262 Discourse Among Elves

Earlier that day—very early in the morning—Lila and Lali saw something.

It was a fight between a Dragon and a human.

The Dragon was a three-horned one; a Dragon Commander. As for the human, he was a considerably capable person.

Ultimately, the Dragon prevailed, and the human fled.

This clash was peculiar for multiple reasons, so Lila and Lali knew they had to report it to their leader.

For one; the Dragons were currently raving their land in the Eastern Continent.

As such, they were enemies of the Elves.

However, the reason they didn't come out to assist the human was because humans weren't too far off from Dragons in the eyes of Elves.

Besides, this particular human had the stench of evil shrouding him, making him even more repulsive to the Elves who watched.

The second peculiar thing about the clash was that the Dragon spared the human.


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