Angel Lord In An Isekai (WN)

What will happen when billions of people from Earth get isekai'd to a place called Endless Continent where Magic reigns supreme and are given a castle and an initial unit to fight for hegemony and immortality? Let's find out through the eyes of our protagonist Kazehaya Haru, a fresh University Graduate who gets lucky and is assigned the powerful Angel Race as his troops. Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access To Upto Dozens Of Chapters Ahead. » KO-FI.COM/LORDARCHDUKE THIS ISN'T ACTUALLY A FANFIC BUT SINCE I WANT TO KEEP THIS WORK FREE, SOME OTHER AUTHORS RECOMMENDED ME TO PUT IT HERE AS WELL. I'M A NEWBIE SO PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO POINT OUT ANY MISTAKES YOU SEE. P.S. This is a translation. This is NOT my novel.

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CH69 Holy Sanction!!!

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{Word Count - 1805 Words}

This was a Divine technique [Holy Punishment]! It was not a physical attack, but a spiritual attack that touched the soul. The Divine power struck straight at the soul! Blood Moon affected the wild monsters and they lost their rationality. They fell into a berserk state, but their souls were still 'clear'.

When their souls were hit by the attack, they felt intense pain. Few wild monsters could withstand the pain of their souls being attacked. Most of the wild monsters that were enveloped by the Holy Light were screaming on the ground. Seeing this, the nearby little angels quickly flew over.

Facing the wild monsters that had lost the ability to resist, the little angels did not show any mercy. They waved their Holy Swords and killed them. Suddenly, the battlefield was empty. However, there were too many wild monsters attacking Angel Castle. There were at least a thousand of them. They were not afraid of death. Once a batch died, another batch rushed forward.

It was as if they wanted nothing more than to destroy the Angel Castle. At this moment, the Six-Winged Angel Lysandra suddenly raised her scepter and solemnly recited the Divine language.

"Master says that the world is ignorant and should be taught! If the people of the world are cruel, they should be punished. Their dirty body will be purified, and the pure soul will be saved. Holy Angel is the Sword of the Lord! Divine judgment is just and impartial! Lord's majesty, cannot be blasphemed! Holy sanction!!" With that, the Six-Winged Angel, Lysandra, shone with golden light. Each golden light condensed into a golden sword. The golden sword was both intangible and tangible.

On the sword, there was the figure of an eighteen-winged angel. She crossed her arms and lowered her head as if she was praying to the Lord. In an instant, ten thousand golden swords fell from the sky. It enveloped the entire battlefield like a rain of swords.

Woosh woosh woosh…

The Angel's Holy Swords fell. Instantly, the wild monsters on the battlefield collapsed into pools of blood. Not only ordinary monsters but even those elite-ranked monsters were also turned into hedgehogs. They couldn't block it, nor could they avoid it. For a moment, Hundreds of monsters died on the battlefield. Some of the wild monsters were lucky enough to survive and looked at the miserable state around them. Even though they were still in a berserk state, they couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

Holy sanction! Lysandra, the Six-Winged Angel, wielded a powerful Divine technique. This was a crowd control technique! It was a super-large range attack Divine skill! It was also because Lysandra's strength wasn't that high. She was only at the Tier 8, so her range wasn't that big. If Lysandra were to become a True God and reach the peak of her complete body, then this single Holy Sanction would be enough to destroy the entire Dark Forest. Hundreds of millions of Holy Swords would fall, and the Dark Forest would be wiped off the map.

At the moment, among all the angels under Haru's command, only Lysandra, the Six-Winged Angel of Principality, was able to release it, because it was a Divine Crowd Control skill that belonged exclusively to the Angel of Principality, Angel of Virtue, and the Ophanim.

"Lord's glory envelops the whole world! Only by believing in the Lord can you gain eternal life!" The Six-Winged Angel, Lysandra, wielded her power and pointed at the battlefield. "Kill!!"

In an instant, the little angels returned to the battlefield, brandishing their Holy Swords to wipe out the wild monsters that were still alive on the battlefield. At the same time, the angel of love, Seraphina flew over. A great healing spell enveloped the Six-Winged Angel Lysandra.

Soon, Lysandra's slightly trembling Angel body calmed down. The almost exhausted Divine power in her body was rapidly recovering. Lysandra nodded at Seraphina to express her gratitude. Seraphina, the Angel of Love, responded with a gentle smile that seemed to be able to contain everything. Then, she entered the battlefield again.

"Angels are worthy of being a sacred creature, the unique level troops! Not to mention these ordinary wild monsters, even a Top-Level dragon army can't stop them!" A Divine Crowd Control skill instantly killed hundreds of wild monsters.

Low ranked, elite, commander, no one was able to contend against it, and the Holy Swords pierced all of them. This was a real killing technique! Even Haru felt his scalp go numb. However, he was still more excited. The stronger the angels, the more powerful his castle was.

As time passed, the little angels killed more and more wild monsters. The monsters surrounding Angel Castle finally showed signs of exhaustion. The living monsters roared. They were rather unwilling. No matter how they charged, they could not break through the small angels' defensive circle. Instead, they were massacred one after another, with heavy casualties.

Finally, ordinary low-ranked monsters were dead. The elite monsters were all dead. There were only a few commander-ranked monsters left. The Blood Moon affected them. They were berserk and fearless and their goal was very clear, that was to rush into the castle!

It was as if something was stimulating them in the castle, making them furious. They desperately wanted to enter until either the castle was destroyed or they died. However, in the end, a few commander-ranked monsters still fell on the battlefield. The little angels using Angel Battle Skills and Divine Skills killed them!

"It's over!" Haru heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, a dazzling golden light appeared again. It wasn't just him. Other than Seraphina, the Angel of Love and Mary, the six-winged archangel, who had just advanced to the Tier 9, the other angels were all shrouded in golden light.

This was a sign of advancement! After a long time, the golden light finally dispersed. Haru went from the Tier 6 to the peak of the Tier 7. He was only a step away from Tier 8. Some of the little angels had advanced by one tier, and some had even advanced by two tiers. The increase was huge.

There were 26 little angels under him. There were three of them: Six-Winged Archangel Mary (peak Tier 9), Angel of Love Seraphina (peak Tier 9), and Six-Winged Angel Lysandra (mid Tier 9). There were ten Tier 8 Angels. They were Michael, Samael, Raphael, and the others. The remaining thirteen little angels had all reached Tier 7.

In other words, even the weakest members of the Angel Team had the strength of Tier 7! Their overall strength could be said to have soared! Even if the King-Level Dragon attacked, Haru was not afraid. The Angel Team could not only fight it, but they also had a high probability of slaying the dragon!

"Angel Reincarnation Pool has risen to the third level. Every time it will give birth, it will be able to give birth to ten angels!" Haru seemed to have already seen the Angel Team growing to become Angel Corps. He was in a good mood. At this moment, Haru turned to look at the forest in the distance.

The dense forest had calmed down. There were no swaying trees and no monster roars. He felt that at least, there would not be any wild monsters coming to die tonight. Haru roughly counted the corpses of the monsters on the battlefield.

There were about 1,800 of them. There were about ten commander-ranked wild monsters and over three hundred elite-ranked monsters. If it was the other Castle Lords, they would have been killed long ago. Their castle would have been razed to the ground and turned into ruins.

Only his Angel Team could withstand such an attack. Even from beginning to end, the wild monsters were not able to get within a hundred meters of the castle and were all blocked on the battlefield 100 meters away.

The pile of monster corpses surrounded his castle in the shape of a ring. Blood flowed on the ground. An owl was howling in the distant forest, but it did not dare to approach. Blood Moon tilted west. The Dark Forest became even quieter. The first night after the Beginner Protection Period ended was about to pass.

Billions of Castle Lords had finally witnessed the cruelty of the Endless Continent at night, but as long as the night passed and the Blood Moon fell, the first ray of dawn would bring hope.

Haru opened his friend list and contacted Lily who was in the underground world.

"Lily, how is your situation?" Haru had never been to the underground world and was not familiar with the world ruled by dark creatures. He had only heard Lily's explanation. The underground world seemed even crueler as compared to the surface world. There were countless dark creatures, groups of undeads. That was the paradise of the evil races!

Lily received Haru's message and quickly replied, "Haru, I have successfully blocked the wild monsters! Uncle Grimstone and the others are cleaning up the battlefield. The castle is safe and sound, but many of the Gray Dwarves have died…"

Haru said, "It's normal for soldiers to die in battle. As long as the castle is fine, it will be alright." How could there be no soldiers dying in a war Even his little angels had almost died in the battle just now. Luckily, Seraphina and Mary were able to protect them with their Divine spells.

Of course, death was not a big deal for angels because angels could be resurrected. As long as the Angel's Heart was placed in the Angel Reincarnation Pool, the angel could be reborn. After chatting with Lily and encouraging her, Haru turned off his friend's information.

It was already three or four o'clock in the morning; he was so sleepy. However, he did not rest. The monster corpses on the ground were still waiting to be dealt with.

There was a strong smell of blood in the air, but Haru wasn't worried about attracting wild monsters. He just didn't want the corpses to rot. He had to collect and decompose them into food and monster materials to store them in the castle's warehouse.

The little angels were also cleaning up the battlefield. They collected the Power stones, Magic Crystals and Blueprints from the wild monsters. Haru had gained a lot from this battle. The first was the harvest of a large number of Power Stones.

Next were the Magic Crystals and Blueprints. After all, there were nine commander-rank monsters and more than three hundred elite-rank monsters invading Angel Castle. It was normal for him to have a bumper harvest. Soon, the spoils of war were handed over to Haru and his breathing began to quicken.


Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access Upto 50 Chapters Ahead. Starting At Just $1/Month!


Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access Upto 50 Chapters Ahead. Starting At Just $1/Month!


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