2 Growing Up

The first week had been a quite fuzzy one. Honestly, no matter how much used he was to staying still, he was basically quite limited in actions, his energy was fragile, and he didn't want to risk ruining it for now.

He tried nurturing it slowly with the Spiritual Energy he absorbed in the air. He was using a basic technique, but he had to slightly modify it due to the difference in the laws here, he usually was not restricted by them, but here he was.

When he tried to use Chakra, it was a bit easier, since it was his Life Force, he could slightly use the Yin Yang Release, and had created some small creations, which he immediately destroyed, not wanting to be discovered.

From what he had understood, he was reborn in this new world, completely different from his own, and even the energies were different, but he still could manipulate it into the energy he used before.

He was a newborn of the Sacred Family, one of the three most powerful families of Glory City, located in the St.Ancestral Mountains, which remained the last safe place for humanity to survive in.

Not much was known about the history of humanity before coming to the Glory City, and the ranks were divided into : Bronze,Silver,Gold,Black Gold and Legend Rank. There was only one Legend Rank in the entire city, Ye Mo.

Obviously, to Shen Tian all of them were younglings. From what he could understand, all those Black Gold and Legend Rank cultivators as he liked to call them,but were actually Demon Spiritualists and Fighters, were way weaker than the cultivators in his world.

They relied on outside help, demons, to strengthen their bodies, he had acquired this information from sending his domain out, despite it having been severely weakened, those weak people still couldn't detect it.

That was something to his advantage, it meant he could explore the entire Glory City without having to be troubled of being found out. That was a very big advantage he wouldn't be afraid to use at all.

Now… He had to think of his future plans.

Shen Tian was now four years old, he had realized several things. His Chakra Coils, were left severely damaged due to the explosion which occurred with the failure of his new technique, and were slowly recovering.

His Spirit Energy had mixed with his Soul Energy, to create an enhanced Spirit Energy, which was far more powerful than the Spirit Energy which he absorbed in the air typically, meaning he was three to five times as strong as other Demon Spiritualists.

It would take several years for his wounds to fully recover, as they were not physical, but were wounds in his soul itself, which was far more troublesome than mere physical wounds one could receive.

Meanwhile, he was associated himself with several kids his age… His father was at the Black Gold Rank, a Demon Spiritualist, he was also pushed into the corner of the main branch due to disagreements.

He wanted to help his father, but with his crippled body it would be extremely hard to even do something, however he used his mutated and enhanced Spirit Energy to help improve his father's energy.

Basically, he betted than in less than 10 years, his father would breakthrough to the Legend Rank. That would be legendary, as the only Legend Rank in the Glory City was Ye Mo, who was not part of the Sacred Family.

From what he had understood, his grandfather died several years prior, leaving his father to become the patriarch, but due to pressure from elders of the family, the position was given to Shen Hong.

His Father, Shen Xian, was a prodigy and had reached the third star of the Black Gold Rank before the age of eighteen, however due to a disease he slowly weakened, and despite his power being that high,now, was just about the first star of the Black Gold's power.

Shen Xian and Shen Hong were brothers, the latter was way older than Shen Xian, and was the older brother, but due to infighting between the family, their father had declared him incapable of leading it.

The two also had a sister, who was basically too weak to even contend for the title of the clan leader. She just supported the older brother, Shen Hong, her name was Shen Xiu Shen Tian had to accept the fact she was very beautiful, but it wouldn't affect him at all.

Shen Tian had heard about Demons, his aunt had the Scarlet Flame Fox, which enabled her to reach the Gold Rank at maximum. He did not really put that in his sight, as he already had his own demon,which was binded to his soul.

It was the Abyssal Void Dragon, while not the strongest being in his other world, it was the only only one he could use, as it was a baby, meaning it's power was lower than even the current him.

He estimated it's power was around the first star of the Bronze Rank, which could be easily suppressed using his soul's sheer pressure on the newborn, who would think of him as it's father.

Shen Xian, his father was a man in his thirties, his mother had died early, when he was just born, leaving his father with just him, his son. He had a cleanly shaved face, with orange eyes and long blue hair.

Shen Tian had taken his Blue Hair, but he did not let it grow too much, and usually cut it, thus most of the time it was spiky and short, and there were a few strands of orange and red in the hair. He also had different colored eyes, one being orange, taken from his father, and another being silver, taken from his mother.

He usually put Gravity Seals over his body, to increase his physical strength, and used his limited Spirit Energy to grow his body into being more tall. He was taller than most people his age by now.

Thus he was not scared of his growth being limited due to the Gravity Seals, which basically increased his weight by around 20kg or so, almost 2x his original Gravity. He was slowly getting used to this.

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