An Owl's Rise

Evelyn had a normal happy life until the untimely death of her mother. Her loving father soon became an abusive drunk that would constantly beat her and her older brother Mason. After years of abuse one day Evelyn and Mason managed to escape the terror of their father, when Evelyn finally snapped and killed him. Unfortunately, even though they escaped their rotten father, their lives came to a violent and early end at the hands of a cruel fate. However, when Evelyn woke up after dying, she found herself in a dark damp place. And when she broke free from what confines her, she finds herself reborn as an owl. Follow along as Evelyn lives her second life as an owl in a world of magic and mystery, as she aims to rise up and become the strongest. So, no one can ever dictate her fate again. Warning: This novel is going to be very dark in places, especially the prologue. If you are faint of heart, I recommend you not read this novel. Artwork By Radiopaque.

MegaC · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
447 Chs

Chapter 141 Meeting with Katrina and Anneli

With night coming to an end and the sun coming up, the majority of the owls from the expedition unit were getting some rest.

Other than the lookouts who were on watch, everyone else was already drifting off to sleep. Making it the perfect time for Evelyn to go and meet up with Anneli and Katrina.

'To think I would be waiting for it to become daytime to have a clandestine meeting.' Evelyn thought while internally laughing.

For humans it was normally standard to have such engagements done at night when most people were asleep, but with most owls being nocturnal it was the complete opposite.

Slowly spinning her head around, Evelyn took in her surroundings and located where each of the sentries keeping watch over the area currently were.

Then when she was certain that none of them were watching her, she took out two talismans from one of her storage rings.

'Invisibility and scent dampening.' Evelyn thought as she activated each of them.