87 Stirring Winds!

Chapter 87: Stirring Winds!


The Green Dragon spread its wings entwined with vines, roaring as if intending to ascend into the sky.

"Luke, stop its movements; three seconds are enough."

"No problem."

Almost at the same time Finn gave the order, Luke rushed forward.

"Mage team, attack the Green Dragon with magic sufficient enough to attract its attention for a moment."

As Luke charged towards the Green Dragon, a Level 3 adventurer led the mage team consisting of three Level 2 adventurers.

Following Finn's command, they released their magic.

Four pre-chanted magic simultaneously struck the face of the Green Dragon.

The Green Dragon, covered from head to toe in plants, looked like a monster composed of massive vines.

Indeed, these plants and vines were an integral part of its body.


The magical flames burned the vines on the Green Dragon's body, causing it to let out painful cries.

This painful attack from their magic instantly diverted its attention.

The Green Dragon didn't stop flying but continued to roar as if chanting something.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Along with the dragon's roar, numerous vines emerged from the ground, attacking the mage team.

However, this sudden attack was intercepted by Finn's prepared team.

Three Level 2 adventurers, equipped with flame-attribute magic swords, easily cut or burned the attacking vines.

At this moment, Luke, utilizing the power of Prana, reached the Green Dragon mid-air.



Ser-Veresta transformed into a greatsword the moment it was unsheathed.

With the black flames capable of cutting and incinerating everything, Luke viciously slashed at the left wing of the Green Dragon.

The blade, wrapped in black flames, directly cut a huge wound into the Green Dragon's body.

Blood, accompanied by the ashes of flames, uncontrollably showered from the sky.

The Green Dragon, heavily wounded in its left wing, couldn't maintain its flight and fell from the sky.

"Now's the time. Vanguard, move forward and restrict the Green Dragon's movements."

Seeing Luke bring down the Green Dragon from the sky, Finn immediately seized the opportunity.

Two other Level 3 adventurers, each accompanied by a Level 2 adventurer, had already prepared themselves and charged towards the falling Green Dragon from two different directions.



Two huge ropes shot out from their props, one wrapping around the Green Dragon's right wing and the other entwining its tail.

After inserting the prop into the ground and turning them into stakes to imprison the dragon monster, the frontline adventurers pulled out their weapons to launch an attack on the Green Dragon.

By this point, the battle had essentially stabilized.

The Green Dragon, with its injured wing and trapped in place, no longer posed as high of a threat.

On the side, the mage team continuously used magic to attract the Green Dragon's attention.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, all that was left was to wait for the battle to conclude.

Therefore, Luke withdrew from the battlefield.

One of the most important gains from an expedition was the accumulation of excelia/experience points by the expedition members.

Finn had already given up the previous floor boss of the 17th floor to Luke.

If Luke were to single-handedly defeat the Green Dragon, the benefits of this expedition would be greatly reduced.

Luke was well aware of this, prompting him to timely retreat from the battlefield and return to Finn's side.

The battle continued with the Green Dragon's painful roars, struggles, and the adventurers' joyful attacks forming a stark contrast.

Following Finn's instructions, the expedition members were divided into different batches, taking turns to launch attacks on the trapped Green Dragon.

Originally, as a supporter of the team, Ais's job at this moment should have been to use potions to aid adventurers withdrawing from the battlefield.

However, observing her constantly struggling against Riveria's restraint, showing an eagerness to rush towards the Green Dragon, it didn't seem like she was in a state to fulfill the role of an effective supporter.

"Finn, I intend to let Ais join the battlefield."

Luke observed Ais's state and turned to Finn to convey his decision.

Understanding Luke's intention immediately, Finn first reconfirmed the Green Dragon's situation and then glanced at Ais, who was still struggling.

"Indeed, this is a good opportunity to temporarily address Ais's issue."

"Since you brought it up, I'll leave the task of protecting Ais to you."

Luke nodded to Finn, then walked towards Ais.

At this moment, Ais's eyes could only see the Green Dragon; she completely overlooked Luke's approach.

Approaching Ais, Luke looked at her fierce expression, feeling a bit conflicted inside.

Ais had always given him the impression of being quiet and obedient.

Although he knew she harbored deep-seated hatred for monsters, she had never shown it before.

"Ais, would you like me to take you to defeat that Green Dragon?"

Luke crouched down, gently patting Ais's head as he spoke softly to her.

Upon hearing the words "defeat that Green Dragon," Ais, who had been ignoring Luke and struggling continuously, finally showed a different reaction.

She stopped struggling and looked at Luke, asking, "Really?"

Her eyes, burning with the flames of revenge, along with the dark aura brought by the skill "Avenger," made Ais look like the embodiment of hatred.

"Yes, I can take you to defeat that monster, but the condition is that you have to be obedient and listen."

Luke took Ais's small hand from Riveria.

Ais stared at Luke intensely.

After a few seconds, she nodded slightly and replied, "As long as I can defeat that monster, I'm willing to listen."

Hearing Ais's response, both Luke and Riveria breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as Ais was willing to listen, the next steps would be more manageable.

So, holding Ais's hand, Luke approached the Green Dragon step by step.

The Green Dragon apparently recognized this as the enemy who had brought it down from the sky, leading it into its current predicament.

As Luke brought Ais closer to the Green Dragon, it almost gave up all resistance against other adventurers.

Activating magic to its fullest, manipulating numerous large tree vines, the Green Dragon attempted to kill Luke, its archenemy.

However, these dangerous vines that posed a threat to other adventurers couldn't harm Luke in the slightest.

Most of the vines were burned to ashes by Ser-Veresta as they approached Luke, and the few that couldn't be cut in time were easily dodged by Luke while holding Ais.

Soon, Luke arrived in front of the Green Dragon with Ais.

"Now... Can we... kill it...?"

The closer Ais got to the Green Dragon, the more intense her hatred became, and higher the bonuses from the Avenger skill.

"Not yet. With your current abilities, even with the skill's enhancement, you can't kill this Green Dragon."

"You're wrong!"

Luke's words instantly provoked Ais.

"Calm down. I'll teach you the way to defeat this monster."

Before Ais could go berserk, Luke once again brought back a hint of sanity.

"Do you remember that night when you recalled the 'wind' that belonged to your mother?"

"Now, remember the feeling from that moment while chanting with me."

Luke's words stirred memories deep within Ais.

She subconsciously recalled the wind that belonged to her mother.

At the same time, she followed Luke's lead and chanted:

"Tempest, awaken!"


As Ais uttered the incantation, the wind began to blow!


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