357 Carnage In The Capital [Pt 10]

Claudius had a total of five Skills.

[Dead Call]. [Abyss Call]. [Ultimate Sacrifice]. [Miasma Resistance]. [Life Force Recovery]

Of these five, three were Active.

And… of those three, one could be considered his most powerful move.

—His Trump Card!

"Feyu… Shuri… you might have to step away… maybe leave this vicinity." He muttered.

They both glanced at him in surprise, but Claudius kept his gaze on the surprisingly unmoving creature that had to be beaten.

'If they try to escape, that thing will try to use [Wyvern Breath]. But, I'm at least confident they can defend themselves or counter with an equally powerful move.'

That meant they could safely escape.

'If that's the case, then I can use my power to its fullest without any living witness… and with no way to sacrifice them.'

He made a wry smile and prepared himself for what had to be done.

"Wait for my signal, you two. Once I tell you to—"


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