3 Farewell To The Domain

"Are you really sure?"

Seraph's words carried a note of caution, a vibe that made Rey pause.

Her face mirrored her concern, telling him she didn't want him to acquire this Skill. But since when did he care about her wishes?

"Absolutely!" Rey's certainty surged within him.

This Skill... this chance... it held the power to transform his life entirely.

'I'm just average at everything. But with this... this power... I don't have to settle for that!' Thoughts raced in Rey's mind.

Whether he ended up with a decent Class was no longer his primary concern; all that mattered was this Skill.

"Okay, then. Now that you've bought the SSS-Tier Skill, [Doppel], you won't have any Karma left to obtain a Class." Seraph's confirmation echoed what Rey already knew. He was about to become Classless.

'Maybe there's a hidden advantage to that,' Rey mused silently.

"I can still hear your thoughts, you know?" Seraph interjected, catching Rey off guard.

The moment Seraph's words interrupted his thoughts, he felt a slight shiver within him.

Her presence was impossible to ignore.

"There's no hidden advantage, and there's no such thing as being Classless." She added with a sigh.

"E-eh?" Rey stammered.

"You'll be granted the Default Class [Commoner]. The same Class the average denizen of H'Trae has."


Rey's heart sank at the mere sound of the Class. If everyone had it, it couldn't promise anything pleasant.

"Are there any benefits?" Rey's curiosity drove him to ask.

"None. You're just a commoner," Seraph replied matter-of-factly.


Disappointment tinged Rey's voice. What did he expect? Being average never came with perks.

"Okay then. I get it. Are we finished?" Rey inquired, eager to conclude this disheartening conversation.

He had gotten his Class and Skill, so by all respects, he was good to go.

"So impudent…"

The muttered comment from Seraph reached Rey's ears, too faint to make out the words.

"What was that?"

"We're done here," Seraph declared, brushing off Rey's inquiry with a casual wave of her hand.

The veil of light enveloping them faded, revealing the world around them.

'So this is what Adonis and Alicia experienced, huh? I wonder what Skills and Classes they chose.' Rey pondered, his thoughts drifting to his companions.

With their popularity and charm, Rey speculated they likely possessed at least one S Tier Skill and rested comfortably in the A-Class league.

'Maybe they even aimed for the SS or SSS Tiers,' Rey mused. Their karma probably afforded them such options effortlessly.

'I don't know if they chose to give up all their Karma Points for only one Skill or Class, though. If that's the case, they'll only have one power. Or maybe… well, who knows?'

"Next," Seraph's call jolted Rey from his reverie, prompting him to step away from his position.

In the midst of it all, he realized his hand was no longer clasped with Seraph's.

'Well, chances are I won't see her again…'

Rey accepted the likelihood, pushing thoughts of Seraph aside and focusing on his new Skill.

'There's so much to do.'


After the initial trio completed their selections, Seraph adopted a fair approach, calling out names in alphabetical order to ensure equity.

This method ensured even a loser like Billy—known as Bill to his closest friend, Rey—had an early chance to choose his Skills and Classes.

For a few, despite their popular status within the class, they found themselves relegated to the back of the line.

This unexpected shift in the established hierarchy significantly altered the mood among the students, yet there was nothing they could do.

Not against a literal Angel.

The process continued until each student had their turn to select.

Finally, when the last selection was made, Seraph, now positioned to their right, turned towards them.

A smile graced her face, visibly relieved to be finally done with the students.

"As Otherworlders, you'll understand the languages of H'Trae and possess considerable strength than natives. But remember, wield your powers responsibly," Seraph emphasized, her words resonating with many while others sported mischievous expressions.

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Never forget that. Watch out for one another and this world you've been summoned to," she advised, her tone carrying a weight of caution.

For some, it was now sinking in—the realization that they were truly departing for another world.

The elegant gate behind Seraph swung open, her hand gesturing toward it.

"You may now pass."

It seemed that not everyone was confident in their ability to survive the trials that awaited them.

As the students moved forward, a blend of confidence and uncertainty propelled them toward the unknown. Adonis and Alicia took the lead, followed by the rest of the group in their wake.

"Farewell, young ones. May your purpose be fulfilled," Seraph's parting words echoed, the final sentiments before they stepped into the gaping gate that seemed to lead to nowhere.

And then, in a radiant beam of light, one by one, the students vanished from the expanse. With their departure, the domain now stood empty of their presence.

"Haaa... finally!" Seraph slumped to the ground, her relief palpable as the last of the teenagers departed.

The gate locked shut behind them, eliciting a wide smile from the Angel, akin to the excitement of an eager child.

"That was such a hassle! Handling snotty kids isn't exactly in my job description, yet here I am," she grumbled.

A lot of the teenagers were pretty much the standard, but a few had managed to surprise her—some for the better, others for the worse.

"Why couldn't they all be like that Adonis kid? Tch... whatever. At least I can finally have my break," Seraph muttered with a hint of frustration.

Rising slowly from her spot, she brushed off the lingering cloud particles that clung to her robe. Fortunately, the transition of the Summoned Souls had gone smoothly.

"Still..." Her voice trailed off, her gaze narrowing in contemplation. 'Who would've thought there'd be such a glitch in the System? 100% Karma Points? It should've been 100 Karma Points.'

The Skills and Classes requiring 100 Karma Points were essentially ornamental, an impossible feat for anyone to achieve.

'And yet that kid managed to get his hands on one...' Rey's name echoed in Seraph's thoughts. 'How troublesome...'

Realizing the glitch, she rectified it before the next person made their selection, but it was already too late for Rey.

The boy had already slipped through the oversight.

'He got away with a Skill no one should have. Him of all people…'

If it had been Adonis, she would have had no issues.

'It is impossible to flag or revoke the Skill now that it's bound to him. Should I be concerned? Nah, no need.'

With a dismissive shrug, she pushed aside her thoughts. 'An average kid like him... such a powerful Skill is wasted.'

The teenagers were no longer her concern; she was officially on break. 'Whatever happens next is none of my business!'

Wearing a deliberately sweet and oblivious smile, Seraph unfurled her wings and soared high above the cloudy platform. Her ascent enveloped everything beneath her in a misty haze.

"I wonder how they'll react once they discover what's in store for them," she chuckled to herself, finding amusement in the situation.

The thought brought a smile to her face as she ascended further, leaving the students and their fate behind.





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