Chapter 85: Agree to Disagree


After the entire thing with the girl in the store, whose name I couldn’t remember, I went on a shopping spree like you wouldn’t believe. From paint to furniture and clothing.

Even toys that lord knows the babies wouldn’t be able to enjoy for quite some time.

“Holy shit!” Hale said as Talon jumped out of his pickup truck. “Did you buy the entire store?”

Laughter escaped me as I stood at the back of James’ car with my arms crossed, staring at the two men looking over the large haul I had gotten today while James and I were in town.

There were so many things I had picked up that halfway through the trip, James had to call Talon to bring his truck to help us. The sight of Talon in a baby store was more than amusing because the man’s eyes went wide with the variety of items there were to choose from.