260 Discovering New Possibilities

"Skill details." Rey mumbled to himself as he sat all alone in a luxurious suite.

He was waiting for the final preparations by the KariBlanc Group before leaving with Kara Verte to secure her family's properties.

They would be doing all of this for the next few days, so Rey had prepared himself for it.

His suite was incredible—almost as amazing as Esme's room—and it was too vast for him alone to occupy.

At some point, Rey felt a gnawing pang of isolation and boredom as he just waited.

'Esme really had a point there, huh?' He had thought, after experiencing something similar himself.

Thankfully, this feeling didn't last forever.

It was at this point that Rey remembered he got new Skills from Snow—Alicia's new Familiar—so he decided to check them out.

{Skill Details}


Tier: A

Ability: The ability to split yourself into multiple identical copies, though your overall ability is halved whenever you do so.


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