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"In a world where even the shadows have stories to tell, I discovered that the forgotten can wield the mightiest tales" ______________________ I, an ordinary reader of the world's greatest series, found myself entrapped in its world after a seemingly ordinary sleep. "Why am I in this goddamn world? Especially in the body of this guy?" I was now Class A's most overlooked figure—Arthur Nightingale. A magic swordsman who managed to rank 8 among the first years. A character no more than an extra. But I could live a nice life with the talent this body has and my own knowledge right? Or so I thought. "This was the only way," the voice said once more, "This was the only way she could be stopped." Who knew just how special Arthur Nightingale was and where this journey will take me... https://discord.gg/FK9GfrSjtb I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com

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Meeting the Kings

I crushed the soda can in my hand before tossing in into the trash. It was now the year 2043. 

"Happy New Year Sera," I smiled as I turned to her. Her dress was truly flawless. And it did perfectly match me by coincidence.

A lovely coincidence indeed.

Seraphina smiled lightly at me as she opened her mouth, but before she could say anything else, the door opened.

Goosebumps erupted all over my skin as even Luna flared inside my head in alarm.

What could it be? Who would dare attack the Creighton estate even if the King is away? After all, there are many 8 and 7-circle mages here, there is no one brave enough to attack this place.

However, I was wrong. The people entering weren't intruders.

My breath was caught in my throat as all of us turned to look at them, the others' faces lighting up in familiarity. 

After all, the beings in front of us represented the peak of the world. But they were merely the parents of the teenagers around me.

Alastor Creighton, the 9-circle mage and King of Creighton, stood tall in his sleek navy blue suit, exuding a feeling of regality mixed with warm emotions. His presence was both commanding and comforting, a true testament to his dual roles as a ruler and a father.

Beside him was Arden Windward, known as the 'Black God of Fighting' and the second King of the North. As Lucifer's father, he radiated an aura of formidable strength. His eyes were sharper than Alastor's, and his black suit mirrored Jin's attire, a fitting choice for his fearsome reputation.

Marcus Viserion, the King of the South and Ian's father, was also present. His bright suit matched his son's flamboyant style, yet the power he exuded was anything but flashy. Marcus's mere presence commanded respect, his aura vibrant and intense.

Finally, there was Quinn Slatemark, the third 9-circle mage and the Emperor of the Slatemark Empire. Despite being considered the weakest among the 9-circle mages, his title as Emperor of the greatest power in the world made him the most influential. His demeanor was imposing, his every move calculated and precise, reflecting the weight of his immense responsibility.

As these titans of the magical world stood before us, the room buzzed with an electrifying energy. Each of these men, in their unique ways, represented the pinnacle of power and mastery. Yet here they were, in this intimate setting, simply parents come to celebrate with their children.

Alastor's voice broke the awed silence, his tone warm yet authoritative. "Happy New Year, everyone."

We all echoed the greeting, our voices a mix of reverence and familiarity. The presence of these powerful figures added a weight to the celebration, a reminder of the expectations placed upon us.

"So, is he the one you've been training, Alastor?" Arden asked as he and Alastor approached me. I tried my best to stay level-headed as I bowed deeply.

"I greet the King of Windward and the Black God of Fighting, Your Majesty Arden Windward."

"At ease," Arden smiled, his face relaxing into a more approachable expression. "Feel free to greet me normally; I don't want etiquette to get in the way."

"He is quite special, you see," Alastor complimented me, patting my shoulder. "More special than some of our own children."

Marcus's eyes widened in surprise as he scrutinized me more closely, while Quinn remained impassive, his gaze steady and unreadable. Arden, however, seemed to be holding back a smirk.

Of course, Arden had no reason to fear my talent because he had Lucifer, the greatest genius the world had seen since Julius Slatemark, the first human to reach <Radiant >-rank. And this was before Lucifer even unlocked his second Gift, which, once awakened, would catapult him into a realm untouched by any genius before him.

"Special, indeed," Marcus finally said, his eyes narrowing as if trying to see through me. "Alastor doesn't give out praise lightly."

"I'm honored by your words, Your Majesty," I replied, keeping my tone respectful. "But I still have a long way to go."

"Humility is good," Quinn finally spoke, his voice as cold and calculated as his demeanor. "But don't let it hinder your ambition."

"Wise words," Arden nodded in agreement. "Ambition tempered with humility can take you far."

"I look forward to seeing what you can do Arthur," Arden concluded as he squeezed my shoulder lightly before turning around.

'All these humans... they truly are terrifyingly strong,' Luna commented in my mind. 'To think so many of them reached the <Radiant >-rank after Julius discovered it.'

'How do they compare to Julius?' I asked curiously.

'I haven't seen everything they can do, and the magic system humans have advanced further, but from what I can see,' Luna answered, 'They wouldn't stand a chance against Julius.'

'Really?' I said in surprise.

'Julius reached a monstrous level of power that allowed him to contend against the other three mythical creatures simultaneously without my help,' she explained. 'His innate Gift, combined with my Lucent Harmony, made him virtually unstoppable.'

I absorbed Luna's words, trying to imagine the kind of power Julius must have wielded. The legends painted him as a figure of almost mythical strength, but hearing Luna's first-hand account made it even more daunting.

Meanwhile, the party continued around us. Laughter and chatter filled the air, creating a stark contrast to the heavy thoughts in my mind.

"Arthur," Rachel's voice brought me back to the present. She was standing beside me, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "Are you okay? You look a bit lost in thought."

I smiled, shaking off the lingering weight of Luna's revelations. "Just thinking about the future, that's all."

Rachel nodded, her expression understanding. "Well, it's a new year. Anything is possible, right?"

"Right," I agreed, feeling a renewed sense of determination. "Anything is possible."

As the evening progressed, the room buzzed with energy and anticipation. The parents mingled with their children, sharing stories and words of wisdom.

Seraphina stood quietly by the window, her eyes reflecting a mixture of resolve and contemplation. Jin and Ian were engaged in a friendly debate about the latest advancements in combat techniques, their voices animated and passionate. Ren, with his usual composed demeanor, observed the room with a keen eye, his violet suit contrasting sharply with his white hair.

As I savored the prawns, I asked Luna a question that had been lingering in my mind. 'How did Julius die?'

After a pause, she responded, 'I don't know. I can tell you more about him, but it's too early. I will share everything once you surpass the Wall.'

I nodded internally, understanding the gravity of her words. I had one more question. 'How strong was Julius when you gave him your will?'

'He had reached 5-star back then. In terms of strength... he was stronger than Lucifer if he used Lucent Harmony,' she replied.

That confirmed it. Julius Slatemark's myth wasn't fully explored in the novel either, leaving many details shrouded in mystery.

All I knew was that he died at the hands of demons. But how? Julius was able to drive back a dragon, a basilisk, and a phoenix simultaneously. That's the equivalent of fighting three to four <Radiant >-rankers at once and winning, something only Lucifer could manage after unlocking his second Gift and reaching <Radiant >-rank.

But I shouldn't worry about that now. Whoever or whatever killed Julius is a threat I cannot even hope to touch at this moment. I would need to at least reach <Immortal >-rank before I could even consider making plans to face such a foe.

For now, I needed to focus on perfecting my foundation.

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