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After transmigration or maybe reincarnation, Torajirou Shiro is adopted by a man known as the 'God of War.' Despite possessing immense magical power, he is completely unable to control it. This, however, does not deter him. With the activation of interdimensional gate, he embarks on a journey not only to become stronger but also to uncover the secrets behind his ability to travel to another world. World: 1. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry/Chivalry of a Failed Knight 2. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?/Danmachi --- Support Me: patreon.com/U22 youtube.com/@animexfirst --- Please Note: I do not own anything in this fanfiction. The copyright belongs to their respective creators.

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Conversation with Bell!

Chapter 39: Conversation with Bell!

"Good evening, Torajirou-san..."

Upon seeing his life-saving benefactor greeting him, Bell could no longer pretend not to notice and felt embarrassed to continue ignoring him.

At this moment, Syr placed a plate of stir-fried noodles in front of Bell and looked at Shiro in surprise.

"Torajirou-san, you know Bell?"

Shiro nodded and said, "Previously, due to monsters in the lower part of the dungeon going out of control and reaching the upper floors, I encountered Bell, who was adventuring in the dungeon, while clearing these escaped monsters."

"Yeah, at that time, I almost thought I was going to die. Thanks to Torajirou-san for saving me."

Bell said, touching his head sheepishly, as his performance during their first encounter was too embarrassing. Or, it could even be said to be unsightly.

"But Bell, I'm curious about something."

Shiro turned to the boy and said, "You were actually very scared when you encountered that monster, weren't you? If you're so afraid of monsters, why force yourself to become an adventurer?"

"Because I want to become a hero!"

Bell's spirit immediately lifted when this was mentioned.

The boy had always loved listening to the stories told by his grandfather about heroes, where dashing heroes defeat monsters and save princesses.

These were dreams he aspired to achieve.

After his grandfather passed away, he decided to pursue his dream.

For this, Bell bid farewell to his friends in his hometown and embarked on the journey to become a hero alone.

His goal was the center of the world - Orario, the stage where heroes showed their might in the 'Familia myth'.

Finally, after a long and arduous journey, Bell arrived at this place.

However, what awaited him was the harsh reality that dealt him a heavy blow to his heart.

Most familias were unwilling to recruit a novice who appeared weak and inexperienced at first glance.

Just when he thought his story was about to begin after finally encountering a kind-hearted goddess who took him in, he unfortunately ran into a fleeing Minotaur.

If not for Shiro, Bell might have already died there.

"Is that so?" Shiro smiled at the other party.

"Huh? A hero? A kid like you who runs around in panic at the sight of a Minotaur should just go back to his hometown and farm quietly."

Bete, who had heard Bell's words from afar, came over to Shiro.

He looked drunk, with a glass in hand and an arm over Shiro's shoulder.

Perhaps because Bete was a senior adventurer, or maybe because the werewolf's words struck a chord in Bell's heart, Bell silently lowered his head without retorting.

Seeing Bell's dejected expression, Bete became even angrier.

The boy's expression reminded him of some unpleasant memories.

He slammed his glass on the table and glared at Bell with a fierce look, shouting, "If you're afraid of dying, then don't enter the dungeon! It's because of weaklings like you, who don't know their own limits, that our familias' search and rescue efforts are so burdened."

"You're scared of death inside, but your mouth keeps babbling about being a hero and saving other people. When you rush to danger foolishly, you add trouble to others without accomplishing anything!"

Bell bit his lip tightly, looking as if he was about to cry under the werewolf's loud scolding.

Bete wanted to say more, but suddenly felt a tremendous force on the hand that was on Shiro's shoulder, followed by a dizzying sensation.


Bete was flipped over Shiro's shoulder and smashed onto the ground.

"Tiona, Bete is too drunk. Please take him away." After dusting off his hands, Shiro called out in the direction of the Loki Familia.


After Tiona dragged Bete away, Shiro turned to the dejected Bell and said, "Don't mind what Bete said."

"He's essentially a good person at heart. But, because being an adventurer is a dangerous profession, he dislikes seeing weak adventurers die in front of him, so he uses this method to discourage people from becoming adventurers. Perhaps this is his unique way of caring?"

"I don't mean to blame him. I'm just wondering if I'm really not suited to be an adventurer."

The kind-hearted Bell wouldn't dislike Bete because of his words, but he still couldn't help doubting himself after hearing his scolding.

"Let me tell you a story." After pondering how to comfort the boy, Shiro said to Bell.

"Eh? Is it like a heroic tale?" Although unsure why Shiro would choose this moment to tell a story, Bell, who had always admired heroes, was immediately captivated by the mention of a story.

Shiro organized his thoughts for a moment and began to speak slowly.

"Once upon a time, there was a man who admired heroic tales. However, his hometown had no magic or monsters."

"Did he defeat the bullies who harassed the women in his hometown and become a hero there?"

Bell, clearly familiar with heroic stories, could guess part of the plot just from the beginning.

Shaking his head, Shiro continued.

"He eventually went crazy, losing his rationality, obsessed with magic, duels, romance, love, and other absurd things."

"So, he began to emulate the stories he read, leaving his hometown to fight against evil."

"He saw windmills as giants and charged at them, viewed persecuted knights as enslaved slaves he swore to rescue, constantly pursuing his ideal in reality."

Bell felt uncomfortable hearing this, seeing similarities between himself and the protagonist.

However, the difference was that the world Bell was living in at least had magic and monsters to chase after, while the protagonist in the story had nothing.

When reality mercilessly tore away the canvas of dreams, all that was left was emptiness.

"Then the man was captured and brought back to the village. Despite not giving up and escaping three times, he was eventually defeated by a knight played by a fellow villager from his village and forced to return home. From then on, he was bedridden, made three wills after regaining his sanity, and then died."

After finishing the story, Shiro took a sip of his drink to moisten his throat before looking at Bell, who was visibly shaken, and asked, "What do you think of the protagonist?"

Bell took a moment to grasp the meaning behind Shiro's words, then replied, "I think he's very pitiful."

"Is that so? You also think he's pitiable too." Shiro chuckled lightly, swirling his drink.

"When I first heard this story, I thought it would have been better if the protagonist never regained his sanity."


"What do you think was the happiest moment of his life?"

Bell seemed to understand Shiro's point and answered, "...When he was crazy?"

"Yes, the happiest moments of his life were when he was pursuing his dream. No matter if others thought he was crazy or mad, in his heart, he was undoubtedly a knight! A hero! An adventurer who saved people from a world-ending conspiracy!"

"In the end, why did he do such things that others saw as utterly foolish?"

"Because he wanted to be the hero in the books."

"He doesn't need fancy words or deep reasons. Those are for convincing others. Convincing oneself doesn't require anything fancy; simply wanting to do something is enough."

"People always say this or that is meaningless, but the very act of being born and dying is inherently without meaning. 'Meaning' is a concept created by humans."

"So, just do what you want to do. As long as you have no regrets when facing death, leave troublesome matters like right and wrong to the people who come after you to comment."

After delivering a lengthy speech, Shiro looked Bell in the eye and posed the final question.

"So, what about you, Bell Cranel? Do you choose to give up being an adventurer to be a 'normal' person in the eyes of others, or continue to chase that elusive dream and may be seen as a madman?"

Feeling the mild pressure emanating from Shiro's golden eyes, Bell stood up straight and bowed deeply to him.

"I understand! Torajirou-san! I still want to be a hero! No matter what others say!"

"You might die, you know."

"I understand! But I still want to be a hero!"

"Is that so?" Shiro finished his drink and walked towards his familia's location.

"Then I wish you success."

Others might laugh at his dream of chasing such an elusive fantasy and putting himself in danger for it, which would be considered foolish by any normal standard.

But Shiro understood him perfectly, since he was probably that kind of fool himself.

"Uh...what are you guys doing?"

Upon returning to Loki Familia's side, Shiro saw Bete being hung in the air and asked Finn what was going on.

"Ah, it's Torajirou. Tiona said she wanted to punish this reckless werewolf, so we hung him up."

Bete, still struggling in the air, shouted at Riveria, "Hey! Old hag, control this stupid amazoness and get me down!"

The drunken werewolf seemed to have forgotten the meaning of respect.

Hence, his fate was predictable; he was hung in the air until the Loki Familia dispersed, and to get back at him for calling her an old hag, Riveria even sneakily kicked him when he was put down.

As the sunrise illuminated the eastern sky, it shone over the vast market.

The morning breeze gradually enveloped Orario, nestled within towering walls.

Ais sat silently on a bench, waiting for someone.

Unbeknownst to her, an elf quietly observed her from the corridor, her sleek emerald hair cascading down her back, her slender figure conveying the elves' distinct elegance, exuding a mature charm as she conversed with Loki, who leaned on a low wall with her elbow.

"She usually just runs into the dungeon at this time. Well... it's somewhat reassuring to have her stay where I can see her."

"Yes, it's indeed enviable for Torajirou, that kid. Though, it might sound strange coming from me, Riveria, do you really have no intention of asking Torajirou to take you away from here?"

Riveria was not just a normal elf but also an elf princess, destined to live a secluded life in the elf country within the forest.

However, Finn and Loki's unexpected visit sparked a new desire in her heart to see the outside world, which led her to join the Loki Familia.

Perhaps one day, after exploring the entire dungeon, the green-haired elf might leave Loki Familia in search of new adventures.

While Loki was a perverted goddess and was reluctant to let Riveria go, she still respected the wishes of her familia's children.

However, Shiro's arrival gave Loki a new idea.

If Riveria were to accompany Shiro, she would only venture to other worlds, likely still affiliated with Loki Familia in this world.

And if she went to another world, Loki might have a chance to follow.

Rather than losing the elf princess entirely, Loki preferred the painful decision of pushing her towards Shiro.

Facing Loki's question, Riveria shook her head, "Although I'm curious about the so-called other worlds, there are still people in the familia I can't help but worry about."

"Plus, you've reached some agreement with him, haven't you? Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to come to you for status updates every day. It seems a bit inappropriate for me to go there as well."

Loki didn't respond to Riveria's mention of the agreement, preferring to keep human attempts to surpass the gods secret from as many people as possible.

So, she simply asked, "Are you worried about Ais and the others?"

"Not just them. Our familia's younger executives have their own issues to some extent." Riveria sighed, thinking of the talented yet troublesome members of their Familia.

"Truly suitable to be called a Mama Elf, sacrificing your happiness to take care of the youngsters. Is this what's called maternal love?"

Loki teased Riveria with a grin, but her words irritated the green-haired elf.

"Who's a Mama..."

Despite her complaints, Riveria wasn't really offended.

"What are you doing?" Shiro suddenly appeared behind Riveria, startling her enough to almost swing her staff at him.

"Oh! It's Torajirou! You're going shopping with Ais, right? Riveria was wondering if she could join."

"What... I never said that!"

"I'm going to fulfill the promise I made to Ais in the dungeon to treat her to Jagamarukun. If Riveria wants to join us, let's go."

"You should listen to what others are saying…"

Despite her protest, Riveria still honestly followed the white-haired boy's lead.

"Oh! It's Torajirou and Riveria! What are you up to?"

However, they hadn't gone far when Tiona and Tione ran into them.

Shiro had no choice but to repeat what he had just said.

"Eh, so you're going shopping? I want to go too!" The lively Tiona immediately perked up at the mention of shopping and insisted on joining.

"Alright, since we're all here, let's go together." Shiro, puzzled by how a simple outing with Ais attracted so many people, decided on the spot.

"Great! I'll go call Lefiya!"

"What about Bete?"

"He's sulking in his room over what he said yesterday. Don't worry about him! Let's go!"


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