391 There’s Something About Esme

"Let's go, Esme."

Rey took her hand and drew her close to him as he flew away from the scene.

With his Spatial Skill, he could have easily teleported the two of them out of there, but instead, he chose to ascend to the skies with her.

They both floated in the air, the ground far beneath their feet.

"W-what about Aldred? What will happen to him… and them?"

A single glance at Esme's face showed that, despite being hurt by the Elves, she still cared about them. Rey didn't understand if it was some kind of racial camaraderie, but he found it odd.

'Would I have been the same if the humans treated me like shit?'

He wasn't sure, but he doubted it.

Even when he was considered the weakest of the Otherworlders, and he sort of still was, the Royal Council didn't treat him with any kind of bigotry.


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