Chapter 168: An Heir to a New Dynasty


Death was something I hadn't expected to see so soon. Yet as my grandfather explained I was dead, or at least my mortal life was, I couldn't help but suddenly feel a hollow pit within my stomach that screamed at me to say everything I wish I could have said.

They never tell you when you're at the end, you're filled with regret over everything you wish you would have done differently. It doesn't matter if you lived a good life or if you lived a bad one. Everyone must feel some kind of regret in some way or another.

“How can I be dead? I wasn't supposed to die.”

Nodding his head once more, he held out his hand and gestured for me to follow him. But as I gazed at my brother and my friends, who were staring at Odin in confusion, I couldn't help but wonder if there was somewhere else I was supposed to be.