Angel Lord In An Isekai (WN)

What will happen when billions of people from Earth get isekai'd to a place called Endless Continent where Magic reigns supreme and are given a castle and an initial unit to fight for hegemony and immortality? Let's find out through the eyes of our protagonist Kazehaya Haru, a fresh University Graduate who gets lucky and is assigned the powerful Angel Race as his troops. Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access To Upto Dozens Of Chapters Ahead. » KO-FI.COM/LORDARCHDUKE THIS ISN'T ACTUALLY A FANFIC BUT SINCE I WANT TO KEEP THIS WORK FREE, SOME OTHER AUTHORS RECOMMENDED ME TO PUT IT HERE AS WELL. I'M A NEWBIE SO PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO POINT OUT ANY MISTAKES YOU SEE. P.S. This is a translation. This is NOT my novel.

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CH70 Lily Deals Critical Damage Again!

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{Word Count - 1629 Words}

"It's a bumper harvest!!" It was about 4:00 am. Haru practically stayed up all night and was extremely sleepy. However, as he looked at the spoils of war piled up in front of him, his sleepiness and exhaustion disappeared without a trace. The spoils of war were divided into three categories. Power Stones, Magic Magic Crystals, and Blueprints. As for equipments, there were none. However, Haru was not disappointed, because he had already prepared himself mentally.

Wild monsters had never dropped equipment before. Only through killing intelligent creatures could you get equipment. At this moment, Haru's heart was filled with excitement because the rewards were too great! Nearly a thousand Power Stones alone had dropped.

Power Stones were required to level up the barracks Building. His Angel Reincarnation Pool was currently Level 3. It requires 5,000 Power Stones and 50 Magic Crystals to reach Level 4. That was to say. in this battle alone, his Angel Reincarnation Pool leveled up by almost one-fifth.

"I had 1,200 Power Stones. In addition to this harvest, my Power Stone reserve has reached 2,240! It's only about half of the five thousand Power Stones required to level up." This was a huge breakthrough. Haru had originally thought that it would take at least ten to fifteen days for the Angel Reincarnation Pool to rank up. However, it seemed that the progress had exceeded his imagination.

If there would be another two or three battles of this scale, his Power Stone reserves could be able to meet the requirements for Angel Reincarnation Pool to rank up.

"In addition to the great harvest of Power Stones, I've also gained quite a bit! Fourteen Magic Crystals!" Fourteen Magic Crystals, plus the seven Magic Crystals he had previously stored, the total number reached 21. Angel Reincarnation Pool required 50 Magic Crystals to reach Level 4. Now it is not too far away from meeting the ranking-up requirements.

However, to be honest, this rate was not enough to satisfy Haru. One must know that the Angel Team under his command had gained a Magic Crystal when they killed the first elite-ranked monster. In this battle, more than three hundred elite-ranked monsters were participating. There were also nine Tier 7 and Tier 8 Commander monsters and one Tier 9 monster lord.

In the end, he only got fourteen Magic Crystals. It was not ideal. Could it be that the drop rate had decreased because the strength of the little angels had increased? Haru could only think so. Otherwise, there was no other explanation. After thinking for a while, Haru opened his friend list and contacted Lily who was in the underground world.

Haru said, "Lily, how many Magic Crystals did you get?"

Lily: "Oh, let me count… I got seven Magic Crystals!"

Haru heaved a sigh of relief. This meant that his luck value was still fine. Just as he was about to turn off his friend message panel, he mysteriously asked, "How many elite and commander-ranked wild monsters were there on your side?"

"There were so of them! There seem to have been more than 20 elite-ranked monsters and three commander-ranked monsters. If it was not for Uncle Grimstone, my castle would not have been able to stop them. Big Brother Haru, those monsters were too terrifying!!"

"It's fine. It's all gone. You should get an early night's rest." Haru silently turned off his friend's message. He was silent for a long time. In the end, the negative energy in his heart turned into a long sigh. Indeed, compared to Lily, even he had to stand aside.

His Angel Team had killed so many elite-ranked, commander-ranked, and even Master-ranked monsters. In the end, they only dropped 14 Magic Crystals. On the other hand, the number of monsters that Lily had killed was less than one-tenth of his. However, they had dropped seven Magic Crystals.

The blessing of the Goddess of Luck! This luck was so strong that it was unreasonable. Haru did not ask how many blueprints Lily got. He was afraid of being hit by depression. He had obtained three blueprints himself. If it was before, he would have been happy and satisfied but now, Haru kept feeling that his efforts were not proportional to his gains.

He shook his head and stopped thinking. Then, he picked up the three blueprints and identified them one by one.

[Found unidentified blueprints, do you want to identify them?]

[Yes] [No]

"Identify!" Three appraisal lights appeared in succession, enveloping the three blueprints in his hands. Within a short time, the light of identification disappeared. The three blueprints all revealed their true appearance.

[Low-Level Architectural Blueprints: Residential Buildings]

[Available uses: 30]

[Effect: Slightly increases loyalty of castle residents]

[Construction Requirements: 1,000 units of wood, 500 units of stone]

[Intermediate-Level Architectural Blueprint: Noble Courtyards]

[Available uses: 5]

[Effect 1: Increase loyalty of castle residents]

[Effect 2: Increases the chance of local intelligent creatures taking the initiative to seek refuge]

[Construction Requirements: 3,000 units of wood, 1,000 units of stone, 100 units of refined iron]

[Intermediate-Level Architectural Blueprint: Wall]

[Effect 1: Greatly increase the loyalty of the castle residents, reassuring the people with a sense of security]

[Effect 2: Enhance castle's defense]

[Construction Requirements: 10,000 units of stone, 5,000 units of refined iron]

He looked at the three blueprints in his hand. Haru felt a little numb. Not one of the three blueprints was a High-Level blueprint. Even if there was a Low-Level Bloodline Evolution blueprint, it would have been fine! In the end, all three of them were basic architectural blueprints.

One Low-Level and two Intermediate-Level blueprints. The three architectural blueprints had a common effect, which was to increase the loyalty of the castle residents. This was very useful to the other Castle Lords but to Haru, it could only be said to be dispensable.

This was because his troops were angels and their loyalty to him was fixed at 100 points. They were in a state of loyalty and fanaticism. They would never even have a thought against Haru. A hundred loyalty points was already the highest value.

"I can only say it. Something is better than nothing!" Haru did not intend to sell these blueprints. Although he believed that these three blueprints could be sold for a large price, his castle had a sphere of influence of 5,000 meters, and his direct territory was 2,000 meters.

With the castle as the center, the area within a radius of two kilometers was his space. There were no trees and nothing to block it. Houses and Noble Courtyards could be built here. It will make his territory look less empty. The wall was also needed, and it was crucial.

He could form a circle around his territory and stop the wild monsters from attacking the castle. The wall was much better than the Fence that Lily had gotten before. After all, one was a stone wall, and the other was a wooden fence. With houses, Noble Courtyards, and the wall, his Angel Town was truly a town. If there was only a castle, a warehouse, and a Holy Temple. How could one tell that it was a town?

"Basic buildings seem to be useless to me but it also has to be there! This is the basic infrastructure of the territory. It is indispensable." In the future, his Angel City would be magnificent. Countless angels would be living in the city. If there was only a bare castle, what would it look like?

Haru took out a blueprint. The first thing he did was to build a wall. With a thought, ten thousand units of stone and five thousand units of iron disappeared and a wall about five meters tall and 1.4 meters wide appeared in the golden light, completely enveloping his territory.

It was a wall, not a city wall. If an ordinary elite monster wanted to destroy it, it would be very difficult to enter the castle's territory. Its defensive ability was far stronger than the fence. The appearance of the wall made Haru feel a sense of security.

A specific environment caused this. It had nothing to do with whether the Angel Team could protect him. It was a different mindset for a person to face an empty flat land and a world surrounded by a five-meter high wall.

Then, Haru started to build houses and Noble Courtyards in the open space. The 'Residential Buildings' blueprints could be used thirty times, which meant that thirty residential buildings could be built. The 'Noble Courtyards' Blueprint could be used five times.

Soon, a large amount of golden light appeared. In the open space near the castle, Noble Courtyards appeared one after another. The arrangement was not messy, but rather well-proportioned. Haru had also specially set aside space to become a street.

The Noble Courtyard that occupied thousands of square meters was tall and beautiful as compared to simple and crude houses. Even Haru was tempted and wanted to stay there for a few days but then he only thought that the Noble Courtyard was not of the same rank as his castle.

Haru said to the little angels beside him, "I have built some courtyards and houses have already been built, you can distribute them among yourself!"

"Praise you, Almighty Lord!" The angels bowed respectfully. As for the living environment, the little angels did not have any requirements. They did not even need this kind of thing. There was no need for them to sleep.

At night, they would circle the Eighteen-Winged Angel Statue in front of the Angel Reincarnation Pool and pray all night long until the first ray of dawn appeared.


Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access Upto 50 Chapters Ahead. Starting At Just $1/Month!


Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access Upto 50 Chapters Ahead. Starting At Just $1/Month!


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