289 The One Who Devours

"Two instead of three, huh? Interesting…"

A voice echoed in an immensely pristine room. It belonged to a woman who sat behind an incredibly large dining table.

Her chair was soft and of the utmost quality, and the table was finely made as well.

The entire room was painted mainly white, with layers of black and red—a bit of gold too.

It had an aesthetic of wealth and power… but also forbidden danger.

The woman who sat all alone in the room—save for the masked guard who stood in a corner—was incredibly beautiful.

She had the face of an Angel, and her body was gorgeous beyond description. With clear skin and perfect proportions, she would easily pass as any man's dream lady.

She was currently confronted with a feast on her dining table.

It was mostly a meal that consisted of meat, with deep red sauce, and several garnishing by the side.


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