387 The Elf Encounter [Pt 2]

Rey's eyes were wide in shock.

'W-what…?' He struggled to process the words that Aurora had just spat out.

'Abominable half-breed…?'

He took another look at Aurora's face, and what he saw wasn't an emotion synonymous to pity, kindness, or sadness. It wasn't anything warm and fuzzy that was synonymous with a happy reunion.

This was the opposite.

Aurora' tears were not for Esme, but for herself and her people. The look she gave Esme was that of disgust and slowly growing rage.

"A Half Elf… that looks like Older Sister…? How repulsive!"

Esme was so stunned by the response that Aurora gave that she fell silent. All the resolve and confidence that she had accumulated for this moment fizzled out almost instantly.

She just stood there, like a statue, and watched as Aurora uesed words to tear her to pieces.

"Isn't that a bit too far?" Rey finally spoke up, his brows raised in annoyance.


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