An Unordinary Extra

"In a world where even the shadows have stories to tell, I discovered that the forgotten can wield the mightiest tales" ______________________ I, an ordinary reader of the world's greatest series, found myself entrapped in its world after a seemingly ordinary sleep. "Why am I in this goddamn world? Especially in the body of this guy?" I was now Class A's most overlooked figure—Arthur Nightingale. A magic swordsman who managed to rank 8 among the first years. A character no more than an extra. But I could live a nice life with the talent this body has and my own knowledge right? Or so I thought. "This was the only way," the voice said once more, "This was the only way she could be stopped." Who knew just how special Arthur Nightingale was and where this journey will take me... https://discord.gg/FK9GfrSjtb I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com

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Mid-Years I

Soon, it was time to leave the Mount Hua Sect and return to Mythos Academy, where the new term awaited us. Archmage Charlotte had ensured that the 9-circle defensive spell system, designed to protect the Academy, was operational. It would hold strong for another two years before the next wave of threats emerged.

'The effects of the pill are tapering off,' I observed, sensing the mana absorption and purification rates gradually returning to their normal levels. The four-fold boost was nearing its end.

This was all expected. With only a few days left of the enhancement, I knew my time with the pill's full power was limited.

However, according to my calculations, I was on track to reach the <White >-rank by the time the end-of-year tournament commenced. With that achievement, I planned to challenge Lucifer for the Rank 1 position. 

Seraphina and I departed for the Academy together. As expected from the Mount Hua Sect, there was a teleportation gate that would take us directly to the island where Mythos Academy was located.

The gate had stringent security measures. It required verification of one's identity using an advanced AI system. Any tampering would trigger an automatic shutdown, ensuring the system's security.

Located at the heart of one of the world's greatest powers, the Mount Hua Sect, this gate was considered impenetrable. The chances of enemy forces invading Mythos Academy through this teleportation gate were practically nil.

With our identities verified, we stepped through the gate, ready to return to the Academy.

Space distorted around me as I was teleported across several thousand kilometers to the Academy. I stepped out of the teleportation gate, taking in the familiar sights and inhaling the crisp, fresh air. Seraphina followed closely behind. After another round of identity checks by the Academy's security, we finally passed through.

Our first stop was the dorms to freshen up before heading to class. As Seraphina and I walked, we chatted casually, catching up on small details and laughing at shared memories. Eventually, we reached the dormitories, where the male and female buildings stood apart.

"Let's meet up later, Sera," I said with a smile. She nodded, returning the smile before heading to her dorm.

I opened my dorm room with a fingerprint scan and immediately crashed onto the bed. I had missed this bed. During the extended winter break, I had been constantly moving, never staying in one place long enough to get comfortable. This dorm bed was the closest thing I had to a home base in this world.

After a short rest, I got up and began to prepare for class. I put on my uniform: a crisp white shirt, black tie, and a black suit and pants with gold trimmings, marking me as a Class A student. The Roman numeral I was proudly etched on the pocket, signifying my top rank.

Feeling refreshed and ready, I headed out, ready to tackle the new term and the challenges that awaited.

I headed to the academy's hyperloop station, eager to cut down on travel time to the classroom. As I waited, I spotted Rose from Class 1-B and struck up a conversation.

We continued to chat as the sleek hyperloop lifted off and zoomed toward its destination. In a matter of moments, we reached the first-year building.

Disembarking with Rose, we took the elevator up. Class B was on the fourth floor, and Class A on the fifth.

"It was great catching up with you, Arthur," Rose said with a light punch on my arm. "Keep in touch!"

I smiled and waved her goodbye before heading up to the fifth floor. Approaching the singular classroom door, I entered to find Lucifer, Ren, Cecilia, and Rachel already present. I was the fifth to arrive.

We exchanged greetings and chatted until the remaining three students trickled in. Soon after, Professor Nero made his entrance, signaling the start of our new term.

"It's good to see you all after so long," Professor Nero began, letting out a contented sigh before smiling warmly at the class. "I hope everyone's winter breaks went well, despite the extra workload. As you all know, today marks the beginning of your Mid-Year exams. We'll start with the theory exams and then move on to the practicals, which will have a very different format from last time. These exams will determine your rank and could lead to class changes, so be mindful."

He paused for a moment, his smile widening. "But before we dive into the theory exams, let's talk about our winter breaks. I'm curious to hear about what everyone has been up to."

The class buzzed with anticipation as Nero's invitation to share experiences lifted the atmosphere. Rachel was the first to speak, recounting her visit to her family's estate and the intense training she underwent with her father alongside me. 

Next, Lucifer shared his adventures. He had spent his break in a secluded mountainous region, training under extreme conditions to enhance his physical and magical abilities. His tale was met with admiration and a few chuckles as he described a particularly comical encounter with a mountain goat that he claimed had nearly bested him in a staring contest.

Cecilia talked about her time volunteering at a shelter, helping those affected by the recent beast attacks. Her compassionate nature shone through as she described the relief on people's faces when they received aid. 

'How fake,' I chuckled internally as I looked at the sociopath casually lying to everyone around her.

When it was my turn, I recounted my time at the Mount Hua Sect, the Creighton estate and home. I spoke about my training under Master Li and the new techniques I had begun to learn. I mentioned Seraphina's hospitality and the serene beauty of the sect's environment.

Finally, Ren shared his break, spent largely in meditation and honing his mental acuity alongside his physical skills. 

"We also all had a big New Year's party!" Rachel exclaimed excitedly, "That was the highlight of the winter break."

"It certainly was," Ian chuckled, "It made all my hard work fighting against dark beasts worth it."

Professor Nero listened attentively to each of our stories, nodding and occasionally offering a comment or question. After everyone had shared, he clapped his hands together. "Thank you all for sharing. It's clear that each of you has made the most of your time away. Now, let's channel that energy and focus into our exams."

With that, he handed out the first set of theory exams, the room falling silent as we began. The rustling of papers and the scratching of pens were the only sounds as we concentrated on our tasks.

The theory exams covered a broad range of subjects, from mana theory to political science. Each question required not just rote knowledge but also a deep understanding of the concepts and their applications. I worked methodically, confident in my preparation.

The questions were genuinely difficult this time, a steep rise compared to the mid-terms.

'The average score will probably drop by 20 points or so,' I mused, scratching my head as I tackled a particularly challenging question about beasts.

"The answer is simple," Luna's voice echoed in my mind.

"Then tell me," I urged her.

"I can't tell you every answer; otherwise, you won't learn," Luna hummed, her tone almost teasing.

'Then why bother saying anything at all!' I grumbled internally, my frustration mounting as I struggled with the question.

Each question felt like an uphill battle, testing not just our knowledge but our critical thinking and application skills. I found myself re-reading sections of the beast analysis text, trying to recall details about various species and their behaviors. The room was filled with the sound of pens scratching on paper, the occasional sigh of frustration breaking the silence.

Despite the difficulty, I pushed through, relying on the hours of preparation I had put in. I could feel the mental strain, but I knew that this was just a part of the journey towards becoming stronger. Every question answered correctly was a small victory, a step closer to my goal.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the first set of theory exams was done. I put down my pen and leaned back in my chair, feeling a wave of relief wash over me. Glancing around, I saw similar expressions of exhaustion and determination on my classmates' faces.

"Well done, everyone," Professor Nero said, his voice breaking the silence. "Take a short break, and then we'll continue with the next set."

I exhaled deeply as I sunk back into my chair.

"Those questions were so much fun!" Rachel said, her lips curled into a bright smile that would normally make my heart skip a beat.

But not today. Not now.

"Fun?" Ren asked, turning to look at her, his purple eyes wide with disbelief, "In what world are those questions fun, woman?!"

He almost screamed the last words, causing everyone to wince in response.

'Even the calm Ren is completely shaken,' I thought.

"Hey, don't blame me just 'cause you didn't study," Rachel pouted, "This is the level of questions we should have every test!"

"AHH, SHUT UP!" Ren yelled, scratching his head like someone suffering from PTSD. I have never done that while doing any exams in my life. Most definitely not. Never ever.

"It was a fun but tough test," Cecilia commented, her eyes sparkling like crimson moons, "Study more, Ren."

I let out a chortle before turning to see Ian's pale face, as if he had seen a ghost, and even Seraphina's stoic expression showing hints of frustration.

The only people who seemed to be fine were Cecilia, Jin, and Rachel.

Even Lucifer wasn't smiling anymore.

"I think I might have aged ten years," Ian muttered, his voice shaky.

"It was brutal," Seraphina added, her normally composed demeanor slightly ruffled. "But it's over now. We just need to prepare for the next set."

Lucifer finally spoke up, his voice calm but lacking its usual confidence. "We can handle it. We've trained for this."

His words, though steady, lacked the usual conviction, revealing just how tough the exam had been. The room was filled with a mix of relief and dread as we all processed the reality of the mid-year exams.

"It just means my perfect scores will be more impressive than ever," Rachel muttered, but in this room full of sharp senses, no comment went unnoticed.

Ren's shoulders twitched, and Ian turned to Rachel with a look of utter despair.

Her face turned red as she slumped in her seat. "Sorry."

Before long, it was time for the next set of exams.

The exams this time were even harder.