And Then He Became My Youth Book

novel - LGBT+

And Then He Became My Youth


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Crossdressing to save his sister! The young miss is now played by the young master! Determined to help his sister and save face, the shut-in, homeschooled twin brother returns from abroad, and changes his identify. Luó Xiang who has always lived in his sister's shadow and done everything she says finds himself in a dilemma, when the head of the Luó family asks young miss Luó to come home. But this is her reply... "Hey, Xiang, come trade places with me!" At first it was just a joke, trying on her clothes and learning how to put on makeup. Until one morning his sister ups and leaves without a trace, leaving behind a note. It's Luó Xiang's first time in an actual school and at that he's a girl! "You'll never believe it! Luó Xia was caught inside the boy's bathroom." "That's nothing, she beat up all the delinquent boys in class C after school!" "Isn't she getting too cozy with the boys at school?" Luó Xiang couldn't care less what his classmates thought about him, and just wants to graduate, so he can return to the states. But then there's him. Han Zixuan. "Teacher Han, I really don't want to help you after class, find somebody else." Luó Xia(ng) protested, already turning to leave. "Student Luó, should I abuse my power and force you instead?" "How shameless can you be?!" While helping with grading papers... "How old are you now?" Han Zixuan asks. "Pervert." Luó Xia(ng) says with a flat face. "How old?" He insists. "Seventeen." "I'll woo you for now, in a year's time, let's date!" "..." Luó Xiang had never expected that back home he would have to fight off a 'perverted' twenty four year old man, determined to make him his 'wife' no matter what! The teacher-student love story begins, with a mysterious teacher whose real identity remains a secret. And the top scorer who has an even bigger secret!