307 The Night Before [Pt 4]


Rey found himself assaulted by the kiss of a pretty girl.

He didn't know how he found himself in such a precarious situation, or what kind of conversation could have led to such a thing.

All he knew was that Belle was currently kissing him, and her chest was pressed against his.

'S-so soft…' The dark side of his mind trailed.

He meant this for both the two melons that landed on him and the succulent lips that graced his own

'What the hell is this crazy girl doing?!' Rey felt violated.

He had reached the very limits of his tolerance for this sort of craziness.

Not only did she come to his room unannounced, depriving him of sleep, but she also decided to steal one of the most precious things he had.

—His first kiss!

Sure, it felt good… but it was still wrong.

'I should stop her now! This has gone too fa—!'

"Press my boobs. Do it softly."


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