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Ais's Ability!

Chapter 34: Ais's Ability!

After taking a bath in the Familia's bathhouse, Shiro headed to the dining hall, which was already crowded with people, and even moving the chairs took some effort.

Since everyone had just returned from an expedition, they lacked the energy to be noisy and quietly ate their food.

However, some Familia members, still full of energy, shared their heroic deeds during the expedition with those who had stayed behind, and almost every table had a few people chatting enthusiastically.

At this moment, Loki stood up on a stool with a glass of wine in her right hand.

"Those who want me to update their status today, please come to my room. There are only ten spots available, first come, first served!"

Lefiya, who had been looking at Loki, turned to Ais.

"Ais-san, you're going to update your status today, aren't you?"


Ais nodded in response, as updating her status was a top priority for her.

Then, Lefiya turned back to Shiro.

"What about you, Torajirou-san?"

Shiro, who was stuffing food into his mouth, put down his plate and looked up at Lefiya.

"Because of certain characteristics of mine, Loki will update my status whenever I request it, so I am likely not included in the ten spots that Loki mentioned."

"Ah, that's so nice, not having to deal with Loki's willfulness," Tione said with a look of envy.

Although everyone had gotten used to Loki's whims without complaint, seeing Shiro receiving special treatment from their goddess still made them a bit jealous.

"What about the others?"

Shiro glanced around at the others and asked.

"I'll pass. I'm dead tired from the dungeon; I just want to sleep well today."

"I haven't decided yet. Didn't Finn say that the matter will be resolved tomorrow? There's nothing much to do today, but I feel like I haven't gained much in terms of ability values. So, it might be better to accumulate them a little more and update them all at once for a more surprising increase. What about you, Lefiya?"

"I feel like I'll be harassed by Loki today because of what happened in the afternoon, so I'd rather not update my status today."

As it turned out, aside from Ais and Shiro, who always had time to update due to his special circumstances, no one else planned to update their status today.

Shiro then looked at Ais and invited her.

"Then, how about we go together later? It would be a good opportunity to see if my skills have any effect on you."


After dinner, Shiro and Ais were already waiting in Loki's room, well ahead of time.

Although almost all the Familia members knew of Ais's obsession with strength, and would usually wait until she had finished updating her status before going themselves, Ais didn't take advantage of this to make them wait.

"Yo! You guys are here!"

Loki, carrying a bottle of wine taken from the dining hall, pushed open the door of her room and waved at Shiro and Ais inside.

"We're here to update our status." Ais, who is usually taciturn, spoke before Shiro could.

"Then Ais, come here first. Torajirou, you better leave quickly," Loki said, looking forward to some alone time with her favorite girl, and gestured to Shiro to get out of the room.

Shiro nodded and left, closing the door behind him.

Loki's intentions were clear from her expression, but he doubted she would succeed.

Seeing Shiro leave, Loki immediately jumped onto the bed and waved Ais over.

Ais moved a round stool over and sat down in front of Loki, removing her upper garment.

"I knew Ais would be the first, but I didn't expect Torajirou to come too," Loki remarked.

"Is that so."

Ais tied her golden hair and pulled it over her shoulder, revealing her smooth and fair back to Loki.

"Oh my, I seem to be a bit drunk. I might accidentally slip..."

As Loki said this, her hand reached unsteadily towards Ais's back.

Suddenly, with a clang, a short sword landed between her and Ais.

"Ah, it's okay now. I think I've sobered up."

"Please be quick."


Loki pricked her finger with a needle, moving it quickly.

Along with a ripple, the newly updated Falna overlaid the old one.

"Alright, I've written down your status on paper, wait a moment."


Taking the parchment, Ais looked at her status information.

She smiled after finding an increase in her rate of progress from before.

Loki, observing her reaction, was so taken aback that she unconsciously reached out, only to be deterred by the dagger again.

As a child, Ais had heard stories from her father about heroes who would lead their companions to grow stronger together and defeat evil monsters.

If she were to find her own hero, it would undoubtedly be a person who could grow with her and defeat evil monsters together.

"Loki, can you let Shiro see my status?" Ais said with determination.

Status can almost be said to be the biggest secret of an adventurer in the lower world.

A person's deepest desires are often reflected in their status, and sharing it with others is akin to handing over their vulnerabilities.

"Are you sure you want him to see your status?" Loki bit her teeth and her tone rose a few notches.

The person she had raised since childhood had come to trust the boy so deeply in such a short time, while on the other hand, she threatened her with a dagger.

"If it's Shiro, then it's alright."

"Is that so..." Loki's expression was on the verge of tears.

"Hey! Torajirou, you can come in now." The great disparity shattered the goddess's spirit, causing her voice to tremble as she called him in.

Shiro, entering the room, saw Ais dressed neatly, her golden pupils seeming to hold something new, no longer the doll-like emptiness as before.

Thinking this, Ais suddenly handed over the parchment in her hand to him.

"Eh? For me to see?"

"Mm, I want you to see."

Shiro, seeing that she insisted, did not hesitate and looked at the contents of the parchment.

Ais Wallenstein Lv5

- Strength: D549 → C601

- Endurance: D540 → C600

- Dexterity: A823 → S900

- Speed: A821 → S902

- Magic: A899 → S989

- Hunter: G

- Abnormal Resistance: G

- Swordsman: I

- Magic: [Ariel] [] []

 - Enchant Magic

 - Wind Attribute

 - Chant: "Tempest"

Skills: [Avenger]

 - Activated at will

 - Increased attack power against monster species

 - The stronger the hatred, the greater the effect

Every ability value had increased by at least fifty points, making a total increase of 356 points.

For Shiro, who was accustomed to rapid increases in ability values, this rate might seem slow.

However, for Ais, it was an extraordinary leap, reminiscent of the speed she experienced at level 1. Notably, her last update only saw an increase of 30 points.

However, Shiro's attention was not on the increase in Ais's ability values.

His gaze was fixed on the [Avenger] skill.

The emergence of skill and magic is partly tied to one's emotions and desires; only sufficiently strong feelings can awaken a skill, a fact of which he was well aware.

He understood that Ais's drive to become stronger stemmed from a desire for revenge against monsters.

However, he had not anticipated that Ais, who usually appeared innocent, would harbor a hatred intense enough to manifest a skill.

If left unchecked, Ais could be consumed by the flames of vengeance.

But fortunately, Shiro's skill had accelerated her progress, allowing her to make progress without the same urgency as before.


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