Angel Lord In An Isekai (WN)

What will happen when billions of people from Earth get isekai'd to a place called Endless Continent where Magic reigns supreme and are given a castle and an initial unit to fight for hegemony and immortality? Let's find out through the eyes of our protagonist Kazehaya Haru, a fresh University Graduate who gets lucky and is assigned the powerful Angel Race as his troops. Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access To Upto Dozens Of Chapters Ahead. » KO-FI.COM/LORDARCHDUKE THIS ISN'T ACTUALLY A FANFIC BUT SINCE I WANT TO KEEP THIS WORK FREE, SOME OTHER AUTHORS RECOMMENDED ME TO PUT IT HERE AS WELL. I'M A NEWBIE SO PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO POINT OUT ANY MISTAKES YOU SEE. P.S. This is a translation. This is NOT my novel.

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CH71 Testing The Level 3 Angel Reincarnation Pool!

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{Word Count - 1609 Words}

Every day, Haru could hear the Angels' prayers. It made him doubt whether he had truly created everything in the world in seven days. Thinking about it, this was impossible. If he had the strength to have created the world in seven days, what would the local forces of the Endless Continent and the deities that pursued the truth be in front of him?

Of course, he could also look forward to it. One day in the future, he will truly control the power of creation! The Divine Angel Dynasty will illuminate thousands of planes!

The world had already quieted down. The light of the Blood Moon gradually faded and headed toward a westward-setting trajectory. The Six-Winged Archangel Mary, the Six-Winged Angel of Principality Lysandra, and the Angel of Love Seraphina gathered around the Angel Reincarnation Pool with a group of little angels, praying while facing the statue of the Eighteen-Winged Angel.

As for Haru, he yawned and returned to the bedroom on the top floor of the castle. This night, he was too tired! The castle's protective barrier had disappeared, and nearly two thousand wild monsters had invaded his castle. He had personally participated in the battle and had personally killed more than fifty wild monsters, including some elite-ranked monsters.

His armor was already dripping with blood. However, with the protection of the high-level defensive magic, the Light Of Protection, he was unharmed. It was nothing more than exhaustion. After taking a bath, Haru fell asleep on the bed.

He did not know for how long he slept, Haru suddenly woke up. He looked out the window; the sky was still a little dark, but the light of the morning had already begun to shine on the world.

"I only slept for about two hours." Haru felt helpless. His body's biological clock seemed to be fixed. Every day at this time, he would wake up. Although he was still a little tired, Haru could not sleep. He got up, went to wash up, and then he ate the big breakfast that the angels had prepared for him.

Then, he opened the Hyperspace Trading Channel. On a new day, the trading area was very hot. At a glance, all of the trading channel was densely packed with food, as well as monster materials and other things.

Many of them were big deals. The number of Castle Lords that had thousands of units of food on their shelves at once was unbelievable. There were even some Castle Lords, who had ten thousand units of food for sale. This was something that had never happened before.

Even Haru had only sold two to three thousand units of food. This was the harvest from the battle this morning! Wild monsters attacked Billions of Castle Lords' castles the moment the protective barrier disappeared.

The battle was intense. It was unknown how many of the Castle Lord had died. However, the surviving Castle Lord must have obtained a great harvest. They could not eat the food collected from the wild monsters in a short period, so they took it out to sell.

Unfortunately, there were no Castle Lords who lacked food. At the very least, it was not lacking in the short term. As a result, no one showed interest in the food being sold. On the other hand, some monster materials showed signs of being purchased. This caught Haru's attention.

"Someone must have gotten the blueprint of the weapon refinery shop during this battle! He is buying monster materials at a low price, preparing to build equipment!" This was not good news, because it meant that someone wanted to fight with him and Lily for business.

"My castle is developing. The forces of the other Castle Lords are also developing. There's no way to stop the spread of basic buildings like weapon refinery shops." Haru pondered for a moment and did not pay much attention. This meat was very big; he could not eat it all alone.

For a long time, the Castle Lords who owned the crafting shop blueprints could not affect his profits in the field of standard equipment. Not to mention, all of this was not a bad thing. The battle between the Castle Lords was secondary.

Their greatest enemy had always been the local power of the Endless Continent. With the development of the castle forces, he would be able to relieve the pressure of facing the local forces in the future.

As for the battle between the Castle Lords, Haru was not worried. He was always ahead of all the Castle Lords. He was confident in being able to lead the way. Looking at the bustling trading area, Haru could not help but step in. A total of 23,000 units of food were put up by him for trade.

Among them, there were four thousand units of elite-ranked food, three hundred units of commander-ranked food, and twenty units of Lord-ranked food. These special foods that could increase the energy value were all sold at high prices.

No one cared about ordinary food. However, there was still market demand for special food. In addition, all the monster materials he collected were also sent to to Lily in the underground world to create standard equipment.

Lily's Dwarves were not strong, but they were professional in the field of equipment building. Haru glanced at the castle warehouse. The construction of residential buildings, noble courtyards, and walls had consumed a portion of his resources but there were still 161,900 units of wood, 83,640 units of stone, and 8,100 units of iron.

As for the Power stones and Magic Crystals, they were stored in the Ring of Forest Giant. He wanted to keep such rare materials by his side. Haru clicked on the World Chat Channel. The World Chat Channel was still lively as if the battle a few hours ago did not affect them. There were still a large number of Castle Lords chatting inside.

[What a loss! I lost a total of forty soldiers before I was able to wipe out those berserk monsters!]

[What was 40 soldiers, I only have three Great Swordsmen left. Almost all of my soldiers were wiped out!]

[It's not bad to be alive! Soldiers could still be summoned if they died. As long as you are alive, it would be good news!]

[I made a good friend two days ago. He was very lucky to have a high-level troop type— Lightning Eagle! But today I saw my friend list and he disappeared!]

[Even a high-level troop could not block it? This was really bad luck!]

[There are too many Castle Lords who have died in the battle. According to estimations, at least a million people have been eliminated. This is the beginning!]

[There is no need to doubt that more and more Castle Lords will fall in the future because this is a cruel world! If we want to stand in this world, we can only risk our lives!]

[Brothers and sisters don't be discouraged. The early stages will be difficult. We must remember the people who passed away, we will never forget them! Those who are alive must continue forward! We are the Castle Lords, the chosen one! As long as we have time, we can grow! What was a wild monster? Our opponents are the local sentient creatures of the Endless Continent!]

[That's right! Our goal is to conquer all races and allow the castle forces to rule this boundless world! I believe that one day; this world will belong to us! The living Castle Lords will become Gods!]

[Hopefully, this era will come soon! But I think it's more important to focus on the matter before us. The beast tide could attack at any time!]

The world chat was bleak. The atmosphere that had just been heated up was filled with cheers as everyone became gods, in the blink of an eye, his heart went cold! Only then did the Castle Lords react. The battle just now seemed to be just an appetizer after the protective barrier disappeared. The main course [Beast Tide Event] has not even started yet.

[Damn it! Who mentioned the beast tide? Can't you let us continue to immerse ourselves in the joy of victory? Why should you remind us of the beast tide?]

The World Chat Channel was in chaos. Many people were berating and venting their negative emotions. The appetizer was so cruel, how miserable would the beast tide be? The Castle Lords were unwilling to think about it. As long as they thought about it, their minds would explode, and their scalp would go numb.

Haru did not think about it. He was not afraid of the beast tide. With Angel Castle's current strength, it would not be difficult to survive the beast tide. Then Haru closed the World Chat Channel and came to the courtyard of the castle.

The little angels' prayer had ended. Seeing Haru, they all bowed respectfully, their eyes were filled with reverence and fanaticism. Haru smiled and nodded at them. He then looked at the eighteen-winged female angel statue.

[Energy Abundant. Start the birth of Angel 'Holy Spirits'?]

[Yes] [No]

Haru still chose yes and he was looking forward to the birth this time. This was because the Level 3 Angel Reincarnation Pool could produce ten Holy Spirits at once, and the probability of a Special Angel and a Multi-Winged Angel appearing was higher. Soon, the Angel Reincarnation Pool gave off a dazzling light. It was sacred and pure! Not long after, a light flew out of the Angel Reincarnation Pool.


Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access Upto 50 Chapters Ahead. Starting At Just $1/Month!


Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access Upto 50 Chapters Ahead. Starting At Just $1/Month!


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