259 Scylla’s Wrath



A loud voice echoed from the lips of a particularly beautiful woman, making her appear awfully ugly as a result.

As her long blond hair swayed, her white teeth were displayed in pure rage. She was grating them very loudly, and the wrinkles on her face caused her to appear even more hideous.

"H-how could all of this happen?!" She hissed, growling like a hungry predator who desired nothing but devastation.

Fury, mixed with anxiety and a hint of fear, rose from her pretty body.

This lady was Scylla—the Head of the Slave Union, and also the Leader of the New Order.

Her fury coat and black gown would have made her appear to be one of the classiest ladies in the world, but the crass way she currently spoke, and the curses she spewed thanks to her current dissatisfaction, made her seem more vulgar than she appeared.

Fortunately, only one other person was in the room—her personal guard.


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