Angel Lord In An Isekai (WN)

What will happen when billions of people from Earth get isekai'd to a place called Endless Continent where Magic reigns supreme and are given a castle and an initial unit to fight for hegemony and immortality? Let's find out through the eyes of our protagonist Kazehaya Haru, a fresh University Graduate who gets lucky and is assigned the powerful Angel Race as his troops. Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access To Upto Dozens Of Chapters Ahead. » KO-FI.COM/LORDARCHDUKE THIS ISN'T ACTUALLY A FANFIC BUT SINCE I WANT TO KEEP THIS WORK FREE, SOME OTHER AUTHORS RECOMMENDED ME TO PUT IT HERE AS WELL. I'M A NEWBIE SO PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO POINT OUT ANY MISTAKES YOU SEE. P.S. This is a translation. This is NOT my novel.

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CH68 Tier 8 Black Tiger Commander!!!

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{Word Count - 1735 Words}

In the underground world, wild monsters also invaded the Gray Dwarf Castle.

"Kill! Protect the castle, protect the glory of the Dwarves! Kill all these underground creatures and protect Queen Lily!" Under the leadership of the Dwarf Uncle Grimstone, more than two hundred Grey Dwarves gathered near the castle's fence to fight the wild monsters that wanted to attack the castle.

The Dwarves belonged to the lower ranks. The initial strength was low and their growth limit was not high. However, Lily's Dwarves were all wearing armor and weapons. They were fully armed, and their combat strength was not weak.

On top of that, the Dwarf Grimstone was a peak Tier 9 warrior. He was a Sky Swordsman of the Dwarves, and the hundred or so Dwarves he had brought with him were all Elite Dwarves. In addition, there was a defensive building fence guarding it. Therefore, it was almost impossible for the wild monsters to break through the Castle of Gray Dwarf that was protected in the center.

"Uncle Grimstone, be careful!" Lily stood on the balcony on the fourth floor of the Gray Dwarf Castle. Her strength was too weak. She was only Tier 3, and she was not good at fighting. Her real combat strength might not be as strong as a Tier 1 wild monster. She could only stay in the safe zone.

Lily gritted her teeth. She tried his best not to tremble. Her face was pale. She was afraid and wanted to hide in the castle. She wanted to hide under the bed so that these red-eyed wild monsters would not notice her. However, she did not. She insisted on standing on the balcony and shouted, letting the Dwarves on the battlefield know that she did not retreat.

Although she was young, she was brave. The morale of the Dwarves was greatly boosted. Led by Grimstone, a Dwarf at the peak of Tier 9, they killed wild monsters. At this moment, their loyalty had already exceeded 90 points. For Lily, nothing could make them retreat. Even if the Black Dragon attacked, they would still dare to fight it!

As the killing continued, the monsters outside the castle were finally gradually decreasing. Of course, some of the Grey Dwarves died in battle, and even their bodies were torn to pieces by the wild monsters. However, the Grey Dwarves did not retreat. Loyalty is faith! They were willing to sacrifice their lives for the Gray Dwarf Castle!

On the balcony, Lily's large eyes were filled with tears. She gathered her courage and took a low-ranked bow from the warehouse. She clumsily placed the iron arrow on the bowstring. The bow and arrow were pulled into a full moon shape.

She lacked combat experience and strength, but she was still a Tier 3 life form. She still had strength. She aimed at a wild monster. Gritting her teeth, she shot out.


The iron arrow pierced into the ground, empty! Lily did not give up. She drew her bow again and again. Her face turned red. Finally, she succeeded. She shot an arrow at a table-sized dark spider. She shouted excitedly, "I can also kill monsters!"

"Long live Queen Lily!!" The Dwarves on the battlefield were also cheering as if they saw the dawn of victory!

On the Endless Prairie, hundreds and thousands of grassland monsters were attacking the Golden Castle.

Aria was dressed in a High-Level armor, leading dozens of Top-Level troops, the Golden War Lions, to kill the monsters. She had her long hair coiled up and held a large sword in her hand. With a wave, a beast's blood flew. The armor was covered in blood, but she was unmoved.

Like a female general, she was valiant. She led the Golden War Lion Corps and charged around to kill the monsters. Everywhere she passed were the corpses of monsters.

Somewhere in a valley, the bang sound kept ringing. Looking up, there was a large group of wild monsters attacking the castle in the center of the valley. The owner of the castle commanded more than sixty Dwarf Firemen to form a circle to block the attacks of the wild monsters.

The sound of the flintlock continued. The smell of the black gunpowder permeated the valley. One wild monster fell in a pool of blood. There were also Elite-rank wild monsters that rushed forward and tore the nearby Dwarf's flintlocks into pieces. The battle was extremely miserable!

Somewhere in the swamp, a lonely castle stood. The castle was surrounded by corpses. There were corpses of monsters in the wild, as well as corpses of soldiers in the castle. The battle was not over yet.

However, the swamp monsters had the absolute advantage. They had already entered the castle territory, massacred the soldiers of the castle one after another, and finally rushed into the castle.

A terrifying scream accompanied it. The owner of the castle was torn to pieces. Not long after, the swamp monster broke the castle's heart. This magnificent Intermediate-Level castle collapsed and turned into ruins. The swamp monsters were like a swarm of fish, scattered in all directions and disappeared into the swamp.

In a corner of the Dark Forest, a youth stood on the balcony. He commanded his Top-Level troops, the Stone Giants, to slaughter all directions. Dozens of stone giants swept past, and the wild monsters fell one after another. His army was almost invincible!

"Too weak! There aren't many elite monsters. What's wrong with this forest? This level of battle is no pressure on my Stone Giant Corps!" The young man shook his head and sighed. He had originally thought that once the protective barrier disappeared, a large number of wild monsters would attack his castle, and the situation would be difficult. Unexpectedly, they were all low-ranked monsters. There were only three or four elite-ranked monsters, so there was no pressure at all.

"It seems that it will still take a beast tide to give me a great harvest!" The young man gazed at the Blood Moon in the sky, looking forward to the arrival of the beast tide.

In the Endless Continent, wild monsters surrounded Billions of Castle Lords. Some of the Castle Lords looked down on the crowd, leading powerful troops to counterattack the wild monsters and slaughter them in all directions.

Some of the Castle Lords struggled to defend themselves, and their soldiers suffered heavy losses.

Some of the Castle Lords had already turned into corpses under the claws of monsters. Their castle had turned into ruins and disappeared in the memories of others.

Every Castle Lord was experiencing war. They cheered for victory and begged for mercy in despair, or died miserably on the battlefield. The Endless Continent has finally revealed its cruel side to the Castle Lords. Life or death, it all depended on whether or not the Castle Lord could adapt.

In the Angel Castle, the monsters in the wild were bigger and stronger. There were countless elite-ranked monsters. Sometimes, a few commander-ranked monsters would appear. It had to be said that this was due to luck.

Of course, if Haru were to speculate, he would think that this had something to do with Angel Castle being upgraded to a town. After all, Angel Castle's influence and reputation in the Dark Forest had reached a level of fame. The famous Angel Castle attracted the attention of not only the local forces but also the wild monsters. In this dark forest, Haru's Angel Castle was a shining white light, and it was very eye-catching.

On the battlefield, Haru's body flew more than ten meters in the air but he did not fall to the ground. Instead, he flipped backward and landed firmly. He raised his eyes to look at the enemy who had ambushed him. It was a Tier 8 tiger monster. Its body was over ten meters long. It was extremely terrifying, like an ancient berserk beast.

During the operation, the ground seemed to be trembling. The Tier 8 black tiger commander also stared at Haru. His blood-red eyes were filled with violence, bloodthirsty, and madness. Under the influence of Blood Moon, even Tier 8 monsters lost their mind. At this moment, a golden sword fell from the sky, piercing through the body of that Tier 8 Black Tiger commander and pinning it to the ground.

This was the Angel Battle Skill from the Six-Winged Archangel, Mary! With Mary's Tier 9 strength, it was not difficult to kill an eighth-ranked Black Tiger commander. Even at the same rank, Mary could still win. This was the suppression of the super-top level bloodline against the low-level bloodline.

"My Lord!" Mary flew to Haru's side. Protecting their Lord was the angel's mission. The other little angels were also slowly shrinking the circle and were protecting Haru. Haru waved his hand and said, "I have nothing to do, go do what you want and end this battle as soon as possible!" He didn't have a good face, he wasn't hurt. It was the same even after being slapped by the Tier 8 Black Tiger commander.

The moment he was hit, Six-Winged Archangel Mary threw a Holy Shield at him. Moreover, there was high-level defensive magic spell, Light of Protection to protect him. Even when facing a Tier 9 monster lord, he would have to be attacked several times before the Light of Protection would be exhausted. As for the Tier 9 monster Lords, his three Six-Winged Angels have already killed them all.

"Yes, my Lord!" Mary complied respectfully. With the Holy Sword in hand, she continued to kill the monsters in the open space. However, she was not too far away from Haru. The furthest distance was only less than 200 meters. If anything happened to Haru, she could provide timely support.

At this moment, a slightly cold voice sounded in the air. It was the angel of love Seraphina! She stood mid-air, three pairs of her snow-white Angel Wings spread out, radiating Holy Light.

"Lord, gave life to the world, the world should be grateful! Betrayal, blasphemy, slander, they will all be punished!" Instantly, Seraphina, the Angel of Love, released a dazzling Holy Light. It was like a blazing sun shining on the battlefield. In an instant, a large number of wild monsters fell to the ground and howled in pain.


Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access Upto 50 Chapters Ahead. Starting At Just $1/Month!


Become A Member At My Ko-fi For Access Upto 50 Chapters Ahead. Starting At Just $1/Month!


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