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Angel of Death


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Other men, lesser men, measure power in terms of money or political influence or sexual conquests. But I have seen what true power is, and it is not found in checkbooks, voting booths, or bedrooms. No, true power is the power of life and death. Every time I end a life, I end a universe. Yes, a whole universe. The private cosmos that had been their world. The earth, sun, and stars, human history, culture, and art....all of it had existed, for them, only in their mind. Now they're dead, and, for them, those things exist no more. That is the secret I have learned. To wield power, ultimate power—the power to erase existence, void reality, blot out stars and galaxies with one stroke—it is not necessary to bring on Armageddon. It is necessary only to take a life. The God of the Old Testament is said to have created the world in six days. But I can wipe out a world in less than a minute, and I can do it whenever I please. Who, then, is the more powerful? Who is the greater god? The creator of one world—or the destroyer of many? _____________________________________________ *Discord: https://discord.gg/TeTKhzp Why not try my other book: King of Film or Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant


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