389 Abomination Of The Absolute

Half Elves were an abomination to Elves.

Every Elf learned this from the day they were born, along with the fact that a pure Elf had immense value just for being birthed into the world.

Every Elf had to hold repulsion towards a Half Elf due to the disgusting event that would have led to their conception.

… An Elf was bred with another race.

It was too filthy to think about, so most Elves felt it was taboo to even talk about that act.

Elves were pure and unsullied—perfect beings crafted by nature to inherit the world and responsibly take care of life on it.

They were the chosen ones of the world—a higher life form.

It was filthy to breed with anyone who wasn't an Elf. It was no different from a man having intercourse with an animal.

Such an act of depravity was not only frowned upon by society, but was criminalized.

People should never have intercourse with beasts.


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