138 Absolute Appraisal

{Skill Details}

[Absolute Appraisal]

Tier: S

Ability: Allows the user to see the Status Windows of the targets with perfect accuracy. Exception only occurs when faced with Tiers higher than the Tier of this Skill.

[End Of Information]

Rey could feel his jaw dropping as he looked at the panel before him.

'The hell? So she checked my Status Window and got my name?'

The girl kept staring at him with her doll-like face, her glowing blue eyes begging him to help.

'She seems to be in an even worse state than Alicia. That means she's been here for longer.'

Rather than just relying on the little information he had, Rey decided to use the Skill she used on him and see the truth for himself.

'It's an S-Tier Skill, so it's bound to consume some Mana. Still…'

Rey was dying of curiosity.

He had to know!

'[Absolute Appraisal].'


- Name: Esme

- Race: Half-Elf (Human and Elf)


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