3 Contacting sister

After leaving his room he decided to go to his second prey. His new sister. His sister is 12 year old with blue hair and pink eyes. Although he has another sister that is for later.

His sister is a bit prideful and bratty but has a despreta trait to get his acknowledgement

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He realizes that his character changed a lot after his transmigration. Not only did he mind control someone now he is thinking to f*ck someone who is only 12.

He realizes that many people if not almost anyone would be disgusted whit his thoughts and actions but he didn't care. He is the crown prince of the Wang empire.

Whatever he wants should be his and only his and no one should ever touch or even think about taking something that is his.

And his sister is someone who he already regards as his.

He knows he can basically get any beauty he wants but he wants people who get his possessive side out like his sister or Yan Yu.

After wanting to go to his sister he thinks of something a bit more fun to do. He goes to a servant and says.

"Inform my sister that I will go to her in 2 hours to talk privatly".

"Ofv Coursze, Yourr hihighnez". said the servant with a trembling voice. (I hope that came over as a trembling voice and if you find these little things annoying say it and will put them at the end of the chapter.)

After the servant goes away he realizes he needs to go back to his manor because he wants to train in this extra time but to hide his strength that needs to be done in his private training ground.

After arriving at the training ground he first goes over the knowledge of the previous host.

You have first the Martial Apprentice realm which give you 3 times the strength of an ordinary person and 10 more years.

Next comes the Martial Senior realm which gives you 10 times more strength than an ordinary person and 40 more years and also an extra of your senses heightened.

Next you have the Martial Master realm which makes you about 40-50 times stronger than an ordinary person and 130 more years and also your senses even more heightened and reflexes.

The host doesn't really know more because those realms didn't even mater.

Having no really training buddy he decides to train the technique's of the previous host.

After training for almost 2 candle clocks he decides to make himself ready to go to his sister.

After arriving at his sister gate he opens it and sees his sister awaiting him in her cute little robe. His sister is definitely a very cute girl with a little chest which is normal for her age but a beautiful but which definitely will turn in something great in the future with 2 already fleshy thighs.

"Hello brother, how have you been". his sister said with clear nervousness and excitement in her voice.

After greeting each other his sister guides him to a beautiful garden with a pond and hut in the middle whit a table where they sat full of snacks and tea.

After siting his sister gives him some the and looks at him with eager eyes for his opinion.

Seeing how she looks at him he already gets a bit hard which the table luckily hides.

After drinking a sip of the tea his mind is blown having never experienced such a good tea in his previous life but on the outside he still caries his cold and indifferent expression.

After a bit he decided to look at her with approving eyes and say.

"The tea is quite good sister".

After getting praised and approved by her brother who never approved her one can only imagine her happiness.

Seeing this he got even harder. Seeing that even without hypnosis how much his impact have.

"I am very happy brother likes my tea, I especially asked father for some good teas but can i ask why brother visited".

Although she is beyond happy that her brother visited her she knows her brother who is a very serious person.

"Well my cute little sister got attacked by a beast when she was at the border and heard how she luckily got saved".

"I am very happy that brother was concerned for me. I am very luckily to get saved by Chen Ye". When talking about him you can see a little pink on her cheeks which she still hasn't noticed but her brother had a crazy glint in his eyes when seeing it but it disappeared before anyone could see it.

"Could sister look in my eyes".

"Of cour". But before she could finish she was already in a trance.

"Sister could you tell me a bit more about this Chen Ye".

"He was an ordinary boy at first but he suddenly got very talented and because of his knowledge of the terrain we where able to escape".

"What does sister think of him"

"I think he is an heroic person and have a little crush on him". Although her conscious side may not know her unconscious side does.

After hearing all of these he got very mad but also found it weird. How could a princess get suddenly attacked by a beast and need help of a village boy and how could his sister already have a crush.

Although he has his suspicion he decided to ask his system.

"System is this like those protagonist in my previous world novels".

[Yes one could compare them but the host doesn't need to worry because unlike your picture of them this is reality which means they can't make impossible situations possible. Reality is often disappointing unlike fiction.

It is advised to kill the protagonist because killing him will not only give you a bit of world conquer pro cent but they also have good treasure's.]

"Would their protagonist halo still not screw me".

[No, The halo is like putting an normal person in a world of idiots and if you put someone like you it will have no effect.]

"If my sister is a heroine in this persons story will that mean that fate will still push her in his arms".

[No because of multiple reasons but 2 big ones are that the effect of hypnotizing eyes are mush stronger than fate itself and if you use the her she may lose her heroine status.]

Although still angry he is happy that the protagonist doesn't seem to much of a threat like those in villain novels where they are still alive like annoying bugs.

His anger mostly comes from the fact that knowing if he wasn't here his sister would have been taken advantage of someone like a protagonist, someone who isn't him. but he decided to just kill him in the most cruel ways possible.

Also he decided to be extra careful when hypnotizing his sister.

"Sister from now on you will lose all your affection for other people besides your amazing brother Wang Jing. Your heart will only have place for him and you will also never get any affection for anyone ever. You will also hate your savior Chen Ye. You will only have disgust and hate for him but will only attack him when your brother allows you. You're brother is going to become the master and god from your life without him you life will have no reason for existence. you will also kill and torture anyone who ever thinks of doing something or has done something bad to your brother like a faithful dog protecting its owner because you are crazy about you brother. If you ever find out about the hypnotizing you will feel homered that your brother did this for you. You will also never do anything that will upset me even if that means doing something you usually don't do. You will also show less skin and curves of your body to anyone else than me".

"After i clap you will wake up".


his sisters eyes regain focus and she looks at him with a crazy smile panting like a dog.

"Brother while i was at the trip at the border that Chen Ye guy looked at me like I was his". His sister said while already clinging to his side.

Although this seemed like a normal sentence he knows it was aimed at the previous hosts pride in his bloodline.

"Well it seems we need to do something about it my cute little sister". he said with a gentle but dangerous smile. His sister seeing this smile began panting even harder and you could see the obsession burning in her eyes.

he also picker her up around he little waist and put her on his lap.


his sister who was caught of guard screamed in a cute voice. he placed his lips near her ears and said in a whispering voice.

"ssht sister, we wouldn't want other people to know whats to happen, right".

"If brother says so". she says like a loyal crazy little sister.

his hands around her waist slowly undid her string and then went up to her shoulders all while licking her ear. Arriving at the shoulders he took of her robe which revealed her upper body in undergarments.

"Sister look at me". he said in a commanding tone which made refusal hard but not like shed ever refuse him.

Whit his sister's beautiful face looking at him he took her lips and first kiss. he started by slowly sucking and massaging her lower lips while his hands had untied the undergarment and went for her petite breast and nipple.

Arriving at the nipples the first thing he did was pinch them both which made her moan in his mouth.


after moaning she left her teeth open which let him attack her mouth with his tong where he had a battle which she quickly gave up because she could never fight against her master.

Having enough of this side he turned her over so they were truly face to face now. He went to her neck to leave a trail of hickeys to her breast where he sucked on one of them.

His hands didn't stay idle and went for her perky little butt which had great potential he could easily mold it in all kinds of shapes.

All this happened while she could only moan like his little slutty sister. And after a very short time she orgasemed.


Leaving her fluids on his hard rock little brother.


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