1 Start.

Today is a beautiful day. The sky was clear and clouds were drifting.

The sun was like usual, bringing warmth and light to this world while everything was going as it should be in this world.

People started their day as usual by going to their jobs or doing their responsibilities... And maybe nothing at all.

In a city like any other city in Japan, there was a school that seemed fancier than other schools.

This's Kuoh Academy, which was previously an all-girls private school. But at some point, it changed completely. It changed into a Co-Ed School while a new building was made overnight, but nobody seemed to care or rather say they didn't notice any abnormality.

Well, even if a strange event happened life won't stop, as today is the first day of the school.

New students with the old students arrived today to start their first day in school.

All students were wearing uniforms which had two types. The boy's uniform consists of a black blazer with white accents over a white, a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes. While the girl's uniform consists of a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, a black shoulder cape and matching button-down corset, and a magenta skirt with white accents.

All the students walked in the path towards the school while they had a happy smile on their faces. Mostly the boys because this's a girl's school but everyone was looking forward to seeing what this year is hiding.

Except a single boy that was sitting on a bench in a park away from the school by a mile.

The boy had a slightly long black hair that covered his forehead sightly while he had black frame glasses, coupled with black headphones with blue lines and decoration that was on his neck.

The boy's eyes were clear blue that could reflect the sky, and his face even if he wasn't the best, it could be considered handsome. Also, he had the same boy's uniform of Kuoh Academy.

All in all, the boy was leaning his back on the bench while looking at the sky and the clouds as he seemed to think about something with a serious face, as he was sending a literate aura.

A few people that were in the park looked at the boy. Some ignored him while some looked at him and talked silently, mostly girls were whispering if they should talk to him.

But the looks can be deceiving.

"It fucking boring..." the boy said quietly as he was looking at the sky with annoyance.

"I'm in a world with a vague mythology, no clear training system, and a broken power level. But... I can't do anything" Leo said as he sighed.

This's the 17 years of Leo in this world. Yes, Leo isn't a person from this world. Honestly, he doesn't even know why he came here and why he awakened his memories a year ago.

Apparently, Leo's memories were sealed until his 16 birthday where he almost threw the cake at his parent's face from the surprise and anger at himself.

16 years, he wasted by these having memories sealed and left him with only one year because the city he's now and the school he was going to.

But he discovered after a bunch of trails that he's a normal human without any power in a world where gods, angels, and demons are everywhere. So, he had to take a different approach... Stay the fuck away from any supernatural event.

First, Leo wanted to convince his parents of moving from this city. But after he saw his father was happy about his new job, and the fact he can't just convince them, which made him stop and accept the fact he's in a death zone called plot.

But fate didn't forsake him that much, because, after a week from his memories awakening, Leo saw a loading bar in his sight after he woke up from the bed.

After confirming the existence of the loading bar wasn't just his mind playing tricks on him. Leo had a new goal, and that's preparing before the suspected system arrives.

From lifting to taking different martial arts courses, Leo did the best he could and was available for him without stopping or ignoring his studies. That was mostly because of his new parents that supported him, even if he started training and acting weird from nowhere.

Leo is completely grateful for his parents in this world. Although the memories awakening made him a little awkward, but he soon recovered after a day.

After watching his parents die in the last life. Leo was grateful for having these two loving parents and even made him quite angry if someone was trying to do anything to them... Well very angry that he beat the shit out a three kids in his school after they insulted his mother, which made him suspended from school for a month.

But he did the come back of getting in the top ten, even if the teachers saw him as a delinquent. But Leo didn't care about the people's way of looking at him. For Leo as long as the people he cares about see him as himself that enough from him.

Leo's father Scolded him slightly, but in the back, he was saying good job, and that's my son, which made Leo feel warm and more respectful towards his parent even if he was acting casually around them.

After a year of preparation, Leo now can beat normal people even if they were adults easily, but in a world with a stupid power level, this's nothing.

And now Leo skipped the school and arrived at the park. Leo wanted to go towards an abandoned place, but the thought of meeting with a stray or something like that stopped him immediately.

"Finally... I can see this system... I just hope it isn't a scam" Leo looked at the bar with 99% and 7 seconds left before looking at the sky again.

"Please be something good... Or anything that can help me to grow stronger" Leo prayed while the countdown reached zero and the loading finished.

[Welcome to the multiverse chat room!]

[This's a place where you can meet different people from different universes and chat or interact with them]

[Do you wish to activate the chat room and become the admin?]

Leo face completely distorted when he looked at the two flying screens above him before taking a deep breath and calming himself. But on the inside.

{FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKK} Leo was screaming on the inside from all the frustration.

{Where the fuck is my OP system? No, where is my regular system that allows me to become stronger...} Leo felt he was bleeding from the inside while looking at the screens before remembering all his lessons about martial arts and calming himself.

"Calm down Leo... Even if it was a chat room dressed as a system, it is still the only thing you got... I have to make use of it" Leo calming himself Leo looked at the two screens for a while without moving.

"..." Observing the screen for a while the screen started flashing like telling Leo to choose.

"... There's no refuse button..." Leo noticed something before grinning.

"Hello there... My name is Leo Arisaltek, nice to meet you" Leo smiled slightly while making his voice low so it doesn't sound like a madman talking to himself even if he didn't care about people but them pointing at him makes him annoyed.

As for the last name. Leo doesn't understand why his father with such a last name choose to live in japan.

"As a chat system, you should be able to invite people to have a pleasant conversation together and help each other. Right?" Leo said, but the screens didn't change.

"... Do you think I'll believe that bullshit?" Leo said as his glasses flashed and covered his eyes.

"There's nothing free in this world and if there's, it's just a debt that'll be paid later..." Leo said quietly as the screens kept flashing.

"So... Because of this's situation, it seems you stuck with me, and you want me to do something... Then pay me first or you'll be stuck like this for a long time and believe me when I say... I can wait" Leo said as some people noticed his weird actions but he didn't care about them.

Leo now is doing a gamble with his only way of getting stronger and most likely his last hope. If his thinking was wrong and this chat room can leave him, then he's done for.

{As long there is a chance and a way to start strong why not take the gamble?... Here's the moment of truth} Leo thought before a new light screen appeared in front of him.

[A gift pack has been created for the admin and it will be received after the activation]

Leo smiled while looking at the new screen. But even if he didn't want to admit it, his heart was beating really fast at this moment.

"...Safe... I shouldn't push it more" Leo said while looking at the screen that was flashing even more.

Leo actually wants to ask about what he has to do, or the origin of this chat room. But he feels that it'll never tell him anything after his actions now.

Taking a deep breath, Leo choose yes in his mind as the screen flashed and a new one appeared in front of him.

The screen looked exactly the same as any other chat program with the typing bar and friend's list in the side but there was no one except Leo at the moment.

Without looking at the chat screen, Leo moved his eyes instantly toward a gift symbol in the upper right of the screen.

The moment Leo's eyes glanced at the gift. The gift grow up and covered the screen before some options appeared in front of Leo.

[Because of the rules between worlds, the admin needs to choose what he'll get]

[A random ability or item from other worlds, but if it's something that requires energy or condition that the admin doesn't have, it'll not work until the admin pay to make compatible with his body]

[A random ability or item from this world where the admin is completely compatible. As this's the first time the admin get power, the system allows you to choose the theme of the power as long as it can work with your current conditions]

Leo frowned while looking at the screen. This seems to be something good, but there is also a lot of limitation.

A random ability from other worlds seems nice, but the more powerful it's, the more Leo needs to pay to make it work while a weak ability won't help him that much.

A random ability from this world with powerful power levels is nice. But it can only work with his body which lowers the choice to the sacred gears which not all of them can be extremely powerful like the Longinus.

"A theme..." Leo looked at the screen before choosing second while picking the theme as Longinus.

[The admin chooses the second option... Theme Longinus... The gift has been sent please open it]

"... It actually worked" Leo saw his attempt was successful before the gift in the screen flashed.

Leo reached slowly to the screen before touching the gift as it exploded with colorful colors and Leo felt something is changing inside of him.

[Congratulation for the admin to get... Longinus Annihilation Maker]

A bunch of information appeared inside Leo's head about his new power while he knew what he got from this gift.

Leo lowered his head in silence while people that were watching him change his expression without a reason felt even more confused.

Suddenly, a girl and her two friends walked towards Leo that didn't move for a while.

"Are you oka-..." The girl didn't finish her words because of a fist that almost hit her in the face.

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Leo that was silence suddenly jumped from the bench while raising his hands to the sky.

"YES!YES!YES! YES!" Leo had a big smile on his face before he looked to his side.

"Who the hell are you?" Leo said as the girl and her friends felt even more confused.

"Don't you know that sneaking on others is creepy? People these days" Leo said to the girl before walking away and leaving the girl and her friend with few spectators completely confused.

Leo walked slowly while remembering the ability he just got.

Annihilation Maker, also known as the Creation of the Demonic Beast, is a high-tier Longinus with the ability to create any creature that the possessor can imagine.

Annihilation Maker is considered to be one of the biggest 'bugs' in the Sacred Gear system, having world-class powers that could destroy the world.

"And now it's in my hands... A sacred gear that its key power is... Imagination" Leo grinned while walking.

"And my imagination is quite... Wild" Leo grin grew wider as he was walking out of the park.

"First... Activation" Leo said as he focused on his sacred gear inside of his soul.

The chat room already activated Leo's sacred gear and gave him enough information to use it, but this's his first time with a sacred gear.

After moments, Leo felt something inside of him it was his sacred gear which now allows him to create beasts as long as stamina and energy are enough.

"Now... Let's put a cover" Leo said before he activated his sacred gear and started imagining the beast he wants to create.

{The shape... Small spider... Color... Change with the surroundings... Ability 1...Stealth ... Ability 2... Block my Longinus signals and send a normal feedback} Leo closed his eyes before a dark light flashed on his shoulders.

After a few seconds, a small spider that completely blended in with Leo's uniform appeared on his shoulders.

Leo felt his breath a little rushed and his body slightly tired, but he smiled while looking at the spider above his shoulder.

{With this I don't have to worry about any demon or fallen angel until I master my Longinus} Leo smiled before activating the chat room again.

Now Leo is planning to look through this chat room. But he completely forget about school... Like he cares anyway.

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