107 107. He Is Annoying As Always

After seeing Hiiro's abilities before her eyes, Eveam wanted Hiiro's help at all costs. She was attracted not only to his strength, but she noticed something which her heart seems to be attracted somewhere to Hiiro. Well, mostly because of his power, or so she thought.

What Eveam imagined, if it was Hiiro, then he would be suitable as an effective defense for Xaos. Although she dangled the bait in front of Hiiro, she vaguely sensed that Hiiro seemed to be ill-humored based on their negotiation.

"Where should I sign?" asked Hiiro.

Eveam reflexively stiffened when Hiiro responded. Although Hiiro questioned her like that, Eveam hardened as she suspiciously observed Hiiro. But this irritated Hiiro instead.

"Hey, tell me where to sign, quickly!"

"Eh, a-ah… H-however, is it really ok? T-there is a chance that it might become a war, you know." Since Eveam didn't expect Hiiro asked to sign, she stuttered. Well, her stutter seemed to increase her lovable points.

Too bad, Hiiro was insensitive.

"Who cares? Even if there was a war later, it wasn't me who would die anyway. It would be a problem for me too if the library was destroyed in a stupid war, so I'll help out a bit."

With a nonchalant expression, Hiiro said confidently that if a war were to occur, he believed that his abilities could overcome the war. After more than half a year of adventure, Hiiro knew what the standard level of people in Edea's world was. Most people have a level below 100. Equipped with a fairly high level, Hiiro felt that he was invincible. It was just, when he remembered Izumi's stats, he was still too far behind.

Eveam couldn't help but be glad since Hiiro was about to sign the contract.

Soon after, she took out a sheet of paper from her pocket. She bit her finger with her teeth and used her blood to sign. Hiiro just glanced at the words written within the contract. The contents entailed the details of the request fee. In addition, compliance policies had also been written there, as if to deter the contractee from breaking and abandoning the contract midway.

It wasn't an ordinary contract, but a Contract Scroll. The person who signed this would have their soul cut off if they broke their words based on what was written in the contract. In other words, they'll dead.

"H-Here! Sign here!" Eveam said while pointing at where Hiiro should sign the contract.

Hiiro signed the contract with blood in the same way as her.

The Contract Scroll began to glow brightly the moment Hiiro signed the contract. Then, the paper became particles before forming a bright light which was then split into two which were absorbed into Eveam and Hiiro's chests.

Eveam was grateful that Hiiro was willing to sign it. She was also a little curious about Hiiro whose appearance was similar to Izumi. Eveam didn't expect the Oni to be such a powerful tribe.

Izumi's ability is unquestionable. Even though Eveam had never seen Izumi use magic, his swordplay was incredibly stunning. His power using the sword art was truly formidable. Eveam even thought that Izumi could defeat Aquinas if Aquinas didn't use magic against Izumi. And now there was one Oni in front of her who possessed great magic power and unique magic. Therefore Eveam did not hesitate to ask for his help.

Subconsciously, Eveam stared at Hiiro's face for so long. Hiiro called out to her repeatedly, but there was no response as if Eveam was fascinated by Hiiro. In the end, Hiiro flicked his finger at Eveam's forehead.

"Hey, I'm calling you! Why are you looking at me for so long?"

"A-ah, e-eh, no no no, it's nothing."

Realizing what she had just done, Eveam's face turned red with embarrassment.

"Your face is red, are you sick?"

"Y-you're the one who's sick! S-stupid!"

Eveam yelled with a blush.

"What's wrong with you?" Hiiro was slightly confused by Eveam's strange attitude. Well, Hiiro is too dense for relationship matters. Eveam had to try harder if she wanted her feelings to be acknowledged by Hiiro.

A few moments later, since the contract was established, Hiiro received the details of the conference that will take place a week from now.

At that moment.

*clang* *clang*

The bell at the entrance rang, revealing a beautiful little girl about 12 years old entering through the door. She is Nikki. Well, she may still be small, but in a few years, she will become a beautiful girl.

"Teacher! I managed to find an inn, please praise me!" Nikki said cheerfully. And behind Nikki, there were two shadows following her.

"Ufufu, Your Majesty, you haven't finished work, but instead have a secret meeting with a man. Truly unexpected." Shublars looked at Eveam and Hiro while chuckling. Upon seeing Hiiro's appearance, Shublars turned to Izumi and said.

"Isn't he from your tribe?"

Izumi didn't respond to Shublars as he walked towards Hiiro's seat.

"Yo, Hiiro. Long time no see!" Izumi greeted Hiiro while waving his hand.

Hiiro only glanced at Izumi for a moment.

"Izumi huh?"

"What's with that short answer? You don't seem to like seeing me here." Just as he imagined. Hiiro's nature didn't change at all.

"Can you see that I'm busy?"

Even though Hiiro said busy. All Hiiro was holding was a cup.

"Just drinking, and you said you were busy? Your personality hasn't changed one bit!"

"Who cares!?"

Izumi twitched his lip. Hiiro's level had already reached 200, but that didn't mean Hiiro was stronger than Izumi. Izumi didn't waste his time in this half-year. Izumi's strength has also gradually increased in the last half-year. Izumi felt that Hiiro still didn't know that there were still many people who were stronger than him, and it would be best if Izumi warned him directly. A cold aura emanated from Izumi's body.

Then, Izumi said in a cold voice.

"Looks like you've become more and more arrogant since your level rose drastically! However, no matter how fast you level up, you won't be able to catch up to me."

Seeing Izumi's different abilities that were never shown to Hiiro, Hiiro stiffened. From his aura alone, he could already feel that Izumi was far stronger than Hiiro. The adventures he had in this half-year had indeed given him a lot of experience. And Hiiro could feel how dangerous Izumi would be if he was serious. Hiiro clicked his tongue and asked,

"Tch, what do you want?"

Izumi retracted his aura, and just as he was about to speak, someone cut him off.

"Hey, who are you to dare to say disrespectful words to my teacher?"

The one cutting him off was Nikki, the girl who was referred to as Hiiro's disciple. Hiiro's expression changed, his disciple didn't know how strong Izumi was yet. Immediately, Hiiro shouted to stop her.

"Stop it, stupid disciple!"

"Eh?" Nikki was so shocked that her teacher stopped her.

"Disciple, huh? Very surprising." Izumi looked Nikki up and down. She had a resemblance to the Liliyn Izumi had just met.

"Is it wrong that I have a disciple?"

"Pffft. Hiiro, I'm guessing you have the title of Loli Slayer. It seems that you are always accompanied by little girls! Just like the red-haired little girl I met earlier. Has your hidden attribute awakened?" Izumi only chuckled in response to Hiiro's question. He wondered if Hiiro had a new title in his status.

But then, Hiiro remembered the old man who is also a lolicon.

"Fuck, don't compare me to that lolicon old man!"

Naturally, what Hiiro meant was Silvan, Liliyn's butler, and Arnold.

Hearing the conversation between Izumi and Hiiro who looked like old acquaintances made Eveam curious about them. When Eveam asked Shublars, Shublars replied that Izumi already knew Hiiro. And it seems Izumi was the one who asked Hiiro to come to Xaos.

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