321 What Rey Was Up To

[Moments Earlier: The Merchant City]

"This is weird…"

Rey and Esme were walking alongside each other, though with both of them cloaked, no one around could see them.

They couldn't hear them either.

"Why haven't we spotted a single Warehouse with any slave in them?" Esme muttered, her tone showing signs of impatience.

She was, of course, in her full-plated armor, and her face was covered in a dark helmet. Still, that didn't stop the emotions she displayed from leaking out.

"I'm not surprised." Rey answered her, causing the Half Elf to turn in his direction.

"What do you mean? You knew this would happen?"

"No. I wasn't sure. But, with all of this happening, it's pretty clear what's going on now."

Esme's quizzical expression was hidden underneath her helmet, just as Rey's smile was also locked behind his mask.

Both of them merely spoke without once being able to visually express their current emotions.


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