295 Confessions [Pt 3]

"Be strong. Stay strong."

That was Trisha's family motto, and for all her life, she abided by those principles.

Her father was a well-respected Martial Artist in the community, and he even used to have a dojo before retiring.

Despite her being the only child of the family, her parents treated her with love and didn't try to turn her into a boy.

However, she could see it in her father's eyes—the desire he had for an heir.

Someone to carry on their family's legacy.

"Father, I want to learn Martial Arts!"

In the end, she was the one who thrust herself in the world she became immersed in for most of her life.

Everything she did after that revolved around training, learning, trying her hardest to be strong.

It was difficult, but she comforted herself with the happiness of her father.

… With the success of her family.


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