in the blink of an eye as Anos who was resting on his throne, slowly opened his eyes semmingly calm and serene. But the entire omniverse trembles in horror because a terrifying being will return.

All beings in creation trembled in horror as the prophecy spoken to them is finally happening. All across the omniverse, all beings stopped whatever they were doing as they all stared in one direction and they all can't seem to stop trembling.

The doors to Anos's Castle opened wide and he took a single step and the entire omniverse already started collapsing.


Chaldea a human organisation that was entrusted with saving humanity from various singularity by summoning heroic spirits of different era's to hell them. Everything was fine when the only 2 remaining masters of humanity woke up from their sleep and went about their day greeting the servants that roam the halls of Chaldea. That was until an unknown pressure descended upon them all making everyone freeze. No one could move so much as an inch trapped underneath the pressure.

Of the two masters, one was male and the other a female seemingly siblings the two of them were with a pink haired girl carrying a shield. But the brother seeing his sister and kouhai trembling made him gritt his teeth as he forced his body to move even when it refused to. He was glad his sister and Kouhai was close enough to him that he could reach them.

He managed to move his body and pulled the two girls into a hug as he spoke

???: "It's alright-Ughh, everything will be fine." 'Even if it's the root that is attacking us, I will protect you both with all my strength I swear!'

(An: "That's right~ both siblings are masters of Chaldea~ and I actually have an interesting idea for the. male gudako)

(At a certain temple outside of time)

There is a temple that exists outside of time with the owner of the temple resting peacefully upon his throne. Only to awaken anxiously when unknown pressure appeared and started making him tremble.

Him! A beat class servant! But no matter what he did, he could not fight back the pressure. He felt insulted and humiliated!

But it wasn't just him who felt it. Everyone across every time line be they beast, God, grand, Dead Apostle Ancestors, the throne of heroes, those hiding in another dimension or even the Root itself. All of it trembled before this unknown pressure.

It wasn't just type moon that felt it, beings from across the omnivers felt it be it worlds with mystical powers, or worlds with no supernatural things happening, they all froze under the intense pressure.

(Back to Anos)

Anos frowned as he snapped his fingers stabilising the omniverse before he realised that he's been getting stronger countinuesly for the past 10 billion years. He completely forgot to be extra careful now lest he destroys what those two gods worked so hard to fix.

Anos hummed in curiosity as he saw a green planet orbiting a star. With billions of life roaming around. But what got him more curious was the spaceships surrounding the planet. So with a single step he instantly arrived before the planet and immediately saw the ships retreating and a red armour floating in space.

He let the spaceships go as he grabbed the armour and notice how there was someone inside who seemed to be unable to breathe. Raising an eyebrow Anos looked down and saw a group of strange looking creatures and among them 2 caught his attention one had an aura of thunder, and the other had an aura of trickery and deception.

As if feeling his gaze, the one whose aura was that of trickery and deception used a form of teleportation magic to try and escape, but Anos simply destroyed his portals causing the young man to just give up trying to run away lest he dies. Anos nodded his head glad that he wouldn't have to deal with this annoying person trying to run from him like almost everyone did.

So with a single step, he arrived before the group of individuals who all tensed up seeing him appear out of nowhere with the red armour person. They brandished their weapons upon him as he merely tilted his head in confusion.

{Meanwhile with the retreating ships.}

Inside the strange looking spaceship was a tall Individual wearing armour with purple skin. He was panting and wheezing. And it wasn't him alone, all his soldiers were also huffing and panting as if they ran a marathon.

The purple skinned individual spoke up.

???: "Does anyone know who the hell that person who appeared before the ship was?! Ebony Maw?!"

The individual named Ebony Maw bowed before the seemingly mad Titan as he spoke.

Ebony Maw: "Forgive me lord Thanos but I don't know who he was. However, I think he is connected to the prophecy."

The Titan named Thanos narrowed his eyes as he thought carefully. Finally he spoke up after recalling the so called prophecy. His expression one of worry.

Thanos: "Keep all eyes on him! If what the prophecy said is true then the infinity stones will be the least of our worries. We must do all that we can to get him on our side am I understood!"

Everyone: "Yes sir!"

{Back to earth}

The Avengers had just successfully defeated the invading alien army and Iron Man had sacrificed himself to bring a nuclear bomb through space to not cause catastrophic damage to New York. And the moment Iron Man went through the portal, everyone suddenly went still as they all couldn't even believe what they all saw.

It was only a few seconds, but all life on the planet saw cracks spreading across the sky and the entire planet seemingly trembled as well as a horrifying pressure descending upon them all. Then it all repaired itself as if nothing had happened as well as having the pressure disappear. But for some reason they could feel the entire planet still trembling and suddenly a strange looking young man appeared before them with Iron Man in his hands.

They all became cautious of the individual before them as they raised their weapons and tried speaking to the person before them. But after speaking the only thing the strange person did was tilt his head in apparent confusion.

Captain America seemed to notice this as he pointed to the Armour he was holding onto. As if understanding his intention, he pointed to the red armour and they all tensed up as captain America nodded his head slowly. He then semmingly understood what captain America was trying to convey as he dragged the armour on the ground towards them.

They all still had their weapons on the individual but he didn't seem to care as he arrived in front of captain America and handed Iron Man to him.

But if that wasn't strange enough, the hulk was very quiet when this person appeared, and all the Avengers got even more worried because the Hulk was actually trembling with an expression of pure fear etched on his face scaring the majority of the Avengers. To make things worse, they felt themselves dragged into what seemed to be New York but majority of everything was reversed. The Avengers became even more surprised when suddenly portal's started opening all around them causing the Avengers to tense up even more. And then a blinding light also appeared shocking Thor who knew what that light was.

And finally out of these portals and the light appeared a bunch of Armies that semmingly surrounded them all. Thor called out to his father after seeing him doing something he never imagined ever seeing. He was down on one knee and trembling. Alongside the others who arrived.

Thor: "Father! What's going on? Why are you bowing to this stranger?! We are Asgardians we do not bow to anyone!"

Thors words seemed to enrage everyone as Odin disappeared from his kneeling position as he slammed his sons head on the ground and started profusely apologising to the being before them. And all the being did was look at all of them knealing and realised something important.

Anos: 'I haven't had any interaction for the past 10 billion years. How do I start a conversation again?'

Anos couldn't understand what they were saying so he raised his hand and casted a simple translating enchantment as he finally understood what the seemingly senile old man before him was doing. He was apologising and begging for forgiveness for his sons rude behaviour.

Anos then simply raised his hand and everyone became silent as he spoke slowly but with authority to his tone.

Anos: "At ease all of you. I come bearing no ill intentions to anyone of you."

As if waiting for that reply the world stopped trembling and so did the others who were still kneeling before him as he continued speaking.

Anos: "Now let's start with a basic introduction why don't we. My name is Anos Voldigoad. Now who are you all and why do you kneel before me as if you've committed a grave sin?"

The first to reply was a woman wearing an orange martial art clothes as she spoke.

???: "It is an honour to finally be able to meet you Demon King Of Tyranny. My name is Yao and I am the leader of Kamar-Taj. I hold the title of sorcerer supreme and am the guardian of this planet."

Anos nodded his head as he turned to face the possibly senile old man who had his sons head on the floor and only spoke up once he felt Anos gaze on him.

Odin: "I am Odin Borson, I hold the title of the All Father and the ruler of Asgard. This is my son Thor Odinson. I once more apologise for his rude behaviour. He is still young and hot blodded."

Anos merely nodded his head as he faced the other group to appear. Their leader seeing Anos looking at him spoke up after swallowing his saliva.

???: "My name is Zeus. I hold the title of the King Of God's for the people of my pantheon. And the group behind me are as many of my people as I could get from my kingdom."

Anos nodded his head as he spoke.

Anos: "Now then, could someone please explain why is it so surprising that I am here?"

The one who replied was Yao.

Yao: "Forgive me for any inconvenience my question may bring you, but we're you not aware of the prophecy that came to be when you first made the contract?"

Anos shook his head and told Yao to continue which she did.

She brought out an ancient scroll and handed it to Anos. Who after reading its content sighed in annoyance causing everyone to tense up.

The scroll read."10 billions years from now the Demon Lord Of Tyranny shall return. All must prepare to treat him with the utmost respect lest they wish to disappear from existence."

He looked down and saw the signature of Lucifer making him mentally groan at the annoying Angel. Anos closed the scroll and returned it to Yao who thanked him and returned back to her group.

Anos then spoke up to Yao.

Anos: "Miss Yao, seeing as how you are this planets guardian, I ask for permission from you to visit this planet and look around to see what if I find anything that interests me. All of you may return from where you came from. I won't stay here for too long. So no need to worry to much about it."

Yao didn't even know how to reply to that question. Would he even leave if she said no? But she shook such a dumb idea out of her head. She has read stories of what this monster had done simply because he had nothing better to do. So she quickly replied.

Yao: "There is actually alot about this planet that you need to know about. However it would be a waste of your time learning them all. Just know on this planet we use a unique trading method known as money. You use money to get what you want. But do be careful not to show your money to strangers as they might get greedy and inconvenience you."

Anos nodded his head and started walking away making everyone sigh in relief. And soon the gods also returned to their home world very much physically and mentally exhausted.

All the while the Avengers all looked on confused at what was happening. Everything they witnessed today made them question everything they knew. They all saw Yao approaching them and they all just stood still not really sure what to do when she looked slightly anxious when speaking to them. More specifically to Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Yao: "Pass a message to your director for me please. Do not under any circumstances or any reason try to get Anos Voldigoad to join your little group of children pretending to be heroes. And do not get on his bad side unless you wish for this planet to disappear."

Although they were offended by what she called them, they still asked an important question.

Hawkeye: "And why should we do as you say? Wouldn't keeping him here be beneficial to us if he's as strong as you say? Besides the pointy ears he doesn't look that strong. I'm not sure what all of you were doing bowing you're heads to him?"

Yao shook her head in disappointment as she sighed and walked away but not before leaving a single message.

Yao: "Arrogance will get you killed. Know that the one who caused the cracks to appear was Anos Voldigoad. His title as The Demon King Of Tyranny isn't just for show."

Having said her part, she opened a portal directly to Kamar-Taj and left with all the other students.

Black Widow felt disappointed in Hawkeye hearing his answer. As a shield agent he shouldn't be so arrogant. It seems like Yao's words were right. A group of children who thinks being a hero is easy. Suddenly Natasha winced as the frantic voice of Nick Fury appeared on her ear piece.

Nick Fury: "Natasha?! What's going on why was our connection cut off? Who was that person who gave Captain America Stark?!"

Natasha sighed as she replied.

Natasha: "I've recorded everything that happened. We need to have a serious talk about what we're going to do from now on."

Nick Fury: "Very well then. Return to the Hellicarrier right now. And bring the rest of the Avengers."

Natasha: "Understood."

An: "Beno Ievun

("Worlds Wall")

It was made by combining the magic power of the two Gods of creations power, and the Demon King's power. It takes the form of a kaleidoscopic aurora that glows ominously and repels everything with destruction, including all magic cast at it.

Beno Ievun possess properties that make it very effective against gods, cosmic entity's, and even cosmic horrors. Because Anos designed the spell to be effective against them and prevent their interference in the omniverse after the walls that separated them were erected, as creatures such as divine beasts or Keepers would be entirely unable to cross it, and even high-level gods such as the One Above All and The Presence would have to pay a considerable price to cross it.

It is known as Al Ient (Four Holy Barriers) in the human realm, wherein their history, the walls were erected by an unknown human Hero so that the demon king could not attack the other races.

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