18 New Plan

After classes were over for the day, everyone in the Alpha group dispersed from their extravagant classrooms.

For the duration of the training, they were taught the fundamentals of Magic and its necessary components.

A lot of theories were explained too, and more importantly, the students were able to practice what they had been taught.

Everyone was given at least a chance to try casting a Spell while chanting and while not chanting.

As expected, since it was only their first class doing something like that, no one was able to succeed in the chantless casting.

A few, however, could do the chanting casting to an extent.

Adonis, Alicia, and Belle were the highlights of the entire class since they were able to succeed with a basic Fire Spell.

"Females are said to be more adept to using Magic, while males are more specialized in Martial Arts and overall combat." Lucielle explained with a smile.

"Of course, there's no real evidence backing this up and it's considered a stereotype."

However, when considering how Lucielle was the Grand Mage and Brutus was the Head Warrior, it was easy to see why the stereotype remained.

"These basic spells, like [Ignite] are not useful in combat, and are just for letting you properly control your Mana in coordination with your Spells. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to use your Skills a lot better."

That was the whole point of the training.

Every individual didn't need to pursue deep Magic in order to get new Skills—not while they were yet to master the ones they already had.

"Your Skills are all amazing and powerful. It's better to focus on getting accustomed to them, and even evolving them, than trying to get new Skills from scratch." Lucielle had explained.

Depending on the Skill, it could take years—if not decades—to acquire them.

Since they had a bunch of powerful Exclusive Skills at their disposal, the most efficient route was learning how to use them.

These words of hers echoed in the mind of a certain student as he walked away from the crowd.

He had his hands in his pockets and his auburn hair danced with the wind as he took his steps.

"Hey, Justin… wanna hang out?"

"Where are you going? We're supposed to go have some fun now!"


Justin, the boy who was walking away from everyone else, simply waved his hand and smiled.

"I'll catch you guys later. There's something I have to do myself."

His friends shrugged upon hearing that. Justin wasn't the type of guy to ditch fun, and since he was a blabbermouth, he would eventually tell them everything he was up to.


"Don't take too long, though!"

With those words, they left him to himself as he walked to a corner.

"Haaa… that was stifling." He murmured to himself, looking to his left and right to confirm if he was all alone.

After taking a few more steps into the obscure corner behind the hall, he smiled even more.

"Looks like it's just me."


His body slowly began to morph as his face and skin changed tone. His hair became black, and his eyes took on a dark brown hue.

He now had a plain, average face. Even his tall build was reduced to an average height.

This person… was no longer Justin.

"To think I actually pulled it off… hehehe!"

It was Rey.


Rey's plan was simple.

He would take Justin's place by using the [Mimic] Skill he had copied from him.

Justin was known to be a very playful individual, so nothing much would be expected of him in class.

Rey thought it would be the best way to blend in with the rest of the students.

'I used the [Sleep] Skill to make sure he slept in, while also using [Sensory Connection] Skill to ensure the both of us share the same experience while he is sleeping.'

To Justin, it would all be like a dream, but this way he wouldn't be missing out on any information in the class.

'I imagine he'd be surprised to learn that it all happened for real, but we've all had experiences with things we thought were dreams but actually happened.'

Rey was sure Justin would eventually take it all in stride, considering his personality.

'Even if he doesn't, who will believe him? He's a well known comedian.'

With that in mind, Rey smiled.

He had already canceled the [Sensory Connection] Skill, and the [Sleep] Skill would wear out in about thirty minutes.

'To think C-Tier Skills could be this useful!'

Rey only had a handful of lower-Tier Skills, but the more he familiarized himself with the Skills in his possession, the more he learned to appreciate their use.

'And now… there's a new addition!'

Rey opened up his Status Window and tapped on his Doppel Skill.

Once he did this, he was able to see all the Skills he had amassed once again, though they were all in the various categories he had set for them.

[Skill Categories]

~ Attack Category: 27

~ Defense Category: 9

~ Buff Category: 10

~ Miscellaneous: 3

[New Skills: Please Select Their Categories]

~ A-Tier: Grand Magic Mastery

~C-Tier: Magic Application

[End Of Information]

"I only expected to get the Grand Magic Mastery Skill from Lucielle, since she is famed for it, but I never expected to have the Magic Application Skill as well."

Rey was grinning from ear to ear at this point.

'With these two Skills, I won't have to worry about mastery over some problematic Skills, and I should be able to use Chantless Magic.'

In essence, he wouldn't run the risk of falling behind the Alpha Group.

Spending a day in their shoes showed Rey just how much the students of the Beta Group were missing out on.

'We are still trying to improve our physical abilities and get a feel for Mana when the others are already moving towards the more advanced stuff.'

Rey didn't think it was unfair, though.

'The requirements were pretty clear. If a Beta Student had the ability to be an Alpha… they would have already.'

The whole system was designed for the sake of the students themselves.

The strong could not be held back, and the weak couldn't be rushed.

It created a balance where everyone thrived.

'Everyone but me.'

Hiding his abilities had proven useful in many instances, especially with privacy.

He had the opportunity to gather his thoughts without the prying eyes of anyone. He was free from influence and interference—at least, for the most part.

'I now have 51 Skills at my disposal. That's way more than anyone in this Nation has.'

Rey had been reading up on this world, so he knew what he was talking about.

'By having abilities that help in my fundamentals—like Lucielle's Skills—I should be able to grow even faster than ever.'

Everything was flowing smoothly.

Well… almost everything.

'There's still one major problem I haven't been able to get past.'

It was one of the reasons Rey had been going to the library, and he was still unable to fully come up with a working solution.

Now, more than ever, he was desperate.

With the current curriculum being insufficient for him, Rey knew it would be a waste to let his wealth of Skills just marinate.

He had to act—and fast!

'I need to find a place to train.'





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