297 Confessions [Pt 5]


Adonis' golden blade swept through the air as he nimbly sped across the area in a cost of brilliant light.

Space around him became distorted as waves of energy flowed from his body. In a flash, he sliced up multiple Centipede Monsters and landed a finishing blow on the one wriggling at the end of the row.


They all erupted, turning into chopped-up forms of bug meat, roasted by the intense radiation that Adonis ' attack gave off.

"Haa…" Mist escaped his lips as he looked behind him to see the actions of his teammates.

Billy was doing fine enough.

He was using his [Grand Fire Magic] to damage the Centipedes and also trap them in a concentrated position, while utilizing his Warrior-concentrated Skills to lend heavy blows and finish them off.

None of them stood even a modicum of a chance.

As for Rey, well…


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