597 Insight

"For the longest time since I came to this world, I've always known what I wanted."

Rey and Esme sat on chairs as they remained in Alicia's room. The former was staring at the girl's sleeping body, while the latter only looked at him in silence.

"I initially wanted to gain the recognition of my classmates. But, after seeing their reactions toward me, I decided to grow stronger than all of them without showing my strength."

Slowly, his motivations and goals had changed over time. However, through them all, he still had some measure of clarity.

His goals were always achievable; with a clear path he had to tread.

To get strong, all he had to do was kill Monsters in the Dungeon. Stopping the Criminal Empire just meant taking out everyone on the board.

Even helping his classmates out, or conquering the Grand Calamity Class Dungeon had clear objectives and methods to achieve them.

"But… right now, I have no idea what to do."


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