183 Resolve To Grow Stronger

According to Adonis, he didn't feel comfortable with the current allocation of rewards, considering the circumstances surrounding the entire incident.

"Billy and Alicia were missing, and Rey went out to search for them. If it wasn't for his decision to seek the aid of Sir Ralyks, we would never have found them and even gotten rescued from the Dragon."

In essence, everyone had their own circumstances.

"I would have liked to give Rey my own share if it was possible, but… unfortunately I require resources for a particular endeavor of mine." Adonis slowly turned to Rey and bowed his head slightly.

"I hope you can forgive my selfishness, Rey."

The instant he did this, Rey swiftly raised both hands and waved them in an awkward attempt to dismiss the entire thing.

"S-stop it! There's no issue at all! I wasn't thinking of taking your reward, even if you offered. Haha… haa…!"


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