185 Hanging Around (Real).

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): My mom has always told me to not follow strangers and accept sketchy deals. Look at me now! A dimly lit, suspicious room. Two retards (real) arguing comically, I swear they stared at each other more than the red haired one.]

[Advocate of gender equality: Bro had to specify it's real, I am done.]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): It's just dark in here… I miss mom. Hey, my glasses are back.]

[Bri-Bri: Are you good?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): There's a big, fat feline inside my head whispering to me, urging me to cause some nefarious accidents.]

[Bri-Bri: ???]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): *Cat-Falling-Off-Bed.gif*]

The incandescent light of a tiny lamp flickered on Leo's face, highlighting his slightly impressed complexion. It's an impressive feat that these two can act in this manner while being fully conscious.

[NEET Princess: Tell Garfield in your head to shut up and do something, making them kiss is fine too. This is getting repetitive.]

Kaguya huddled in a dark corner away from sights and watched the situation with gusto. She was like a little gremlin, enticing Leo to fire a 'holy book' at her face.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Well then, the Garfield inside my head is whispering sorry.]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: Oh no. *Fear*]

"… ?"

Feeling Leo's gaze briefly resting on her, Kaguya froze as an ominous premonition suddenly filled this hag's heart, so she ducked quickly and observed.

Without any warning, the black matter filling Leo's body skipped into his hand, taking the shape of a needle, before he thrust it into the eye of the blond girl next to him.

The sharp weapon stopped just right on the girl's green pupils and didn't budge an inch. No one took notice, even the girl didn't react or blink, while the attacker's arm trembled violently until he let go of the needle.

The needle disintegrated under Kaguya's watch, but her eyes didn't leave Leo for a moment until she took a breath. It's strange to notice now, but this room is rather cold.

[NEET Princess: You... You wanted to throw something at me, didn't you?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): As you can see, I am stuck here. I am going to finish my new blog post, so you might as well do something useful and go on a stroll or try kicking these two.]

[NEET Princess: Don't you dare change the subject! I saw that look in your eyes. You can't lie to me!]

Shaking his arm, Leo pointed at Riser and John, who were giving each other a stare filled with 'intense' emotions. How passionate.

"Damn lowly servant, you dare insult a noble devil and lust after your own master! I didn't want to dirty my hands with the likes of you, but this shame will be repaid with your life." Riser slammed the table with his hand, leaving a scorching mark.

"Riser, my servants aren't something you can deal with or punish as you please."

"Is this the best you can say, roasted turkey? But I agree, let me end this boring farce early."

"Lady Rias, Master Riser, I must ask both of you to respect your status as noble devils and cease these unsightly behaviors. Especially you, Lady Rias; your actions are both childish and unfitting for a devil of the Gremory bloodline. As for your servant, I expect you to educate him better in the future."

With a few words from the silver haired maid, both parties came to a sudden halt because of the calm yet harsh words, especially John. He glanced at the maid, who didn't look at him once, and smiled widely while scratching his neck.

{Ho? For a mere maid, she has quite the interesting attitude. You have my attention.}

Kaguya, who lifted her sleeves and wanted to go kick Leo, stopped in place.

[NEET Princess: Did you…?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Hear his inner monologue? Yes, so uhhhh… Kaguya, about you leaving.]

[NEET Princess: This room is too stuffy. A young beautiful person such as myself needs fresh air and sunlight.]

Brushing the dust off her skirt and adjusting her collar, Kaguya walked toward the door without any regret.

Leo tried to lift his feet off the ground, but they were basically stuck and couldn't exert any power.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Kaguya, two are better than one (unless it's me *Clueless*). We should work together. Think about all the good times… No, scratch that. You can't leave me with this fucker!!]

[Bri-Bri: Expert in asking for help above.]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: Taking notes.]

Putting her hand on the door handle, Kaguya turned her head and gave Leo a beautiful smile like a radiant moon, pure and noble.

[NEET Princess: Leo-san, I… no, we, we absolutely, believe in you! Ever since I laid my eyes on you, it was like a cosmic revelation, a beacon of trust shining in the vast universe. I-I-I trust you with all my being! Your determination and strength inspire confidence in all of us!. So…]

Gazing affectionately into Leo's distorted expression with a vein almost popping, Kaguya smiled softly and offered her blessing.

[NEET Princess: You can do it, Leo-sa-]

With the sound of the doorknob turning, it spun freely like a bay-blade before it fell gently at Kaguya's feet.


[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Heh.]

{Don't look back.}

Kaguya straightened her back and walked in another direction. The only other possible exit.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Are you going to jump off the window, bastard hag. Surely our thousand year old granny's bones can withstand the impact.]

[NEET Princess: I hope they ship you now with a random side character and time skip to paying child support! Sell your ugly feathers to pay for it, bastard angel!!]

{This maid has a great body too. It's quite exciting to think about.}

"…" "…".

The sudden monologue put an end to their farce.

Both of them smiled disdainfully before blessing each other and turning away. But as John's eyes were still clearly without any lust and only appreciating beauty while scratching his neck, Leo took off his glasses and glanced at the fog condensing on them.

It took him a moment to wipe it before falling deep in thoughts.

Kaguya immediately climbed through an open window and took a step outside, but as she attempted to descend, a message flashed.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Take care out there and don't stress yourself for this failing mission. Right, don't forget to keep warm. It can be chilly at dawn. Oh, and...]

As her eyes widened, she suddenly lost balance and slipped before the world spun, leaving one message in her eyes.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Remember to breathe, will ya.]

As Kaguya fell down and a thud was heard from below, Leo shrugged and put his glasses on.

"Humph, I had enough. Just being in the same place as this servant and the low-life servants of a servant makes me sick."

"Preach, kfc-kun… ?" Leo's hand froze and saw everyone looking at him.

Why is it suddenly his turn? Isn't he just a cute background character?


Amidst the ever reaching darkness of the night, a figure slowly made it away from the desolated Kuoh academy.

"Ouch… Bastard angel, just wait." Kaguya rubbed her back and removed the leaves off her hair while muttering with resentment.

That fall was uncalled for, but her finding a rock to snipe Leo's stupid head from the window is absolutely called for. It's not like another head injury will make him anymore mentally challenged.

Despite that, she couldn't help but read that message again.

If anything, she has to admit that this place has gotten colder, but it's past midnight, so it's logical. However…

"Why did he call it the dawn?" Kaguya frowned and felt disgusted because the Riddler escaped Gotham and snuck into the chat.

As for why not ask directly?

[Annihilation Maker(Admin) is Offline.]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: I can't believe I am going to say it, but someone should remove this feature. At least for him.]

[Bri-Bri: Agree.]

[A Hero For Fun: Agree.]

"Breathing, huh." Kaguya shook her head while hasting her pace.

In terms of blind exploration, she has no idea what to do or expect. Visiting the most conspicuous place and going from there is the plan for now.

Her next stop was precisely that, the blurry horizon where the world seems to be cut off.

She just didn't want to stay still without doing anything. Leo could easily call this mission a failure and move on, but after what Kaguya went through in Konosuba, she is traumatized from these destined to fail missions.

Those emoticons are still appearing in her dreams.

As long as there is a hope to break this situation, she doesn't mind trying despite her lazy attitude.

But this might prove to be rather difficult because the scenery suddenly shifted into a regular neighborhood. Cold and quiet, this is the first impression this place gave her.

The dozen of houses devoid of people and movement were a bit uncanny at best.

"A shift. Did the Riser scene end? Then, if we are in the neighborhood, it could be something like Rias' going to John's house or something similar…" Kaguya didn't stop at this for long before moving again.

However, she remembered something and opened the chat.

[NEET Princess: @Annihilation Maker (Admin) Where are you, shitty angel?! Stop hiding! You should be free now, or did John tell you to film him fucking Rias and !*@$_-=!$&_&_!@!_#_)!#*!@#_*]

[A Hero For Fun: This chat doesn't block any type of profanity.]

[Bri-Bri: Wh-Wh-Whaaaaaaaaaaat??!!]

[The Strongest Man In The World: Hmm, people from different worlds have some weird ideas.]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: Damn bro, that's crazy. Can you send the video to me? My friend needs it.]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): …]

The balance has been restored and Kaguya felt satisfied. Only in this way can she sleep peacefully, but as her steps became lighter, she felt weirdly refreshed. It is like waking up in the bamboo forest after a good night of sleep.

"This smell… The soil after rain?" Kaguya suddenly stopped. She noticed the scene wasn't as it used to be as the meager moonlight has been obscured by shadows of multiple lengths and shapes.


The houses that seemed to be repeating endlessly have grown sparser until only trees begin to appear. They were lush and vibrant, but the way they bend in a small angle made her feel weird, especially as the wind rustled the branches.

This transition without any shift made Kaguya wary, because the last time something like this happened was at the convenience store. This made her recall that experience and felt odd.

The dizziness and headache aside, didn't she feel a bit suffocated at that time? Kaguya blinked and decided to check it out first.

Moving carefully, she observed the surroundings as the fresh soil smell and humid air filled her lungs.

What should have been a pleasant sensation felt awkward and oppressing. The swaying trees were like an afterimage in the dark, hypnotizing and ethereal, as if there were many…

{No… This is wrong!} Kaguya jerked her head back and avoided something flashing by.

The randomly placed trees suddenly increased while leaning down in her direction as if they were bowing down. The rustling leaves, the swaying branches, all the sounds suddenly filled Kaguya's head, breaking the calmness.

"Too loud..." Muttered Kaguya while rubbing her forehead before she ducked quickly as something swooshed by.

{Was that going for my neck... ?!} Although she couldn't tell what it was under the blur of the night covered by the tree branches, Kaguya could still feel the whistling air... from behind.

Her pupils shrank before she activated her power and released spirit energy without any reservation. The distorted cracks quickly span the area as they formed a ball of merged colors just in time for whatever was attacking to get entangled inside, which allowed Kaguya to roll away.

{It's not easy at all.} Kaguya frowned.

Following the example of a certain angel, she figured that their only way to affect this world is simply by pure, unfiltered energy violence. However, her sudden burst is not even half as effective as the said angel screaming rape.

So, even if she wanted to escape via clipping through reality, it would take a bit of time. But...

Releasing more spirit energy, the new merged colors made a sharp contrast with the surrounding, and she could finally see a long thin group of objects flying towards her from the trees.

{Humph, it's not like only that shitty angel can do it. Just what in the world are those things? Forget it, I will get out of here first...} Feeling the noise in her head growing louder, Kaguya decided to bail and drag the suicidal angel here instead.

What is the point of her doing this if there is a much cheaper and easier solution at hand? Which made her wonder, what is happening at the monologuing John's side.

Meanwhile, at the servant of the servant side.

{Partner? I felt as if I went back to sleep inside the Boosted Gear, waiting for the next host.}

A green light flashed, and a red gauntlet manifested on Leo's left arm amid his weird gaze.

{Should I say I am glad to wake up to a familiar face?} Ddraig inside the Longinus shook his head with a bit of relief, but then his green eyes met Leo's blue ones.

Something isn't right. Ddraig's instinct screamed.

{Partner... What happened? No, what did you do?}

The complex look that seems to be unable to bear to say something made this old dragon instantly sober and vigilant.

"Red Dragon Emperor's Gauntlet, one of the thirteen Longinus with the power to kill gods. This is the power inside of you, Leo Arisaltek." The red haired Devil said with a smile, but these bland words sounded like the best joke in Ddraig's ears.

{AHAHAHAHAHAHAH, how did you fall into the hands of the devils?! Let me take another look at your face... AHAHAHAHAHAH.}

How, why, and when were tossed out by Ddraig. He laughed loudly as the green orb on the gauntlet shone like a disco ball.

However, Leo smiled awkwardly and closed his eyes. He couldn't bear to look at what would unfold next.

"Ho? This feeling. Have you awakened, my loyal servant Ddraig?"


The blue gem on John's dark crown spoke with a deep, hoarse voice, and its content was shocking enough to freeze the light of the boosted gear in place.

"Why don't you speak, my servant? Did seeing your king again move you to tears?" The voice spoke with a hint of joking and nostalgia, but the light of the boosted gear dimmed slowly.

"... Who?" After a long time, a confused whisper flew from within the gauntlet.

However, it was ignored immediately.

"Hahahah, wipe your tears, my loyal servant. You are a dragon recognized by me, the god king of dragons, Acnologia!"

"The Welsh dragon loves his king so much. What a great relationship."

"True, what a loyal and great dragon. Only someone like this is worthy to be the servant of my John."

Everyone spoke suddenly as the boosted gear orb grayed down until it resembled a stone.

"NO! Partner, punch them! Shoot them! Release my flames! KILL THEM!! Make them shut up! *ROOOAAAAAAAAAARRRR!*"

The red dragon emperor's roar full of pain and grief sounded, while Leo gently patted the gauntlet.

The situation doesn't seem to be getting any better on this side, nor at Kaguya's.

The breeze blew Kaguya's hair as well as the swaying trees like ghosts lurking in the night. There was a fishy smell in the air, like something rotten.

Shaking her head, Kaguya didn't want to bother anymore.

The fighting plan was simple, call the angel and watch him struggle as she offers intellectual criticism from the side. Perfect.

But the moment she took a step back, the world tilted and the ground drew near.

The dizziness struck without any warning as Kaguya's legs gave away. However, she leaned down and rolled on the muddy ground.

Nevertheless, it didn't matter because the long marks on the dirt would have been on her body instead. Her complexity grew paler with each attack.

Kaguya wondered if this is the ability of those objects, which was very unfair to an nonathletic lady like her own, until she noticed an almost unnoticeable bluish tint on her nails.

Kaguya rubbed her fingers together, deep in contemplation. Suddenly, her demeanor shifted from thoughtful to one of anger as she blinked in realization.

She hastily and forcefully opened her mouth, gulping down the air in rapid succession. With each breath, her head cleared, and the blur in her vision dissipated. However, her expression remained unchanged, persistently etched with dissatisfaction.

{This feels better than my lungs burning in flames or filled with water. Strange, so I need to remember to breathe? Shitty angel.} Gritting her teeth, Kaguya cursed a certain angel in her heart while paying attention to the trees.

However, as she struggled to stabilize her condition, the sky brightened without any warning.

The wave of warm sunlight swept the world like a flare, dispelling all the darkness and Kaguya's vision too.

Blinded by the light, Kaguya resisted the urge to close her eyes because another shift had happened. From the surroundings, she is somewhere in another forest?!

Kaguya felt speechless, but there was a clear difference between this creepy forest and obviously normal one. However, It seems she is not involved in the script yet to be teleported.

Still, with better visibility, those attacks shouldn't cause any problem for her. However, it wasn't needed.

Kaguya stared up in a daze.

The sunlight shone through the leaves as most of the trees disappeared. The long wheat colored objects dangled from the branches, dancing like spirits in the wind between the leaves.

"These are... ropes? Huh?"

Her breathing stabilized on its own and the ropes swayed normally in the wind, as if everything had been an illusion. Yet, she couldn't forget what happened and the scene before her eyes.

{Just what is going on... bastard angel.}

Meanwhile, at the servant of servant side, again.

"I fought with Albion until our bodies were destroyed and souls sealed into sacred gears. How did someone as strong as the dragon god king die and become a sacred gear?"

"There is a long history between the dragon god king Acnologia and his two guardians, the Welsh and Vanishing dragons, who were always by his side. It's fate that brought you two together, even in a new form."


Ddraig roared as Leo titled his head and listened with gusto to the red haired devil listing the story of the loyal heavenly dragons.

"Now, we are together again. I look forward to seeing Albion. That kid always used to pester me to teach him." Acnologia spoke with nostalgia as Ddraig's roar came to an abrupt halt.

"He even threw tantrums when I left him to explore alone. Even fighting with you to determine who is my strongest servant."

The image of Albion acting like a noisy brat to another dragon flashed inside Ddraig's mind.

'Let's fight to see who deserves protecting Acnologia, Ddraig!'

The picture was so pure and beautiful, almost like spiritual pollution. As the green orb dimmed again, Leo tapped on it and it felt frigid.

{Partner... Can you explode and take them down with us?}

{I have already tried, Ddraig. I have already tried.}

"Only when my trusted guardians are at my side, do I, Acnologia, become complete. The same goes for you, my partner."

"Oh?" John nodded with interest before he stood up and came to Leo's side.

"Alright, we'll be starting out training soon and... I will leave my back to you, my servant." John smiled at Leo and patted his shoulder as if he's giving him a great mission.

{Boy, you didn't… Really now?} Leo felt speechless as Ddraig appeared in his mind doing a throat slit gesture, but the acting couldn't stop even if he wanted to now.

"Me? Sure~ You are in trustworthy hands... very trustworthy hands."

It's worth noting that this guy has calmed down and entered some sort of Kind big brother personality. Well, mostly because a very annoying gremlin has decided to open their mouth.

"Let's work hard together to protect senior John, Arisaltek-san." The blond haired girl suddenly added from the side, looking up with admiration.


Someone is very lucky because she didn't get sucker punched right now. Leo sighed gently, thinking life is tough.

This mission is very difficult for completely different reasons, which makes him wonder what happened to Kaguya.

She should be fine. After all, he believes in her as much as she believes in him. Surely, she has the best intentions.


"The first thing I am learning from Eirin after this is how to use curses."

One step at a time, Kaguya backed away from the dangling ropes carefully while muttering like a vengeful spirit.

"I don't mind spending centuries learning, as long as it's potent enough to give gods diarrhea for weeks."

The ropes swayed with the wind like shy spirits of the forest, barely visible through the green leaves, but Kaguya didn't mind if they disappeared completely.

The visuals were so intriguing that Kaguya considered adding them to her house's bamboo forest. You know, just so people know how welcomed they are to visit.

But for this, she doesn't even want to raise her head and look at them. The previous phenomena was too weird for her to describe, although she already has an idea about it.

However, for this matter, it's better to ask experts.

[NEET Princess: @Annihilation Maker(Admin) If you are not going to upload that video to the internet, how about you join me here? Or are you going to a quiet place to help yourself with it? Call me after you finish.]

[Annihilation Maker(Admin): ...]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: Can I get the site at least?]

[Bri-Bri: Scumzuma, you better stop those thoughts before I fry you up!]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: You are coming to my world? Well, hello there. Maybe my world will find a mission for us. :)]

[Bri-Bri: ...]

[Big Sister Lion: Never use those symbols again.]

Kaguya took the last steps while exhaling and inhaling slowly until she left the forest. When she crossed enough distance, she collapsed on the ground without a care about her image, feeling uncomfortable all over.

The continuous release of energy in this place felt like dealing with a cramped muscle, and the series of physical activities are still too much for a thousand-year-old hag. However, she quickly raised her head and typed.

[NEET Princess: Are you coming or not? I can't move. You'll probably pick a corpse if this lasts any longer.]

[Annihilation Maker(Admin): Sure, it seems you met something interesting. Did you remember to breathe, though?]

Kaguya stared at this message in silence before standing up and kicking the chat screen, only to lose energy mid-action and sit down.

[NEET Princess: !)@($)(@*$)@!$*)*/*]

[Annihilation Maker(Admin): Bless you. I will be there soon.]

[NEET Princess: Huh? Are you still in the spotlight? What are you doing?]

[Annihilation Maker(Admin):... Stuff.]

[Advocate Of Gender Equality: Stuff involving the video?]

[Bri-Bri: Scumzuma!!!]

"Boost me, Leo. Don't worry, I can take it all." John smiled and said while removing his shirt as the girls screamed.

Leo narrowed his eyes behind the cracked glasses because John was sparkling by heaven's light and looked down at the gauntlet on his arm.

{Ddraig, is there a way to put rat poison inside the boosts?}

{Next time we see Albion, take some of his poison and dip the boosted gear in it. The pain will be worth it, partner.}

Ddraig isn't joking, Leo realized this and decided to not poke him any further. Maybe they should relax after this mission and give a beating to Albion's host. The old dragon will definitely feel better.

But for now...

[Leo's side-mission CBT(cognitive-behavioral therapy) notes:

Note 3:

Dear Notes, we meet once again. A lot has happened, I would have loved to tell everything, but even my freedom of speech has been revoked. *Sad-emoji*

Today, I live as the senior and the servant of a mentally challenged kid with personality disorder. I know, my life is always a struggle. *Frowning-emoji*

This John guy was a lustful, wicked person a few minutes ago, but now he is a kind, cheerful brother. Even the chameleon doesn't change colors this fast. *Angry-emoji*

Well, enough with him. Let's talk about stuff that actually matters! For example, I am getting mentally tortured by the fact I can't punch this blond girl gremlin. *Angry-emoji*

'Let's not disappoint senior John, Arisaltek-san', 'Arisaltek-san, senior John trust us, so we'll never let him down', Bleh. The only help I am giving that kid is a release of his misery. I am an angel, after all. *Angel-emoji*

Note to self 1: People who love to get called senior should be terminated.

Now, much like how I cannot control my life, I still can't figure a stable limit to the world's control over outsiders in general. I can act and talk as much as I like as long as they aren't focusing on me. *Broken-Heart-emoji*

Note to self 2: Next time, I really need to choose an identity that will cause mental trauma to others and not to myself. (Important)

Ddraig (the dragon in me) is getting completely ignored after having a new backstory forced upon him. It's been awhile since I saw him this angry. *Worried-emoji*

The idea that my powers were locked behind a setting is fascinating as well. Ddraig woke up the moment they acknowledged I have the boosted-gear. I also have access to its powers, but only to the degree this script accepts. *Confused-emoji*

Returning to ten seconds for a boost life has to be more cursed than Ddraig imagining his life as servant with Albion. *Puke-emoji*

Note to self 3: I am not gonna mention that I recorded everything to Ddraig.

However, my idea is that we just have different priorities. Kaguya is completely forgotten for now and I am seeing a forest looming in the horizon, I wonder if there is a connection. *Curious-emoji*

Meh, as long as she keeps breathing unlike everyone here. It's quite odd to see people suffocating beside me and still smiling. *Smiling-emoji*

Speaking of which, my glasses are back *Happy-emoji*. Although they keep getting foggy because the whole place is suddenly humid, it's an improvement and I have Ddraig to talk with.

Life ain't so bad, right my dear exploration companion, Kaguya-san?

Kaguya: Leo, you are so cool. (real)

Best Regards, a loving angel. Mwaaa~~ *Kissing-heart-emoji*]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: Em, you know. I should just treat this as air.]

[Gudako(Admin): The first note... Hmmm, never heard about this, yet I feel called out. What a mystery.]

[Big Sister Lion: Are you? I don't recall your hair being blond. I feel more threatened.]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: Oh really? Think again. Leo is probably gonna to advent as a Beast on your world because of this.]

[Gudako (Admin) is Offline]

[Bri-Bri: I don't know why but I feel pity for the dragon named Ddraig.]

[NEET Princess: Guess I will just die then. Wait, what did you say about everyone suffocating?]

"Now, then..." Tapping the ground with his feet, Leo stretched his body.

The flashing lights and explosions ahead were none of his concerns. He doesn't want to see John's display of power or even know what his power is.

Moving without restraints felt a bit odd after getting piloted around. Of course, if he could ignore his tattered body it'll be much better, but who is he to complain?

While the 'world' eyes aren't on him, he should leave.


Ddraig's voice resonated through the air just before the ground beneath gave away, exploding into debris. A sharp sound accompanied the forceful expulsion of air beneath Leo's feet, propelling his body forward like a bullet.

With a few more burst sounds, he completely vanished from sight.


Kaguya lifted herself up slowly and looked ahead. That forest has disappeared as if it didn't exist, maybe it actually never did. Who knows with the fickle nature of this reality.

However, that forest was really intriguing and explained a few things for her, so it wasn't entirely fruitless. Finding some excuses to forget her sore body made Kaguya feel much better.

"After all, this is adventure and exploration. All the new wonderful experiences make me want to go back to my room and never take another step out."

Kaguya cheered for herself before a buzzing noise entered her ears. It felt so sharp and became louder until a blur flashed by.


The air exploded and dust flew everywhere, swiping Kaguya like a hurricane. The debris would have entered her mouth if she didn't duck down quickly.

"What? You are not dying. Why did you tell me to come faster? I feel exhausted."

Hearing the annoying voice, Miss Kaguya felt a wave of anger rush to her head.

"If you are feeling tired go ahead and let those ropes hang you to relax." Fuming, Kaguya vigorously wiped the dust off her face. However, a subtle shift occurred as her voice gradually diminished.

"Ropes, huh? I don't see any. Why aren't you talking?"

Gradually, the dust settled as Leo ascended from the pit. Scanning the surroundings both left and right revealed nothing, making him give up and head towards the witness.

"Of course, you can't see it. It has just disappeared, but maybe you can see it if you go to the borders ahead."

Taking the hand offered to her, Kaguya stood up and said "What's going on with you."

"Oh this? It's some of this and that. Not being able to silence a certain gremlin caused this." Leo brushed the dust off his clothes, revealing the cracked black matter extending to his torso.

"Oh, and I had to hurry here, but this body is getting too fragile." Leo said nonchalantly, which prompted Kaguya to roll her eyes.

"Well, have you made any new discoveries? I suggest that you become my pen buddy and make notes too. Do you know emoji codes?"

Kaguya watched Leo raise his finger and say seriously, feeling a bit funny. "Shouldn't you be telling me instead?"

"You didn't read my notes?"

Ignoring the obviously disappointed tone, Kaguya shook her head "You know about this already, didn't you? The ropes, suffocation, and--"

"Death by hanging? Well, shouldn't you know better than me?" Leo titled his head and appeared confused, but not for the reasons Kaguya might have expected.

"How so? Excuse me for not being able to see and analyze all possibilities like a certain perfect servant of God. Now I mentioned it, how much can you see? Are interesting search histories accessible?"

Kaguya scoffed. Even if she doesn't want to admit it, currently no one in the chat can even be slightly on par with this shitty angel in terms of insight.

"My eyes are the same as you now, but I think you didn't understand. What I have is just speculation and ideas. You, on the other hand, have experienced it directly. That's quite the scar on your neck."

Leo blinked and pointed at Kaguya's neck as the latter couldn't help but touch her neck and felt weirdly uneven skin and stinging pain.

She is absolutely sure she has never come in contact with any of those ropes, so how?

"I didn't know how this would unfold, but seeing you as the only person in this reality that is still actually breathing, I assumed I should notify you somehow."

Staring at Leo with a bit of surprise, Kaguya frowned and thought how is this possible. Didn't they talk to John and...

"Since I have no need for breathing, I assume they would be roughly the same. Yet it indeed felt odd, how could they live like that? They aren't me, but it's a fact that they aren't inhaling or exhaling any air."


Kaguya took a deep breath and adjusted her emotions, then said "When did you know? Is it from John?"

"Not really. Weirdly enough, that guy is still breathing... Barely." Leo clicked his tongue then noticed Kaguya staring at him.

Her eyes conveyed a clear question to him.

"What a hypothesis is but a mere possibility and something built on one coincidence is by no means constructive at all. So, there is no point in telling what my assumptions are because they don't amount to one fact. It's better for them to stay with m--."

"Is what is happening to you also speculation?"

Interrupting, Kaguya caressed her neck and frowned deeper while looking directly at Leo.

Pausing for a second, Leo finally smiled and spread his hands, but no answer was given.

"..." Kaguya stayed silent for a while before sighing and saying "I really wonder if I should say you changed and act aggrieved. Will this move your stone heart?"

Tilting his head, Leo smiled. "Will you shed a tear or two for me?"

"Sure, get me an eye drops bottle." Kaguya rolled her eyes and snorted before walking ahead.

Leo shrugged and followed her. He assumes that his free time is ending soon, but there isn't anything to do about it. His thoughts didn't last long because he heard a new question.

"Then, if I asked, what would you d--?" "Then I will tell you."

Simple and neat, yet the way Leo stared at her when he said it made Kaguya's eyebrow twitch. However, the angel didn't shy away from the princess' angry eyes.

Leo wondered if the oxygen deprivation has caused permanent damage to this hag's brain, after all, the answer has always been clear.

"Oh really?" "Of course, as a thank you."

Another neat answer made Kaguya feel a mixture of fatigue and irritation. Are riddles truly that enjoyable?

One day, one day she'll be the Riddler and watch everyone rolling around cluelessly! Shaking her head, Kaguya waved to Leo to commence his performance, whether it be based on truth or lies.

"Where should I start? Is this place being a limbo or a dream? I don't know and I assume you don't want to hear that, so how about talking about what is happening?"

Taking off his glasses to wipe them despite their broken lens, Leo looked at the direction of the training camp and said "What I can assume is whatever is unfolding is a requiem for someone or not, I don't know. Maybe this is hell? Guessing is as good as nothing at this point."

"A rest for the dead?" Kaguya muttered before giving Leo an odd look, but the latter didn't mention it.

"As for our part in this, how can we salvage this mission? I have a couple of ideas, with the most obvious one being to follow the same approach as you did."

Kaguya didn't need to hear more. What they have to do is to remind John to breathe, however, would that really save the mission and not simply ruin everything?

She couldn't tell, and most likely, the annoying angel didn't either. As Leo said, he told her because she wanted to hear it. Very annoying.

"That will be difficult. How can we do it?"

Since he pointed at the fire, then let's all go burn together. Don't overestimate the self-preservation quality of an old immortal. It's usually always below zero.

"Of course, it'll be difficult and troublesome, but I am sure we'll have the time of our lives in this great adventure. Hand by hand, we'll beat the impossible. That's what I would have said, but unfortunately..."

Pulling out the holographic screen from his pocket under Kaguya's blinking eyes, Leo showed one small line of text.

[Degree of corruption: 96%]

No words were needed. Kaguya rubbed her temples, feeling a headache—not because of the level of corruption, but because she had wasted time when she could have been doing nothing.

"All actions have consequences and I am a bit glad that our arrival didn't go unnoticed in the end. Well then, since it's too late, will you come with me and watch the end of this pl--?"

"Sure, I look forward to watching you having an elegant conversation with the devil's nobility. Don't forget, you are a part of this play."

Cutting off Leo's words, Kaguya suddenly beamed with energy as if she was waiting for this moment.


Leo's face stiffened before he turned away, his back filled with despair, prompting Kaguya to follow him cheerfully in light steps.

Would this corruption end well or in disaster? They didn't know, but the world is constantly changing, and they will watch it until the end.

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