191 Alone Together

"Alright, Sir Ralyks. I'll make sure we start working on it as fast as we can!"

The enthusiasm in Asher's face made Ralyks feel a bit guilty, but he swallowed it in.

'He's acting a bit too young now. I wonder if this is his real appearance.'

If Rey had to guess, then Asher seemed more like a younger man than someone in his thirties.

'He's in Level 99, which is pretty impressive. I would think he was older, but that Exclusive Skill of his makes me think he Levels Up faster than others.'

Of course, Rey knew this was all arbitrary, so he didn't give it much thought.

'From the looks of his Stats, it seems like he's stuck in Level 99.'

Based on what he read in the Royal Library, humans had something called 'Level Caps'

It meant that at a certain point, they couldn't get any stronger—or smarter.

They would reach a limit that was impossible to overcome, thus preventing the humans of H'Trae to grow beyond their limits.


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