An Unordinary Extra

"In a world where even the shadows have stories to tell, I discovered that the forgotten can wield the mightiest tales" ______________________ I, an ordinary reader of the world's greatest series, found myself entrapped in its world after a seemingly ordinary sleep. "Why am I in this goddamn world? Especially in the body of this guy?" I was now Class A's most overlooked figure—Arthur Nightingale. A magic swordsman who managed to rank 8 among the first years. A character no more than an extra. But I could live a nice life with the talent this body has and my own knowledge right? Or so I thought. "This was the only way," the voice said once more, "This was the only way she could be stopped." Who knew just how special Arthur Nightingale was and where this journey will take me... https://discord.gg/FK9GfrSjtb I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com

WhiteDeath16 · Fantasy
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Year 2043

A faint blush touched Sera's cheeks, mirroring mine for a fleeting moment. A single, surprised blink was her only response, but a hint of a smile played at the corners of her lips, a rare occurrence that left me strangely flustered.

I coughed into my fist to calm myself before turning to Ian. "What about you? Sure you should be wearing something so... flamboyant?"

Ian turned his head with a playful smirk. "Some people have real style, you know!"

I held back a chuckle, appreciating his fiery spirit.

"Let's go inside, guys!" Rachel said excitedly, her energy radiating warmth. Her enthusiasm was infectious, creating a soothing and calming atmosphere instead of an overwhelming one.

We followed her lead, entering the cozy hall where we would celebrate our achievements and reconnect. The room was filled with comfortable seating and a sense of intimacy that perfectly suited our close-knit group.

Jin approached me silently from behind. "You've gotten stronger, Arthur," he said, his voice as quiet as his steps.

I turned to face him. "So have you. Good job."

His eyes narrowed as he scrutinized me. "I don't know why you haven't been abusing the mana contract we made, but don't assume I've let my guard down."

"Of course not," I laughed lightly. "And don't worry..."

Leaning in, I whispered in his ear, using wind magic to ensure our conversation remained private. "Nobody will find out about Rin."

Jin's expression remained stoic, but a flicker of relief crossed his eyes before he nodded.

"Now, have some fun tonight!" I said, giving Jin a friendly pat on the back to urge him to join the group. I turned to the cooler and pulled out a soda, enjoying the cool sensation against my hand.

Rachel's phone chimed once again, drawing her attention. "Ah, Cecilia and Ren are finally here!" she exclaimed, her excitement evident.

"Late arrivals as always," Ian commented, rolling his eyes, while Lucifer took a sip of his water with a faint smile.

I glanced towards the entrance, anticipating their arrival. The atmosphere was growing more vibrant with each new addition to our gathering. Rachel's enthusiasm was infectious, and even Jin seemed to relax a bit as he mingled with the others

We stepped outside to greet Cecilia and Ren as they arrived. Ren wore a violet suit that complemented his striking eyes and white hair perfectly.

However, Cecilia looked simply out of this world. She wore a stunning black dress that contrasted beautifully with her fiery red eyes and golden hair. The dress was more revealing than the others, showcasing her midriff, adorned with a delicate gold stomach chain. Sapphire earrings dangled from her ears, adding an extra touch of elegance to her ensemble.

Rachel, in her simple yet elegant golden dress, looked like an angel. Seraphina's black and silver dress was flashier but still maintained a sense of refined simplicity. Cecilia, on the other hand, embraced a bolder, flashier style, yet she carried it with such grace that it never crossed into tacky territory.

"Wow, you look amazing, Cecilia," Rachel said, her eyes wide with admiration.

Cecilia smiled, her confidence radiating. "Thank you, Rachel. You look stunning as always."

"I bothered to wear this suit and nobody even cares," Ren mumbled, however, everyone here was too trained and thus picked up on it.

"Don't worry you look very handsome as well Ren!" Lucifer playfully said as he stepped closer to him, causing Ren to blush in embarrassment of saying that out aloud.

While those two were bickering again, Cecilia stepped closer to me. Her heels clicked on the ground as she approached, a seductive smile playing on her lips.

She leaned forward, giving me an enticing look that was hard to ignore. I tried to keep my face straight by thinking about something else... ah yes, mathematics, the most interesting subject in the world.

Cecilia came closer, her breath almost brushing against me. I focused hard, reciting numbers in my mind. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32...

"I missed you, Arthur," she whispered, rising up on her tiptoes, her intoxicating perfume enveloping me.

64, 128, 256, 512, 1024...

Her presence was overwhelming, but I maintained my composure, nodding slightly. "Um okay" I managed to say, keeping my voice steady.

I really didn't want anything to do with Cecilia for the simple reason that I knew her sociopathic tendencies.

She, like her family, viewed others as mere tools. If someone couldn't be used to her advantage, they held no value and could die for all she cared.

For some reason, she saw value in me.

'Is she part of the Imperial family?' Luna suddenly asked me mentally.

I nodded internally, 'Yeah, she's the Slatemark Empire's princess.'

A wave of nostalgia washed over me from Luna's side.

'Luna?' I asked, concerned.

'Her eyes just reminded me of Julius,' Luna giggled, 'No worries.'

I let out a sigh, my mind drifting back to the present. Seraphina stepped forward and greeted Cecilia, "It's been quite some time, Cecilia."

"I am grateful that the Ice Princess herself came to greet me," Cecilia giggled, her eyes narrowing at Seraphina.

I could almost feel the temperature in the room drop as the two girls locked eyes.

It certainly wasn't helpful that Ian was chanting "catfight" repeatedly from the side. Thankfully, Rachel slapped the dumb redhead on the head and stepped between the girls.

"Wow, Arthur," Ren suddenly came over. I was expecting another comment about Seraphina, but instead, his eyes widened as he scanned my body.

He was using his Gift, God's Eyes, to assess me.

"You got much stronger," he exclaimed, "Let's fight!"

"Not now, maybe after the party," I said, having no intention of fighting him outside the academy. My preparations weren't quite ready to defeat Ren Kagu.

Ren's enthusiasm didn't wane, though, and he gave me a challenging grin. "I'll hold you to that."

Rachel, having defused the tension between Seraphina and Cecilia, turned her attention back to the group. "Alright, let's not let any rivalry ruin the evening. Tonight is for celebrating!"

The room buzzed with excitement again as everyone settled into the party atmosphere. Despite the earlier tension, laughter and conversation filled the air, creating a warm and lively environment.

Lucifer, always the observer, stood to the side, watching the interactions with a thoughtful expression. His sharp eyes caught mine, and he gave a small nod of approval.

As the night continued, the lively chatter filled the room. Music played softly in the background, adding to the festive atmosphere. We all gathered around a large table, which was filled with various snacks and drinks.

Cecilia took a seat next to me, her eyes glinting mischievously. "So, Arthur, have you thought about your New Year's resolution?"

I chuckled, "Just to survive and get stronger. Simple, right?"

She laughed, "Not everyone has to fight for survival, you know."

Lucifer, overhearing our conversation, joined in. "Survival might be a simple goal, but it's the most important one. Especially in our world."

Rachel, always the peacemaker, chimed in. "Let's focus on the positive, everyone. What about you, Seraphina? Any resolutions?"

Seraphina, her demeanor icy but not unfriendly, thought for a moment. "I want to perfect my ice magic. It's not just about power; it's about control."

Ian, always the fiery one, couldn't resist a jab. "Just don't freeze anyone solid, Sera."

She rolled her eyes but smiled slightly. "I'll try my best, Ian."

Ren, sitting across from me, leaned forward. "What about you, Rachel?"

Rachel's eyes sparkled with excitement. "I want to learn more about healing magic. There's so much potential to help others."

"Of course, you would choose something so noble," Ian teased, but his tone was fond.

Jin, who had been quiet as usual, finally spoke up. "I want to master shadow manipulation. It's a versatile skill."

Cecilia smirked, "And what about you, Ren? Apart from wanting to fight Arthur, of course."

Ren laughed, "That's a given. But aside from that, I want to enhance my physical abilities further. Strength and speed are just as important as magical prowess."

As the conversations continued, the atmosphere grew even more relaxed. Everyone was sharing stories and laughing, and I couldn't help but feel grateful for this moment.

Rachel suddenly clapped her hands, "Alright everyone, it's almost midnight! Let's get ready for the countdown!"

We all gathered near the large windows that overlooked the city. The lights below twinkled like stars, and the excitement in the room was palpable.

As the final seconds of the year ticked away, we all joined in the countdown. "Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Happy New Year!"

Cheers erupted, and we all exchanged hugs and well-wishes. The sound of fireworks exploded in the sky, painting it with vibrant colors.

Rachel turned to me, her eyes bright with happiness. "Happy New Year, Arthur."

"Happy New Year, Rachel," I replied, feeling a warmth in my chest.

Now, it was the year 2043.

I turned to Lucifer, who was engrossed in a conversation with Ren and Ian. They were animated, discussing something with fervor, likely about their latest training exploits or future plans.

I crushed the empty soda can in my hand, a silent promise forming in my mind. 'This is the year I will surpass you,' I thought, feeling a surge of determination.