1 1 What Will Be


"I won't feel sorry for you because of what you did,"

"How rude of you"

"How could you treat this wonderful soul in such a manner without even considering or showing compassion for her."

"How dare you", he said.

The folks who heard this voice and statement were quaking with utter horror. They were unable to stop their hands and legs from shaking, let alone the rest of their bodies. They pleaded for compassion and their lives while down on the ground, saying, "Please have mercy on us, we won't do this again."

"If only word were enough to save you from this situation".

However, the man who wanted to pass judgment was unconcerned about whether or not he would repeat the behavior. He had just one goal in mind in the here and now, which was to completely vanish them from this planet.


The men who were screaming for assistance were sorcerers, magicians, and lords on top of all that. They went inside a bar that moonlit night and ordered a drink.

The bartender saw them ordering more and more of these drinks and was confident that they would pay. She didn't even care how many bottles they drank; instead, she was content that she had made a good sale for the day.

But soon they stopped and asked the bartender to come over to where they were seated after downing bottle after bottle.

She tried to assist by asking what they needed, but all they could say was that she should hurry and bring her best wine to them.

"But...…..", she made an effort to say.

"What? You won't give me a drink, do you? "one of them remarked

She said, "That is not.....," as an attempt to defend herself.

"I guess I will have to punish you for this nonchalant attitude of yours", he said.

She pleaded with him to pardon her, "Sir."

He cast a spell, and in no time the girl was encircled by tree branches. She screamed at the top of her lungs as it started to fold so tightly, but no one could help her since the individuals tasked with helping and defending the lives and assets of the community were still imposing this severe punishment that she did not deserve on her.

The branches tore her clothing, leaving stripes all over her body and turning her flesh bright red as she endured intense pain.

"Well, good day, sorcerers."

He entered the bar and moved in the direction of the men attacking the girl.

He said, "I'm about to block your path.

When one of the sorcerers inquired about his identity, he simply said, "You do not need to know who I am."

"Just attempt to arrest me for interfering with official business."

He started beating them till they were outside the pub, actually crawling out of the bar, when they drew closer with the intention of taking him into prison.

********************************************* He questioned why they had to torture the people they were supposed to be protecting. "Why do you guys have to do this, you have been gifted by the gods and have been given good post," he said.

These knights were heard saying, "Please don't murder us; is it money? We are ready to spend this money; just please don't terminate our lives."

He had already made up his mind to kill them as he regarded them with hatred, and nothing could change that. A child ran up and hugged the guys kneeling on the floor as he was about to perform a spell on them to end their sad life and begged them not to kill their father.

Although he wasn't one to pay attention to pleas, the expression on the child's face moved his gloomy heart, and he turned to face them all and said, "You are very lucky; thank this youngster because if not for this child, you had passed on to the afterlife."

While singing "you people, you people," he walked away from them while considering who to fight because he wanted to kill the evil magic users.

And fortunately, his desire for blood was satisfied when he saw another sorcerer snarling at an elderly woman.

The elderly woman was stating "They claimed that my granddaughter was taken by you and that she hasn't returned for days. Please return my grandchild to me ".

The sorcerer asked, "Would you like to beautifully lose this little life you have left with my magic?" while displaying a spell and having ice hover all over his palm.

When he entered that setting, he was once more asked who he was, but this time, he made no response or attempt to speak.

He immediately went in for the kill.

Blood stained the sorcerer's body in a thick red layer. It may be stated that the death was very terrible because parts of his limbs had already separated from his body.

As soon as his present bloodlust was sated, he turned away from the area and continued on his journey.

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