1 Tomb Raiders

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"O, Heavens!"

"O, Earth!"

"O, our ancestors!"

In the City of Scorpio, the Liu family clan was performing a ritual for their ancestors in front of their family tomb under the lead of the head of their family, Liu Tao.

Liu Tao looked nervous. After he had said the prayers in one breath, he immediately lifted his pickax and started digging the tomb. He didn't even bother to make sure that the incense sticks had been properly placed in the incense burner.

The tomb belonged to the First Ancestor of the Liu family clan!

"Quick! Chop-chop!"

"We'll be saved when the First Ancestor is out of his tomb!"

Liu Tao shouted as he swung his pickax at the grave with six Elders of the family by his side. He looked back at the yard gate every now and then with terror on his face.

Outside the yard, there were more than one thousand people who had vowed to slaughter the entire Liu clan. They were closing in with every second that passed.

"First Ancestor, please forgive your unfilial descendants!"

"The family has declined ever since your demise. Our legacy is lost!"

"You are the First Ancestor of the Liu clan and the First Physical Cultivator. It was written in the family booklet that you had obtained the State of the Golden Body, and that no one could defeat you with your Protective Aura!"

"Please pardon us! Your descendants need you to fight against our enemies today!"

Liu Tao had muttered all these beneath his breath, asking for forgiveness from the First Ancestor. His pickax had also picked up its speed.

"This is the 23rd time we have dug your grave. We won't forget this. We promise to send more paper money to you and burn more incense for you…"

Liu Tao's eyes were overwhelmed with anguish and despair.

They wouldn't have had to do this over and over again if they had been more talented in cultivation.

Behind them, fear seized the hearts of the three hundred Liu family members. Their grip on their weapons tightened, and they were trembling uncontrollably as the enemies' battle-cry grew louder.

However, sparks of hope lit up in their eyes whenever they looked at the tomb before them.

This tomb belonged to an ancestor of the Liu family!

Moreover, it's none other than the First Ancestor himself!

His name was Liu Fan!

According to the family booklet, Liu Fan's background was unknown. He suddenly appeared more than a thousand years ago and rose to the top in the blink of an eye. He was a legend in the cultivation realm.

The main focus of his cultivation was his physical body. He was known as the "bulldozer" because he had once overthrown an entire era and remained unbeatable until his death.

He invented the "Law of Cultivation," calculated the "Heavenly Cycle of Qi" in one's body to an incredible precision of 3.141592653 days, and introduced the important concept of "the Golden Ratio in Human Bodies."

He pointed out that the first step to the cultivation of one's physical body was to correctly identify the four "golden points," which were the two "golden rectangles" and two "golden indexes" of the human body.

He had achieved the State of the Golden Body using the aforementioned technique, which rendered him insusceptible to any form of physical harm.

His achievement had thus earned him the title of the "First Physical Cultivator," and he was thereafter celebrated as a legendary figure among all physical cultivators.

He was the true definition of "unconquerable"!

It was also he who had established the glory of the Liu family clan. After he had passed away, he was buried in the family tomb.


With a loud noise, the gate was breached and the enemies rushed in with swords in their hands.

"Hold them back!"

"I'll continue digging!"

Liu Tao gave orders immediately.

The six Elders nodded and put down their pickaxes. They picked up their weapons and led their clan members into battle.

The clash of swords was intertwined with cries of pain. Many clan members collapsed into pools of blood.

Due to one miscalculated move, one of the Elders fell to the ground with only half of his head still on his neck.

Liu Tao's eyes were bloodshot with anger and terror.

"Who buried the First Ancestor last time?!"

"Why the hell did he have to bury him so bloody deep?!"

He hadn't even seen the coffin after all the digging!

"AHHHHH! COME OUT, FIRST ANCESTOR!!!!" Liu Tao shouted, red-eyed. But he never stopped swinging the pickax.

He hated whoever buried the First Ancestor the previous time for burying the body so deep, even though everyone was aware that they had had to dig the coffin out frequently…


The pickax hit something. It was the First Ancestor's coffin!

"Hahahaha, the First Ancestor is finally out!" Liu Tao shouted and lifted the coffin lid excitedly.

There was a man in a linen shroud lying in the coffin. He looked as if he was fast asleep.

Despite looking as if he was in his early 20s, he was the very First Ancestor of the Liu family!

The man known as the "Bulldozer"!

As he had achieved the State of the Golden Body, his skin was as smooth as jade even after one thousand years. The sparkling Spearhead Aura was still flowing around his body after all these years.

"Ancestor, please forgive your descendants' unfilial acts!"

Liu Tao took a deep bow toward the man in the coffin. Then, he carried him out of the coffin and tossed him into the battlefield.

"Rot in hell, all of you!"

"Lius, get down!" Liu Tao shouted.

Having heard that, the people of the Liu family immediately lay flat on the ground. Their eyes brightened up with exhilaration as they saw the First Ancestor's body fly into the battlefield.

In the enemy army, the heads of clans, including the Spiritual Monkey and the King of Swords, glanced around cautiously.


With a shake of their wrists, poisonous daggers shot toward the falling body from afar.

As the daggers approached the body, they ignited, seemingly like a gunpowder barrel.

The Protective Aura around the body suddenly exploded and expanded outwards in a spherical shape like a beam of light.


Screams of anguish turned the place into a living hell.

The Spearhead Aura swept across the atmosphere like the sharpest blades in the world.

All those standing were instantly cut into halves. The heads of clans, including the Spiritual Monkey and the King of Swords, collapsed to their death at once.

The sky was blood-stained.

In the distance, there were a few survivors. Their faces were made ashen by the gruesome scene in front of them. After they had recovered from the shock, they took to their heels and tried to escape.

Liu Tao swung his sword and slew all of them.

No mercy!

No enemies left alive!

Blood flooded the floor. Piles of corpses extended beyond the end of the yard, and the air was filled with the stink of blood.

The entire Liu family cheered in ecstasy. They dropped to their knees and prayed toward the First Ancestor's body that was suspended in mid-air.

Again, they had survived the fight with help from the First Ancestor's dead body.

The clan members started to clean up their yard.

Liu Tao, together with the remaining five Elders, lifted up the First Ancestor's body and carefully placed it in the coffin.

"I suggest that we move the First Ancestor's coffin to the ancestral temple for easy usage in the future!" the First Elder said as he stopped the burial.


"It's already unfilial of us to have moved the First Ancestor's body so many times! It will be unforgivable if we don't even allow the First Ancestor to rest in peace in the underworld!"

It was the Fifth and Sixth Elders who objected violently. Liu Tao frowned.

"Fifth, Sixth, are you too old to think wisely? The glory of the Liu family is a thing of the past, and strong enemies could attack us anytime! Why should we jeopardize the safety and survival of our clan by casting aside our only powerful weapon, the First Ancestor?" the First Elder shouted loudly.

Then, he looked at the Fifth and Sixth Elders and said, "Fourth wouldn't have died today if we hadn't wasted so much time digging out the First Ancestor!" As the First Elder spoke, grief crossed his eyes.

The Fifth and Sixth Elders fell into silence, looking guilty.

It was the two of them who had buried the First Ancestor the previous time.

They had buried him so deeply out of filial duty and out of their respect for the First Ancestor.

However, never had they expected that it would also result in the Fourth Elder's death because Liu Tao couldn't recover the First Ancestor in time.

"Haish! Alright, we'll leave the First Ancestor in the temple for the moment, as what the First Elder had suggested."

The Fifth and Sixth Elders finally gave their agreement with a heavy sigh.

The First Elder then turned to look at the Second and Third Elders, waiting for their opinion.

The two nodded in agreement too.

The First Elder smiled. Lastly, he turned to Liu Tao. The latter nodded and said, "I agree too!"

The First Elder let out a long breath and said, "Given the unanimous approval by the head of the family and by the Elders, the First Ancestor will not be buried. His coffin will be moved and worshipped in the ancestral temple!"

"In addition, it's really rude to throw the First Ancestor's body into the battlefield every time we need him. How disgraceful!"

"I suggest that we refine the First Ancestor into a battle puppet…"

Suddenly, a loud thunder exploded in the sky. Rain clouds gathered on top of them, blocking out all sunlight. In the next instant, a heavy downpour ensued.

At the same time, there was a cracking sound from the coffin lid.

Liu Tao and the five Elders were startled. They turned to look at the First Ancestor's body in the coffin. An unspeakable feeling crept into their hearts.

"Did we enrage the First Ancestor…?!"

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