547 Open Eyes


Rey's eyes slowly flicked open as he grunted in a slight whisper. 

His body felt a little stiff; almost as if he hadn't moved it in weeks. His vision felt a little blurry at first, but it soon acclimated to the light, and he opened them wide.

As he parted his lips, he soon became capable of sensing his surroundings.

'I am… where is this?' He expressed slight surprise as he sat up on the magnificent bed that he was currently on.

'It's so soft… and it smells so sweet.'

Rey could see that an invisible barrier surrounded the bed—almost like a veil that covered the entire perimeter. He sensed particles of energy dancing in the air as well, and they had rejuvenating properties.

'Whoever put me here must have done so with good intentions, then…' His thoughts slightly trailed as he shifted to the side of his bed and planted his two feet on the tiled ground.

It felt… warm.


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