Angel's Blessings for Perfect Dystopian Life [BL] Book

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Angel's Blessings for Perfect Dystopian Life [BL]


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***DROPPED*** Last Update: - I have now stopped writing any kind of novels. Thank you all, it's been a good time. - To be fair, since this work didn't win any WSA award and is so damn unpopular, I seriously feel super painful working on it. Totally lost the will to continue the novel (But not this story, just the novel. I still love the story as ever and I swear I tried my best to make it turn out as good as possible.) - So this is goodbye, please don't waste your time here. I'mma go find some other things I'm actually good at. ***But if you still want to try the novel out, PLEASE, DON'T UNLOCK ANY MAIN STORY CHAPTER AFTER CH.98*** ***The special chapters are mostly complete though.*** - Last but not least, thank you so so much for your understanding and reading until this point. --- Update frequency: - --- All your comments, reviews, stones, tickets and every single coin you give this book are appreciated. Thank you so much for your support.