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anime multiverse system DXD


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A simple multiverse novel / FANFICTION Abyssal and his heram travel through the multiverse for a quest to dominate and stand above all the strongest in each universe in the multiverse on there Adventures through the MULTIVERSE AND ALTERNATE UNIVERSE LIKE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS...... This fanfic/novel is for fun and also my first fanfic/novel so yea our mc got the power but it’s limited but goes on a Journey To acquire new New powers and ideas on how to use said powers the mc has the body that is equal to big red but does not have the power to back it up or any idea how to use the power in anyways and has to travel the multiverse to learn and acquire new power BASICALLY OUR MC GOT PLOT ARMOR TO NOT DIE BECAUSE HE HAS THE BODY OF A cockroach LOLOLOLOL BUT NO POWER TO FIGHT BACK WILL ARE MC LOSS THOSE AROUND IN A STRUGGLE TO GET STRONGER OR WILL HE BE ABLE TO BE CREATIVE WITH HIS ABILITY AND SKILLS TO BACK UP HIM SELF UP WHEN HE FIGHTS HIS Enemies…


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